How to Watch Your Favorite Movies with Firestick from Anywhere in The World

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With so many things going on these days, it’s important to relax and unwind from time to time. And for most people, this includes watching their favorite movies.

If you happen to be a frequent traveler and a movie fan, it’s important to know your options. Take the Amazon Fire Stick as an example. It’s a handy device that lets you watch the latest movies and TV shows.

To know how you can use it even when out of the country, read the steps below.

1. Find a good VPN

You can go ahead and find the cheapest VPN for you. However, you need to make sure that it’s easy, safe, and cheap to use.

Virtual Private Networks can help you keep safe. You can use it not just for watching movies but also for surfing the web, browsing profiles on social networks, or just checking your email. They are also quite handy when streaming videos.

Take note that not all VPN providers are compatible with Fire TV. Check specifications first to know if they can work without hiccups.

One thing to remember is that VPNs may slow down your internet speed. However, the difference isn’t that great. You’ll still be able to watch your movies and shows like you usually do.

2. Find your movies

There are two ways you can watch your favorite movies on Firestick. You can either buy or rent movies.

How can you do that?

You can visit the Amazon Video App Store. There, you’ll find a good selection of videos. It has thousands of TV shows and videos that you can buy or rent.

The process is quite easy. All you have to do is look for something you like, pay for it, and you’re good to go.

Another option is VooDoo. Like the Amazon Video App Store, it also has a good selection of both old and new TV shows and movies. Plus, it also offers affordable rentals you can take advantage of every now and then.

3. Stream HD movies

There are tons of subscription services you can get at the right price. Netflix is one excellent example.

Netflix is available in around 190 countries all over the world. It gives you access to classic series, new movies, and even local content. If you use a VPN, you’ll be able to access even more TV shows and movies.

Netflix works really well with Firestick. Just remember that the selection you’ll experience may vary depending on your location.

Hulu is another good choice. Unfortunately, it can only be accessed in the United States and Japan. If you are outside those two countries, you can use a VPN to access it.

Hulu with Firestick is easy to use and uncomplicated. You can just create your account, download Hulu, sign in, and watch your favorite content.

On Changing Your Country On Amazon

If you are in a different country, you can change your country using your phone or laptop. For this, you’ll need to sign into your account that’s associated with Firestick.

Go to the Accounts and Lists tab and pick Your Content and Devices. Go the Preferences tab and click Country/Region Settings. Select Change and fill in the form as required.

Once you are done with the steps, you can go back and restart your Firestick. Just take note that you’ll be required to register again by going through the same process you underwent when you purchased it the first time.

Changing location on your Firestick is important. It lets you see specific apps that you can’t find on your app store because it’s not set to the right country

In Conclusion

Watching your favorite movies and series is possible even when you’re out of the country. The trick is to get a Firestick account and a good and reliable VPN. You can choose to rent or buy your movies from different online platforms.

Alternatively, you can always get a subscription plan from either Netflix or Hulu. They offer a really good selection of movies, shows, and series- both old and new.With the available options, you’ll find aying its subscription fee worth it.

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