A promising new fork of the beloved and sorely missed SALTS from TV Addons, Death Streams appears worth a look. Much like Kodi community favorites Covenant, Elysium, and Bennu, Death Streams scrapes over 80 sources online for movies and TV shows. It also does this in style while giving you maximum control.

Death Streams gives you control over which sites get scraped and in what order. You can set default views for all and individual screens. Death Streams can even access your trakt.tv account, then keep track of which episodes you’ve seen. You can change individual trakt.tv settings right inside Death Streams and follow another person’s watch list.

Safety Check

Many government agencies consider much of the content Death Streams provides illegal to access. Be sure you know the laws in your area before getting yourself in hot water. Whether accessing this site from Boydton, VA or not, you are vulnerable. Be sure you’re protected from prying eyes with a high quality VPN.

Kodi Security warning: Hide your location (Boydton, VA) and IP address ( now.

SALTS Begat Death Streams

Forked from SALTS and further developed by Kodi scene newcomer Mr Blamo, Death Streams has very nicely categorized content. The top level of the menu is a bit hard to get lost in, consisting only of Movies, TV Shows, and Settings. There’s no wondering what menu items like Lurpy’s Privates or Beeboppa Derp could lead you into (then wishing you hadn’t).

Allow me to describe what I really like the most about Death Streams for a moment: the menu system. Elegantly simple, it gives you access to far more than you can imagine. Within the Movies and TV Shows menu items, you find sensible similarities:

  • Trending – hot topics and growing popularity
  • Popular – most popular of all time, listed in order
  • Anticipated – list of future releases with scheduled release year
  • Recently Updated – includes newly available shows (even older ones)
  • Mosts
    • played (this week, this month, all time)
    • watched (this week, this month, all time)
    • collected (this week, this month, all time)
  • Genres
  • Other Lists – for shared trakt.tv libraries
  • Search
  • Recent Searches
  • Saved Searches

Along with these menu items, the TV Shows category sports two additional categories. General Calendar for showtimes, and a Premiere Calendar exclusively for first episode showtimes round out the TV Shows section’s menu.

Allow TV Addons from Unknown Sources

With Kodi 17 Krypton, the XBMC / Kodi Foundation now requires you to manually enable Unknown sources be used. If you don’t change this Kodi setting, then you can’t install Death Streams. If not certain what I’m talking about, then browse the very simple KFireTV guide Enable Kodi Unknown Sources. We’ll still be here when you get back in a moment. If you follow the article’s video, then you’ll even have the Ares Repo installed asa bonus! If so, then skip ahead to Death Streams Home Repo Installation section upon your return.

Death Streams TV Addon Install for Experienced Kodi Users

If you’ve installed TV addons a few times now, then you should just need the repo source. You’ll find the XBMC / Kodi Death Streams TV addon in the Colossus repo. The Colossus repo is within the Ares Project’s repository at http://ares-repo.eu.

Set Up the Source of the Ares Repo

The Ares Repo is one of my personal favorites. The Ares Wizard alone makes life very easily enjoyable for Kodi enthusiasts. Follow this section to get the source for the Ares repo set up in Kodi.

  1. Go into the Settings (gear icon) item above Kodi’s main menu
    Death Streams Install for Kodi - system settings

    System Menu Item

  2. Next, head into the File Manager
    best Kodi horror TV addon - Death Streams for Kodi Installation - File Manager

    File Manager

  3. Now, select Add Source
    Death Streams Installation for Kodi - Add Source

    Add Source

  4. Then, None in order to enable your manually adding the media source
    Death Streams Kodi Addon Installation - Choose None

    Choose None

  5. Type in the Ares repo URL: (http://ares-repo.eu), then click OK
    Install Death Streams Video Add-on for Kodi

    Type the URL, Then Hit OK

  6. Name this source Ares Repo, then say OK again
    Name it Ares Repo

    Name the Source Ares Repo

  7. Check spellings, then hit OK yet again

Install the Ares Repository

Installing the source as we did above begins most Kodi repository installation set-ups. Once beyond that, the repo installation is very simple. Actually, inputting the source seemed pretty easy as well; didn’t it?

