Check out this guide that shows you how to transfer files TO Fire Stick.  We show you the step-by-step process for the easiest way, then we show you a handful of alternate File Transfer methods to get files onto your FireStick.

How to Transfer Files to Fire Stick

  1. Install ES File Explorer on FireStick to give your FireStick or Fire TV the ability to run an FTP Server (for non-techies, “FTP” means “File Transfer Protocol”)
  2. Start ES File Explorer’s built-in “Remote Manager” (this is actually easier to set up than ES File Explorer’s “FTP server” function
  3. Install an FTP Client on another device (Android, PC, iOS.)
  4. Connect to the FTP Server using your FTP Client app/program you just installed on your other device
  5. Transfer your files (upload AND download) from your other device to your FireStick

Transfer Files to Fire Stick (Detailed Walk-Through)

  1. Install ES File Explorer on FireStick to give your FireStick or Fire TV the ability to run an FTP Server (for non-techies, “FTP” means “File Transfer Protocol”).  You can install ES File Explorer by Searching for it (using the “magnifying glass icon” in the Fire TV home screen).  Then select ES File Explorer from the search results and select “Get”.
  2. Launch ES File Explorer
  3. Now start ES File Explorer’s built-in Remote Manager (which is short for “Remote file manager”). This is basically a simplified, automated FTP server that you can access using any device’s browser.  We start ES File Explorer’s Remote Manager server by first selecting “Network” from the ES File Explorer main menu.  Then select “Remote Manager” under the Network menu.  After Remote Manager is selected, use the Fire TV remote to move the cursor to the big blue “Turn On” button in the center of the ES File Explorer screen.
  4. Using a device other than your Firestick / Fire TV, open the second device’s web browser.
  5. Then enter the exact address displayed on your Firestick / Fire TV screen into the web browser’s address bar.  For me, it was, but yours will be different.
  6. Enter your Firestick’s IP address into the FTP Client app.  Then press “Connect”.  This will Connect to the FTP Server using your FTP Client app/program you just installed on your other device
  7. Add Roms to Fire TV Stick / Fire TV (or whatever other files you want to transfer).

2 Ways to Find Firestick IP Address

  1. Use the free “MyNetlyzer” app in the Amazon app store to find Firestick IP address.  This free app has a “Scan Network” option that shows you all the devices connected to your WiFI network.  The one labeled “Amazon” is your Fire stick.
  2. Or, get the Firestick IP Address from the Fire TV stick “Settings” menu.  First, go to the Fire TV home screen.  Then go to Settings.  Select “Device”.  Then select “About”, then “Network”.  Your Firestick IP address is displayed on the screen, and usually is something similar to “” or “”, where the second to last number is typically a 1 or a 0, and the last number is between 1 and 255.

FireStick File Transfer: Process Explained

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Using the steps above, the idea is to set up an FTP server on your Fire Stick using the ES File Explorer app’s built-in FTP server functionality.  After the FTP server is set up on your FireStick, you can use an FTP Client program for Windows or app for Android/iPhone to connect to your Fire Stick’s FTP server.  From that point, we simply identify the files we need to transfer using our FTP client (which has the same display as a slimmed down File Browser) to transfer files to Fire Stick.  Then we select individual files or folders to transfer and wait for the files to finish copying.  We can use this same process to transfer files FROM Fire Stick onto another location.

Links to Help Transfer Files to Fire Stick

  • The best free FTP Clients for Windows is FileZilla
  • For Android, try this highly-rated free FTP Client apps:  AndFTP
  • Yes, there is a Free FTP Client app for iOS:  FTPManager Free
  • Download [easyazon_link identifier=”B008K6HN8I” locale=”US” tag=”arizonacaorg-20″]ES File Explorer[/easyazon_link] (free, Amazon DL) to start your FTP server on FireStick, or download ES File Explorer from Google Play Store

Alternate Methods to Transfer Files To and From FireStick

  • BlueTooth file transfer apps for tablets, phones, and Android TV Boxes
  • WiFi file transfer apps for your phone / tablet / TV Box
  • [easyazon_link identifier=”B007JR5304″ locale=”US” tag=”arizonacaorg-20″ cart=”n”]USB thumb drive[/easyazon_link] (for Fire TV only – not FireStick)
  • ADBLink program for PC, Mac, and Linux (free)
  • Dropbox via ES File Explorer

What is an FTP Server?

An FTP Server, or File Transfer Protocol server, is an app or program that allows a device to “serve” files to other devices, allowing other devices to download files from the device on which the FTP Server app / program is installed.

What is an FTP Client?

An FTP Client is an app / program that allows a device to connect to an FTP Server.  This allows the device that’s running the FTP Client to download files from the FTP Server.

What is FTP?

FTP is one of the oldest protocols still in use on the Internet (it’s in the same boat as Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, or http), because it’s reliable and has withstood the tests of time.  Various secure versions of FTP have been developed, such as SFTP, which have enhanced FTP security significantly over the years.  I’ve been using FTP since the early 90s – yes, it’s that old (and it’s even older than that, in fact)!

Google trackers are lurking on 75% of websites. Cover your tracks to protect yourself.

Wrap Up

For most of the methods above, you need to make sure both your FireStick and whatever device you’re transferring files from are on the same WiFi network.  So make sure they’re both on the same WiFi network before you attempt to transfer files to FireStick or Fire TV.

If you have questions, ask on the KFire YouTube Channel.