How to Install Beast TV IPTV on Firestick & Enjoy 2,500+ Channels [Updated March 2024]

Even though the installation process seems complicated, it’s not.

Anyone with a basic understanding of how Firestick works can get it done within 5 minutes or less.

To make the process even simpler, we have broken down the entire installation into three sections. These are:

1. Sign Up for the Beast TV account by getting their subscription.

Beast TV Pricing

2. Enable Apps from Unknown Sources (also known as Jailbreaking Firestick)


3. Install Beast TV apk on Firestick

Beast IPTV on Firestick

How to Install the Beast TV IPTV on FireStick

Let’s take a look now at each section with the help of our step-by-step installation guide.

Part 1: Sign up for the Beast TV account

The very first thing you need to do is, sign up for your account by purchasing Beast TV’s subscription. Follow the steps below to proceed.

Step 1: Open this link in a web browser on your mobile or PC for Beast IPTV download.

Once the page loads, scroll to the price plans section. This is where you can find different plans. As of writing this article, Beast TV offers the following plans:

  • Monthly Plan ($15)
  • Quarterly Plan ($40)
  • Bi-Annual Plan ($70)

Each of these three plans provides you up to 4 normal and 1 Mac simultaneous connections. They offer the same features, and there is no main difference. However, the duration of available programming may differ.

We recommend going for the monthly plan. This is because services like Beast TV often go offline without any prior notice. If something like that happens and you have subscribed to the bi-annual plan, then you will lose your hard-earned money.

Select the plan and tap on Sign Up

Step 2: On the following page, select a Username and Password, and click on Continue to proceed.

These are your login credentials for the Beast TV app. Keep this information safe. In case you lose these details, you can always retrieve them from your account.

Step 3: In the next step, review your product details and click on that Checkout box.

Step 4: Now, you will see the Checkout page. Enter your details such as name, email address, phone number, city, country, etc., and then scroll down to the bottom. Here you will have to choose a password. Note that this password is your online account password. It’s different from your app password, which we discussed in step 2. You will need it to log in to your Beast TV online account here:

Agree to the terms and conditions check box and click on Complete Order to finish your subscription. A few moments later, you will receive an email from the Beast TV team, letting you know of the subscription along with other necessary information.

Part 2: Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

As Beast TV apk is a third-party application, you need to enable the “Apps from Unknown Sources” option in the settings to get it working on your Firestick. By default, Firestick has this feature disabled in order to protect your device from the risks that come with installing third-party apps. The source we are getting Beast TV from is a secure one, so don’t worry while enabling this feature.

Here’s how you can do this:

Step 5: Turn on your Firestick. On the main page, navigate to the top and select Settings in the menu bar.

Firestick Settings

Step 6: Scroll to the right of the page and open “My Fire TV.”


Step 7: Click on the Developer Options


Step 8: On the following display, find the options that say “Apps from Unknown Sources.”

Check its status.

If it is already On then, you don’t need to change anything. If not, click it once to change the status to ON.

Apps from Unknown Sources

When you do this, Firestick will prompt a warning message. Click on Turn ON again to discard the warning and turn on this setting.

That’s all you need to enable third-party apps. You may now proceed with installing the Beast TV IPTV apk.

Important Note: Some newer versions of the Firestick OS requires that you enable this setting individually for every app. So, you have to proceed with part 3 before you process to part 2.

Part 3: Install Beast TV APK on FireStick

Here’s how you can install the Beast TV app on your Firestick device.

Step 9: Go to your Firestick homepage yet again and select the Lens icon on the top left corner of the screen. This is the Search option.

Firestick Search

Step 10: Using the on-screen keyboard, enter “Downloader” and hit Enter.

Search for Downloader app

Downloader is an app that lets you sideload Beast TV apk. As you cannot download APK directly to your Firestick using a web browser, we need the Downloader app to get this job done.

Step 11: As you enter Downloader, Firestick will show you different search results. Select Downloader, follow the on-screen installation instructions and install the app. 

Step 12: Once the Downloader has been installed, launch the application.

Open the Downloader app

When you run Downloader for the first time, it shows a couple of pop-up windows. Skip these steps until you come across the main page, as seen below.

Step 13: Again, with the help of Firestick’s on-screen keyboard, type in the following address in the highlighted URL box.

Make sure you are typing the correct URL address. Click on Go to proceed to the next steps.

Step 14: The downloader will connect to the Beast TV download server and start the download process after a while. The downloading will take some time. So, be patient.

Step 15: Once the Beast TV Apk has been downloaded, you will see the following popup screen. Click on Install to install the apk file.

