An updated and rebranded version of the popular Zen, the Elysium Kodi TV addon puts smiles on movie and TV show lovers.

The wildly popular Noobs and Nerds have picked up Zen and rebranded it as the Elysium Kodi TV addon. With support, Elysium lets you keep track of the episodes and shows you’ve watched, then share watch-lists with your friends. Get the most out of this Kodi TV addon with its Real Debrid integration for more available streams to your favorite shows.

Elysium Kodi TV Addon Install Preparation

Safeguard Your Identity and Data

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Allow Unofficial Kodi TV Addons

Since the release of Kodi 17 (code name: Krypton), the XBMC / Kodi Foundation requires that you enable the use of Unknown sources directly within Kodi’s settings. Without toggling this setting to allow unofficial TV addons, Kodi makes installing Elysium or even the Ares Wizard impossible. If you don’t know how to do this, follow our very simple and quick guide to Enable Kodi Unknown Sources. I promise we’ll be here when you get back, and it won’t take but a moment. If you follow the video in that article, you’ll also have the Ares Repo installed and ready to go! If so, then skip ahead to the Ares Wizard Installation section when you return.

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Repo Sources for Advanced Users

If you’re a seasoned Kodi TV addons installer with repository and wizard experience, then you likely only require the repo source. The Noobs and Nerds repo located at hosts Elysium. In this article, however, we’ll use the Ares Wizard to install Elysium, as the Ares Wizard offers to install the private Elysium Kodi TV addon repo. This will ensure you receive the most recent updates immediately upon release. The Ares Project repository is hosted at The Ares Wizard is located within the Program add-ons directory of the repo.

Install the Ares Wizard First

If you already have the Ares Wizard installed, you can jump straight to the Elysium install section. Enjoy the flight!

Ares Repo Setup

  1. Click the gear icon (aka Settings) in the top leftSetup Ares Repo Source
  2. Select the File ManagerAres Project Repo for Kodi Installation
  3. Then, choose Add SourceAres Repo TV Addon Installation for Kodi
  4. Click NoneAres Project Kodi Repo Installation
  5. Enter, then hit OKInstall Ares Repository TV Addon for Kodi
  6. Name this Ares Repo, then click OKName it Ares Repo
  7. Double check all information correct, then select OK againDouble Check Ares Repo Source

Ares Wizard Installation

  1. Back to Kodi’s Main Menu, then choose Add-ons menu itemAres Wizard - choose add-ons menu item
  2. Then, click the Package Installer icon at top leftAres Wizard for Kodi Install - Add-on Browser
  3. Choose to Install from zip fileAres Project Wizard Installation on Kodi - install from zip file
  4. Click Ares Repo in the dialog boxchoose the Ares Repo
  5. Then, find (the numbers may have changed) and click itSelect Ares repository zip file
  6. Once Add-on Installed, then…Ares Repo installed
  7. Then, move to Install from RepositoryAres Wizard Install - Choose Install from Repository
  8. Choose the Ares Project repo you just installedChoose the Ares Repo
  9. Then, enter the Program add-ons directoryChoose Ares Project Program add-ons
  10. Now, click the Ares Wizard for installationSelect Ares Wizard
  11. Then, click the Install button in the bottom rightClick Ares Wizard Install
  12. When you see Ares Wizard Add-on Installed, then your install was successful. If you took a break and missed it, your chance of success… meh…Ares Wizard Installed
  13. You’ll find the Ares Wizard in Kodi’s Add-ons areaFind Ares Wizard in Kodi Add-ons
  14. Open it, then the extraction and installation will start. This takes just a few moments.Ares Wizard finishes installing
  15. Then, the Ares Wizard will load for the first timeAres Wizard Starting

Elysium Kodi TV Addon Installation

  1. If jumping here because you had the Ares Wizard already installed, then go ahead and start that wizard up.

    Ares Wizard Started

    Ares Wizard

  2. Enter Browse Add-ons in Ares Wizard’s menu

    Kodi Ares Wizard - Select Browse Addons

    Ares Wizard Select Browse Addons

  3. Then, click Video Add-ons

    Browse Ares Wizard Video Addons

    Browse the Ares Wizard’s Video Add-ons

  4. Select the Elysium (formerly Zen) list item.

    Select Elysium for Install

    Select Elysium for Install

  5. Then, click Install. Don’t worry that the Elysium item in the list loses focus. As long as you are on the Install button and still see the Elysium info to the right, all is going well.

    Click to Install Elysium

    Click to Install Elysium

  6. Now, just hang on for a sec while Elysium downloads, extracts, and installs. There should be several download, extraction, and installation dialogs popping up while Elysium and its many dependencies are installed.

    Elysium Downloads

    Elysium Downloads

  7. Then, click on OK to exit the pop-up stating Elysium successfully installed.

    Elysium Successfully Installed

    Elysium Successfully Installed

The Ares Wizard Knows What You Need!

  1. The Ares Wizard will check to see if you’ve the Elysium Kodi TV addon’s home repo installed, then if not, offer to install it for you. Accept this offer, then rest assured of the latest Elysium updates along with lower chances of broken or missing streams.

    Ares Wizard Offers Elysium Repo Installation

    Ares Wizard Offers Elysium Repo Installation

  2. The private Elysium Kodi TV Addon repository installs very quickly.

    Elysium Repo Downloads

    Elysium Repo Downloads

  3. The Elysium Kodi repository installed successfully to keep you in updates as they are made.

    Elysium Repo Installed

    Elysium Repo Installed

  4. You can close the Ares Wizard now, but note the pretty green color of the Elysium, which means install successful; awaiting your pleasure!

    Close Ares Wizard After Elysium Install

    Close Ares Wizard After Elysium Install

  5. Read and accept or refuse the Ares Project’s offer on the way out of the Ares Wizard.

    Ares Project Offer After Elysium Install

    Ares Project Offer After Elysium Install

  6. You will now find your spanking new Elysium Kodi TV addon in the Kodi Video add-ons area.

    Elysium Found In Video add-ons

    Elysium Found In Video add-ons

You Have Movies. You Have TV Shows.

Please don’t forget to take advantage of a VPN when using the Elysium Kodi TV addon. Truly, you should use a VPN to access the internet at all if your privacy or identity are important to you. Too much data gathering and mining goes on these day for me to put my family at risk. Our VPN remains on and protecting us 24/7. Take advantage right now to get a 60% discount on the world’s fastest, most secure VPN!

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Ready to watch a show? Are you secure? Hot dog! Go get the butter melted for the popcorn and kick back with your new friend—the Elysium Kodi TV addon!

Keep in mind that XBMC / Kodi Foundation support considers the Elysium Kodi TV addon unofficial. They won’t help with questions concerning unofficial Kodi TV addons. They will likely warn you against online piracy, then ask you to ‘behave.’ Ask any questions you may have in the comments below. We’ll help if we can, then ask you for a cup of coffee to help keep our eyes open!