  1. Head back to Kodi’s Main Menu, then enter the Add-ons menu
    Death Streams - enter add-ons

    Kodi Add-ons Area

  2. Enter the Add-on browser (open box icon), located in the top left
    Death Streams Kodi Install - Add-on Browser

    Add-on Browser

  3. Then, choose Install from zip file
    Death Streams Installation on Kodi - install from zip file

    Install From zip File

  4. Now, select the Ares Repo in the dialog
    choose Ares Repo

    Choose Ares Repo

  5. Next, use the zip file repository.aresproject-x.x.x.zip (there are numbers in place of x.x.x)
    Use the Ares zip file

    Install the Ares zip file

  6. Hold until you see Add-on Installed popup for just a moment
    Ares Repo installed

    Ares Repo Install Success

You’ve now installed the Ares Repo! Feel free to look around for a bit before moving on. It will help you get used to the Kodi TV addons environment. Just be careful not to touch anything, as our insurance doesn’t cover that. Oh, and the Ares Wizard may strike you down.

Install Colossus, The Death Streams Home Repo

Next, let’s get the Colossus repository installed. The new residence of Death Streams, Colossus is also home to Covenant, Bennu, SportsDevil and many more top Kodi TV addons. The Colossus repository permanently resides within the Ares Project’s repo. You should still be in the Add-on browser if you followed the guide to install the Ares Repo.

  1. Now, choose to Install from repository
    Death Streams - Choose Install from Repository

    Install from Repository

  2. Then, select the Ares Project repo
    Choose the Ares Repo

    Enter the Ares Repo

  3. Now, go into the Add-on repository section
    Add-on repository directory

    Add-on repository

  4. Choose the Colossus Repository for installation
    select Colossus

    Colossus Repository

  5. Then, hit the Install button in the bottom right.
    install Colossus

    Install the Colossus Repo

  6. If you receive the Select Version dialog, select the Colossus repo’s own home repo, Ares Project, to remain up to date.
    select Colossus home repo version

    Select Colossus Home – Ares Repo

  7. The Colossus repo is now installed. Next, we’ll move on to installing today’s star of the show… Death Streams
    Colossus installed

    Colossus Repo Installation Success!

Install Death Streams from Colossus Repository

We’re in the home stretch now; two repositories installed. The fantastic Kodi TV addon Death Streams is right around the corner.

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  1. Head back a level by clicking the double full stops (periods) on top of the list
    go up a level

    Up A Level

  2. Then, do the same again
    go up another level

    Level Up Once More

  3. Now, select the Colossus Repository
    choose to install Death Streams from Colossus

    Choose Colossus To Install From

  4. Go into the Video add-ons section
    enter Colossus Video add-ons

    Enter Colossus Video Add-ons Directory

  5. Then, choose Death Streams
    Select Death Streams

    Select Death Streams

  6. Hit the Install button
    Death Streams - Hit Install

    Death Streams Install Button

  7. If you get repo options, choose the Colossus Repo version
  8. Several dialogs will popup in the screen’s top right with the last one telling you Death Streams installed.
    Death Streams Installed Successfully

    Successful Death Streams Install

  9. You will now find Death Streams in the Kodi Video add-ons folder!
    Find Death Streams in Video add-ons

    Find Death Streams in Video add-ons

Stream Your Dreams

Newly added to the Colossus repository, Death Streams looks like it will have a long and prosperous run. Let’s hope the developer can continue their efforts, which look great so far.

As one of the most well organized Kodi TV addons available, Death Streams surely pleases with its huge volume of wonderful content. Just make certain you protect yourself with a high quality VPN, then partake! IPVanish keeps you, your data, and your browsing habits invisible to everybody online. The inevitable note from your ISP asking you to cease and desist the streaming of unlicensed content doesn’t have to be inevitable. Enjoy Death Streams safely ensconced within a super secure VPN!

Remember, the XBMC / Kodi Foundation support sites label Death Streams as unofficial. Neither the XBMC Foundation nor Kodi TV will give any support regarding questions concerning unofficial TV addons. They will probably give you a stern word concerning piracy, then ask you to leave. Feel free to ask whatever you like in the comments below. We’ll be happy to help in any way we can, then simply ask you for a cup of coffee!

Install Death Streams on Kodi and use a VPN
How To Install Death Streams Kodi TV Addon SALTS Guide
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How To Install Death Streams Kodi TV Addon SALTS Guide
SALTS lives on as Death Streams! Install guide to the most well organized scraper Kodi TV addon for movies and TV shows for Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.
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