Wait a few moments as Firestick sets up Beast TV apk.

Step 16: When you see the “App installed” message, it means the app has been successfully set up on your device. You can run the application now by clicking on Open. However, we suggest deleting the APK file first. You don’t need it anymore. Deleting it will free up some much-needed space on your Firestick. So, in order to delete the APK file:

Step 17: Click on Done instead of clicking on Open. Doing so will take you back to the Downloader page, where you can click on Delete – as shown below – twice to delete the APK.

Delete Downloaded File from Downloader

That’s just about it, folks.

You have successfully installed the Beast TV apk on Firestick. Plus, you have deleted the unnecessary APK file from your system as well.

Enjoy your favorite streams without any limits.

How to use Beast IPTV on FireStick

In this section, we will be discussing two things: Accessing Beast IPTV on Firestick and logging into the app. Let’s take a look at both of these sections separately.

Part 1: Access Beast TV on FireStick

In case you already know how to access apps on Firestick, feel free to skip this section.

You can access the Beast TV app like any other Firestick app. To do this, go to the home screen, scroll down the page, on the second row, click on “Your Apps & Channels.”

Then, by using the left nav key on the remote, open the See All option (first in the same row)

Remember! You won’t be able to see the See All option if you haven’t installed many apps. If that’s the case, go to the end of the row, and you will find the Beast TV app there.

Now, scroll down to the very end of the page and click the Beast TV app to launch it.

You can also move the app to your home screen by pressing the home button (it will have three horizontal lines) on your remote. A popup will display in the corner of the display. Click Move and drag it to the front row. This way, you will be able to easily access the app whenever you want, without the hassle of navigating through multiple apps.

Part 2: How to Log in to Beast TV

Beast TV login is pretty easy as well. Anyone with a basic understanding of computers can do so. Here’s how you can proceed.

  1. When you open the app for the first time, this is what the window displays for you.
  • On the following screen, you will be asked to enter your Login details.
Beast TV IPTV Login Screen
  • Click on the Add New Account box in the center of the screen. These are:
  • Name: This is your username. It can be any name that you like
  • Username: This is the app username that you chose during the sign-up process
  • Password: This is the app password that you chose during the sign-up process
  • Now click on Add Account button to finish the setup process.

That’s everything you need to get started.

Your Firestick is now all set to stream whatever you want. However, before you start streaming, remember that whatever you stream is visible to your ISP as well as the government. What that means is, streaming free movies, Live TV, tv shows, sports, or any other form of entertainment can get you in trouble with the law.

While we do not condone the violation of any copyright laws, it isn’t always easy to tell the difference between a legitimate and illegal source when you are streaming online.

So, use a VPN. A VPN provides a secure way to keep your activities under lock and key, away from the prying eyes. You just need a good VPN service provider for Firestick, such as IPVanish.

ipvanish vpn

IPVanish is one of the fastest and most secure VPN services available today. This US-based VPN is compatible with all kinds of apps, is pretty easy to install and get working.

And that’s not all.

IPVanish has an exceptional network of over 1300 servers all over the world. This ensures you always get a backup server in the event of a server outage for one reason or another. This network covers 75 locations in the world. Such wide connectivity removes any geo-restrictions your ISP or government may have put on your network. Also, IPVanish has a Trustpilot score of 4.7. Such a high score on the review aggregator website tells a lot about the trust people have put into this service.

Last but not least, IPVanish comes with a 30 days guarantee. If you don’t like their service, get your money back. That sounds like a great deal, right?

How to reset/recover Beast TV IPTV password

Here’s where things get a little complicated. When using Beast IPTV, you are dealing with two different passwords. Some people get confused about which is which. We hope this section helps you make a distinction and recover them easily in case you forget any of them.

The two passwords linked to Beast TV are:

Reset online account password

The first is the password for your Beast TV online account. To recover it, follow this link:

Now, click on the Forgot Password option, as you can see below.

You can also follow this direct link to go directly to the forgot password wizard:

Enter your email address that’s linked to your Beast TV account, and then click on Submit.

After a few moments, you will receive an email containing your password link. Simply click on the link and change your password.

Recover APK/app password

The second password is for logging into the Beast IPTV app on Firestick. You create this password during the sign-up process. If you lose this password, there are two ways to recover it.

The first method is by going through the app the emails you had received from the Beast TV developer’s team. When you sign up, Beast TV sends you this password to your email address. If you can go through all the previous emails from the IPTV service provider, then you can find this information.

