This guide shows you How to Install Bubbles Addon for Kodi.  Bubbles is a new kind of Kodi add-on that searches through Torrents, Usenet, and “Hosters” to put the search power into your hands.

  • My personal experience with Kodi Bubbles Add-On:  So far, Bubbles is amazing!  Once I got Bubbles setup (easy), I started streaming a 1080P movie with my Firestick in no time at all.  Kodi apps like Bubbles Kodi addon are the current / next solution to our TVAddons alternatives & woes, because it pulls from TONS of sources – and more importantly utilizes Torrent sources and Usenet sources to stream content to Kodi.

The Bubbles install process is a bit lengthy, but it’s easy.  So get Bubbles up and running in just a few minutes with the steps below.  The steps (and screenshots) below walk you through the entire Bubbles addon install and config process from A to Z.

  • If you want to actually download video files and keep them (forever) in a “video library” (aka External hard drive), see my Getting Started with Usenet guide or my How to Download Torrented Files tutorial.  But if you just want to start watching streams with Bubbles right now, continue reading.

First, we download and install Bubbles on Kodi using the easiest, most reliable method possible (with alternative repo sources, too).

Then we launch Bubbles in Kodi and run through the Bubbles Setup Wizard to get it set up.




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After Bubbles is all setup in Kodi, we show you how to use Bubbles to find streams, choose your Sources, and enjoy your media!

Google trackers are lurking on 75% of websites. Cover your tracks to protect yourself.

  • After you install Bubbles for Kodi, see how to install Xenon Build – because it’s just too awesome to pass up.
  • ProTip:  Bubbles works great on Amazon Firestick & Fire TV.

How to Install Bubbles Addon for Kodi

  1. From the Firestick home screen, go to Search (the magnifying glass icon in the top left corner)

    Install Kodi on Firestick Step 1: Select Search icon

    Select the Search icon

  2. Enter the word “Downloader” into the search box.  Then select the word “Downloader” with the center button on the FireTV remote.

    Downloader for Firestick Install

    Enter the word Downloader

  3. In the search results, select “Downloader” under Apps & Games.  Then press “Download”.

    Now select the word Downloader

    Select the word Downloader

  4. After Downloader is installed, press the center button on the Fire TV remote to launch Downloader.

    Now select Downloader

    Select “Downloader” to open the app info page

  5. In the Downloader app, use the “left” button on the Fire TV remote to select “Browser” from the Downloader app’s main menu.

    Downloader app Browser

    Select “Browser” in Downloader app

  6. After the Browser screen appears, change the address to  Then press Go.
  7. After the page loads, press the Menu button on the Fire TV remote (which has three horizontal lines on it).
  8. Then select “Reload page with Javascript” from the menu on-screen.
  9. The page will now reload (and now Bubbles’ head will be spinning, since Javascript is now enabled, which also allows us to download the Bubbles Repo!).
  10. After you see Bubbles’ head spinning, use the center button on the Fire TV remote to select “Download Repo” from the website.
  11. Now launch Kodi.

    Launch Kodi with Amazon Fire TV remote

    Launch Kodi

  12. From the Kodi home screen, go to System (in Kodi 17, System is the Gear icon in the top left corner)

    Kodi 17.1 System Menu Icon

    Select the SYSTEM icon (“gear” icon)

  13. Then go to System Settings

    Kodi Krypton "File Manager" button in SYSTEM menu

    Now select System Settings

  14. Now select “Add-Ons” from the left side of the System Settings screen.

    Kodi 17.1 Add-Ons under System Select

    Select “Add-Ons” from the System Settings menu

  15. Turn on “Unknown Sources” on the right side of the screen, then press “Yes” to confirm the selection.

    Kodi Krypton Unknown Sources

    Turn ON Unknown Sources

  16. Now return to the Kodi home screen.

    Kodi 17.1 Add-Ons menu

    Select “Add-Ons” from the Kodi 17.1 homescreen

  17. Select “Add-Ons” from the Kodi homscreen.
  18. Then select the Package Installer icon from the top left corner of your screen.Kodi 17.1 Package Installer menu item icon
  19. Now choose “Install From Zip File“.

    Kodi 17.1 Install From Zip File

    Choose “Install From Zip File”

  20. Then select “External Storage“.  (In this step, we’re telling Kodi to look “externally” at our Firestick’s “downloader” folder.)
  21. Now choose “Downloader“.  (In this step, we navigate to the same folder that the Downloader app uses to store the file it downloaded).
  22. Finally, select the file.  This is the Bubbles Repo file you downloaded from
  23. Wait a minute for Bubbles Repo to install
  24. After Bubbles Repository is installed, use the Fire TV remote to select “Install From Repository
  25. Now choose “Bubbles Repository 1” (or Bubbles Repository 2 or 3 if #1 says “Could not connect to repository”).
  26. Then select Video Add-Ons
  27. Now choose Bubbles.  (Optionally, you can also install Quasar from Bubbles Repository’s “Program Add-Ons” section.)
  28. Wait a minute for the Bubbles Kodi addon to install.  (If you’re an advanced user, you should now go back to Install From Repository and also install Quasar for Kodi from the Quasar Repo – which is now available after installing Bubbles Repo.  Why?  Quasar enabled Bubbles to stream Torrents!  See more about streaming torrents with Bubbles below).
  29. Once Bubbles is installed, it displays a notification that says “Bubbles Addon Enabled“.
  30. After you see the notification, return to the Kodi home screen and select “Bubbles” under Program Add-Ons to launch the Bubbles add-on.
  31. Last but not least, after you start Bubbles for the first time, you’ll need to answer a series of “setup” questions.  Keep reading below to finish setting up Bubbles easily in about 2 minutes:

How to Setup Bubbles Addon in Kodi (Configure)

