Watch Hulu in the UK: Unlock Complete Library with IPVanish

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You can find tons of movies, original series, TV shows, and even live TV through the popular streaming app Hulu. Hulu is an American streaming service which unlike other streaming platforms, gives you immediate access to new movie releases and live local TV channels. Fantastic right? 

There is only one problem. Hulu can’t be accessed outside of the U.S and Japan. This means (officially) you can’t watch Hulu in the UK (spoiler alert: you can). While it may be available in Japan, Hulu offers limited services to the Asian country. Japanese users aren’t able to access the full American media library. Meaning no Castle Rock, no The Handmaid’s Tale, and a host of other content. Users can only get access to the complete Media Library from within the U.S – at least that’s their idea. 

Using IPVanish, you can get Hulu, and enjoy its complete media library no matter where you are in the world. With these simple steps, you will be able to watch Hulu in the UK or anywhere else in the world.

Note: If you already have a Hulu account, scroll down to Step 2. But if you are just getting started, let’s begin.

How to Watch Hulu in the UK

Unblock Hulu UK

Step 1: Creating a Hulu Account

For setting up an account to watch Hulu in the UK, the process is straightforward but not as easy as registering on other sites. This is because you have to act as though you are in the US to gain access to this American based streaming service. And the only way Hulu can believe you are in America is for you to sign up with an American debit or credit card. Don’t fret, there’s a way to get around this.

So how do you create an account to watch Hulu in the UK? There’s more than one way to go about it. Choose the method that works best for you from the list below

  • Ask a friend or relative based in the US to help you out by letting you use one of their cards, or by creating a Hulu account for you. This is practically one of the best options to watch Hulu in the UK available as you get to have your own account.
  • Find someone who already has a Hulu account, and ask to share it. You can make a deal to pay part of the subscription or offer anything else that’s within your means. This method gives you access to watch Hulu in the UK without you needing to worry about having an American card. Though, your continued use of the account may be subjected to your relationship with the owner.
  • Obtain a prepaid card issued in the US. This method allows you to create your own Hulu account, though you would have to go through the straightforward legalities of getting the card in order to watch Hulu in the UK. After getting the card, you must deposit money in it for it to work on Hulu.
  • Obtain the virtual U.S issued prepaid card. This can be freely acquired online from the UK. However, It also requires you to put funds on it before Hulu will recognize and accept the card. To get an American address to use for signing up on Hulu, you can make use of Google to generate thousands of addresses for you. Pick one and proceed with your Hulu registration.
Hulu card unblock UK

Step 2: Changing Your IP Address

Now that you have gotten a Hulu Account, your journey to watch Hulu in the UK is as good as done. The only thing left to do is change your IP Address so Hulu will believe you are in the US

IP Addresses are a dead giveaway of people’s locations. It is coded into your internet connection, and it lets sites know exactly where in the world you are browsing from. Hulu makes use of tracking systems to scrutinize IP Addresses and block all internet connections that aren’t originating from within America. This is where IPVanish comes into play.

IPVanish is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that allows users to choose what country they want to locally browse from. Meaning, you can be in the UK and browse as though you’re in the U.S, without your IP Address revealing that you are trying to watch Hulu in the UK. Sweet right?

With IPVanish, you can easily watch Hulu in the UK, as well as other sites that are not available in your country. Also, you don’t have to worry about your security being compromised, as all your online traffic passes through their encrypted tunnel, while your IP address remains hidden.

This has the added bonus of unlocking region restricted content on sits like Netflix or Hulu. The US frequently has access to a lot more licensed content on subscription sites, and now you can too!

IPVanish VPN Mobile

How To Get IPVanish

1. Sign-up for IPVanish

IPVanish is a paid VPN that is budget-friendly and comes with extra features unavailable on other VPNs. It has the option for users to pay monthly, quarterly or yearly. Plus it has a 30-day money-back guarantee so feel free to test it out. We’ve done the research, and as far as we’re concerned this is the best all-purpose VPN on the market.

If you use our site link when you sign up, you’ll get a hefty discount that we arranged exclusively for our readers.

1. Download and Install IPVanish on your device. 
  1. Go to in your browser OR search for IPVanish in your device’s app store
  2. Select the OS applicable to your device.
  3. Download it

Note: IPVanish is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Fire TV, Linux, and Chrome OS, so it’s good for any device you’d use to watch Hulu in the UK.

IPVanish VPN for working from home
Why Can’t I Just Use A Free VPN?

The truth is there is nothing free in life. As the popular phrase goes, If you’re not paying, then you’re not the customer, you’re the product being sold. In this case, all your data including browsing history, credentials, passwords, and other private information are being sold to companies and third-parties you are not aware of.