The second method to recover your password is via your online account. Your online account has a copy of this password. In order to access this information, follow this link after logging into your online account:

Then, follow this navigation path, Services > Active > IPTV Service Details. Here you can see your Firestick app password.

How to watch Beast TV IPTV on other devices/platforms

Beast TV application is only available for devices that run on the Android OS. However, that doesn’t mean you can use this service if you are using any alternative operating system. This section explains how you can get the app working on iOS, computers & laptops, Kodi, and other MAC devices.

The following URLs will come in handy as some OS may not show these services. Therefore, you can get these additional features from the links below:

  • Playlist URL: &password=PASSWORD&type=m3u_plus&output=ts
  • EPG URL:

You can simply replace the Username and Password with your login credentials.

Beast TV on iOS

In order to use Beast IPTV services on any iOS-based device such as iPhone, iPads, or even iPad Touch, get any iOS supported IPTV player. You can get a list of the IPTV players for iOS online, select a suitable player for your device, and enjoy streaming.

You will just have to use the Playlist and EPG links we provided above, in addition to the app.

Beast TV on Computer (macOS, Windows, Linux)

Unfortunately, Beast IPTV has no software for computers. But you can utilize the Beast IPTV web player to access its services on your pc. To do this. Follow this URL:

Get the Beast TV web player, and then log into your account with your login credentials. The Beast TV web player works on all major (and minor) web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Silk, Safari, Opera, and others.

Beast TV on Kodi

The same is the case with Kodi. Beast TV has no specific add-on for Kodi. So, you have to use the PVR Simple Client add-on to use Beast TV.

Besides, you will also need the EPG and Playlist links that we provided above to make everything work.

Kodi comes with an exceptional range of compatibility for devices such as Amazon’s Fire lineup of streamers, Windows, Mac, Raspberry Pi, Android, iOS, Android TV, and other similar devices.

Therefore, when you get the PVR UPTV client addon on Kodi, you can get Beast TV working on all of these devices.

A great thing about Beast TV IPTV service is that it is fully compatible with MAC devices such as MAG, Dreamlink, Buzz TV and Formuler, etc.). All you have to do is provide the MAC address of your preferred device to the Beast TV during the sign-up process. You can also do so after you have completed your sign-up. Here’s how:

First of all, log into your account by signing in to the following link:

Then, go to your preferable MAC device, and enter this URL for the Beast TV streaming portal:

That’s all. Enjoy streaming with Beast TV IPTV on your MAC device.

Features of Beast TV IPTV

Several features make the Beast TV IPTV service stand out from the rest of the competition. Below are some of the highlights for your convenience.

  1. You can navigate through more than 2500 cable channels from all over the world (this includes channels from the USA, Canada, Europe, India, Asia, Australia, and other territories.
  2. More than a hundred of these channels remain on air for 24 hours a week. You can watch it anytime you want. Anywhere you desire.
  3. There are several sports packages included in the service for sports enthusiasts. No matter where a particular sports event is happening in the world, you can always find its working stream on Beast TV.
  4. Irrespective of your price plan, each subscription comes with up to 4 connections. So you can use Beast TV services on 4 devices simultaneously without any throttling.
  5. Beast TV app is Firestick remote-friendly. Therefore, you don’t have to install another app to make the remote work with this service.
  6. Each subscription to Beast TV IPTV service comes with an absolutely free-of-charge EPG or TV Guide. You can stay up to date with the schedule of your favorite programming without spending any extra money.
  7. This service has a working app for all the major streaming devices, including Amazon’s Fire lineup of TV top devices, Android-based devices and TV boxes, Smart TVs, Android Mobiles, and others. What’s more, you can even get the app working for iOS-based devices by following the suggestions we gave earlier in the article.
  8. There’s even built-in support for the MAC devices. You just have to use their MAC address to connect the two and enjoy streaming.
  9. Beast TV even works on computers and laptops using any web browser.
  10. EPG and Playlist support is also available for IPTV players and Kodi. This further extends the Beast TV support for iOS and iOS-based devices such as iPhones and iPods etc.

Wrapping Up

All said and done, Beast TV IPTV service is an amazing way to cut the cord once and for all. The subscription costs are also pretty affordable. You can stream your favorite Cable TV channels from all over the world without spending too much on monthly subscriptions.

Beast TV login is also pretty straightforward. Moreover, you can connect up to 4 devices for simultaneous streaming with a single subscription. We hope our article was helpful enough to get Beast TV on Android or any other OS-based device that you prefer for streaming.

That said, if you are on the lookout for a cost-effective IPTV service these days, give Beast TV a try.

You wouldn’t feel disappointed.

That’s for sure. Thank you for reading.

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