  1. After you launch Bubbles for the first time, it tells you 5 or 6 times that the Bubbles addon does not actually host any content.  So, press “Continue” on all those to acknowledge those.
  2. Then Bubbles asks if you want to create a (free) Trakt account.  If you have a Trakt account, select “Existing Account”.  If you don’t have a Trakt account, select New Account (then press “Activate Account”) and continue reading.
  3. Bubbles / Kodi now gives you an address and a code to enter into a browser (example:   Token: 3ED5A2C1).
  4. Use another device (like a smartphone or PC) to go to in your browser.  The site now requires that you log in or create an account (they just require an email address, username, and password).  So, create an account or login with an existing Trakt account.
  5. After you Log In to the trakt website on your 2nd device, enter the code Kodi displayed in the Bubbles app (the “Token”, which for me was 3ED5A2C1).  Then click Continue to link Bubbles with your account.

    Trakt for Bubbles movies

    Enter Trakt token

  6. will finally ask “Do you want to link your account?”.  Select Yes.

    Authorize Trakt with Bubbles

  7. Trakt now says “Woohoo!”.  Also, your Bubbles addon on your Kodi screen will now say “The Trakt account was successfully added and activated.”  Press Continue.
  8. Bubbles now asks if you want to turn on Fanart.  Press Skip or Activate account (I recommend to press Skip for now to speed up the install process. You can go back later and add a Fanart account).
  9. The Bubbles addon also asks if you want to setup Premiumize, EasyNews or RealDebrid.  If you have accounts for Real Debrid, EasyNews, or Premiumize, press “Activate account” on each.  Or just press Skip for now.
  10. THEN, Bubbles says “Providers search for streams from various sources…”.  Make sure to press Continue on this one.  Then press Continue again.
  11. Now Bubbles addon asks “Do you want to enable torrent providers?”.  If you installed Quasar when you installed Bubbles (in Step 28 of the Bubbles Install process), then select “Enable Torrents”.  If you did not install Quasar, then press “Disable Torrents”.  Quasar can stream torrents using Kodi!  But Bubbles still works great without Quasar, so don’t worry if you didn’t install Quasar – in that case just choose “Disable Torrents”.
  12. Bubbles asks “Do you want to enable usenet providers?”.  Select Disable Usenet.  If you’re an advanced user, then select Enable Usenet and configure Usenet (if you already have a paid Usenet subscription).
  13. Then Bubbles says “Do you want to enable hoster providers?”.  Make sure you select “Enable Hosters” on this option.
  14. Bubbles now says “Certain providers are often down. Do you want to enable automatic failure detection?”.  Select “Detect Failures“.
  15. As we conclude the Bubbles config process, the Bubbles add-on says “Providers need some time to find streams online”.  Select “Continue“.
  16. Now Bubbles asks if you want to use the default provider timeout.  Select “Automatic“.
  17. Bubbles now says “Your configuration is being analysed”.  Just wait for Bubbles to do its thing..
  18. When Bubbles has finished analyzing the connection, it displays the test results.  Press “Accept” when you see the results.
  19. Then Bubbles asks if you want to set up a VPN.  Press “Cancel“.  Why?  The Firestick VPN app is much better to use (and is the most secure).  After you pressed “Cancel” to set up a VPN at this step, press “Skip step” (not “Skip wizard”).
  20. Now the Bubbles add-on asks if you want to do a speed test / share your speed test with the world.  Press Cancel to skip the Bubbles speed test.
  21. Bubbles finally says “You are all setup and ready”.  Select “Finish” using the Firestick remote.
  22. You now see the Bubbles addon main menu screen.
  23. Make sure you use a VPN for Streaming so your torrent streams aren’t improperly flagged by your ISP as “illegal”!  Also don’t forget to read the section below on how to use Bubbles, because using Bubbles is a little bit different than TVAddons you’ve used before!

How to Use Bubbles Kodi Add-On

  • WARNING:  If you don’t use a VPN, your legit, legal movie torrent downloads could be mistaken by your ISP as “illegal” content.  To eliminate this, set up a Firestick VPN in about 2 minutes (or a Kodi VPN on any other device).
  1. Select a top-level category from the Bubbles main menu, such as “Movies”.  Then select a sub-category (such as Arrivals) and select a movie.
  2. Wait up to 4 minutes for Bubbles to search through the providers or Sources.
  3. When Bubbles is done “scraping” the list of Sources for whatever movie you selected, it displays the list of Sources on your screen.
  4. Select a stream on your screen to start streaming instantly with the Bubbles addon for Kodi!
  5. If you selected a Torrent source, then Bubbles will display “Transferring the torrent data”.  Just wait..
  6. Or if you selected a “Direct” stream, then Bubbles will display “Establishing the stream connection”.  Wait for this..
  7. You’re done!  Enjoy your streaming content with Bubbles.  If you get a “No Stream Available” error, then just keep trying different Sources until one works.

Why the name Bubbles?

Bubbles is arguably the best character on the show Trailer Park Boys.

Bubbles Addon for Kodi


What are Torrents and How Do I Start Downloading Torrented Files?

See my tutorial guide on How to get started with Torrents.

What is Usenet and How Do I Download My First Video File?

Usenet is an excellent way to download video files so you can watch them at any time, over and over.

It’s easy to Get started with Usenet using my tutorial!

What is Bubbles for Kodi?

Basically, Bubbles is a Kodi addon that pulls three types of Kodi sources:

  1. Usenet (see above to Download videos from Usenet manually)
  2. Torrents (also see above to get started with downloading Torrents.
  3. “Hosters” – a hoster is just a general term for a server that provides video files (this can even include Google or cloud-based storage services!)

More Bubbles updates coming soon (stay tuned and subscribe for updates!)…

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to public WiFi. Secure your data.