Read this if you want to learn more about the dangers of using free VPNs. There are new stories always coming out about giant “free” tech services getting caught selling off their users’ data to shady companies. If privacy and security are what you’re looking for, then IPVanish is a good way to ensure you’re protected while still working on a budget.

Also, Free VPNs are not able to outsmart Hulu’s tracking system thereby failing to give you access to watch Hulu in the UK. 

Step 3: Downloading the Hulu App

After getting a Hulu account and IPVanish to watch Hulu in the UK, the next step is to get the app for easy and convenient use. Downloading the app is not as easy as going to your app store and searching for Hulu, because your true location details are already on your app store. You probably won’t be able to find Hulu by searching in the app store since you are not in the US.

Depending on your device, there are different ways to get the app:

Firestick / Fire TV Devices

It’s super easy to watch Hulu in the UK on your Firestick, but we’ll need to change a couple of settings before we get started. To do this, follow along with these steps

  1. Make your way to the Settings menu from the Home screen
  2. Then head to the section titled My Fire TV
  3. Once you’ve reached this menu, choose Developer options
  4. Turn both ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources to the ON setting
  5. Click Turn On if a pop up box appears on your screen

Now that that’s done, you’re able to Download apps from outside the official Amazon app store.

Next you’ll need to download an app called Downloader from the app store. Downloader is the app you’re going to use to acquire apps that you can’t find in the official app store. In this case, Hulu.

Once you’ve installed Downloader and opened the app, you should see a field where you can enter a URL on the main page. In that field type:

Then click Go. The download should start automatically, just wait until your Firestick completes its install of Hulu on Firestick.

Once Hulu has been installed on your device, you can return to the Downloader and delete the install files when prompted. You don’t need these anymore and it will free up space on your device.

Return to the Home screen. Under the Apps and Games section, you should be able to see Hulu. Click on it to watch Hulu in the UK!

Hulu on Firestick UK

Android Devices

Getting the Hulu App on an Android is also a straightforward process. To watch Hulu in the UK with Android, there are 2 ways to download the app.

Method 1: Download Hulu APK via Browser

It is common to get Apps for your android device through unknown sources over the internet. You want to be careful about where you download apps from, so we found a popular and well-vetted one for you. To download Hulu from your browser, simply:

  1. Log onto your preferred browser
  2. Type in to get the Hulu APK 
  3. Download and install it 

If you have never downloaded apps from your browser before, then you will need to:

  1. Go to settings on your device
  2. Select Security 
  3. Turn On the option to allow installation from Unknown sources
  4. Read the Pop-Up warning statement
  5. Click OK

(Please note that due to differences in android phone brands, you may have to click on a different option in your settings. For example, a Xiaomi phone would have you go from Settings -> System and Device section -> Additional settings -> Privacy -> Unknown sources.

If you are having a hard time locating yours, just search how to get there on Google.

  1. Go to your downloads
  2. Click on the Hulu.APK
  3. Install it

Congratulations! You’re all set now. 

Hulu on Android UK
Method 2: Download Hulu Via Play Store

This is a longer but more secure way of getting the app so you can watch Hulu in the UK. To get it, you need to:

  1. First log into your IPVanish to change your IP Address
  2. Change your location in Play Store
  • Go to
  • Click on Settings and Edit your home address
  • If you need zip code, search for a zip code generator on the internet then copy and paste it
  • Accept changes.
  1. Put the U.S location into effect
  • Close the Play Store 
  • Go to your device’s Settings
  • Select Apps and locate Google Play Store
  • Click on ‘Force Stop’, then ‘Clear all data’
  • Open your Play store

Check if your UK location has changed to an American one. Note that it may take a few minutes to take effect. 

(Warning: With this method, all your previous data on the Play Store would be lost).

  1. Download and Install Hulu
  2. Watch Hulu in the UK!
Hulu iOS UK

iOS Devices

To download and watch Hulu in the UK on your iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices, the process is a bit quite different from the Android process. 

  1. Log into your VPN. In this case, IPVanish is the best choice to get the job done.
  2. Create a new account ( otherwise, you will lose all your apps)
  3. Set your means of payment to None
  4. Use a zip code generator to get a random valid zip code. 
  5. Search for Hulu and download it from the now available American App Store

Note: If the ‘None’ option for your means of payment is not available, download a free app where the payments will pop-up, then choose ‘None’


Watching Hulu in the UK is not a problem anymore. With VPNs like IPVanish, you can enjoy the full benefits of Hulu right from the comfort of your home in the UK.

So watch full seasons of your favorite series, live TV channels, award-winning original documentaries and movies, subbed and dubbed anime, telenovellas, cartoons, and much more exciting streaming content in the UK anytime, any day without stress.

Your ability to watch Hulu in the UK just got a whole lot easier!

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