How to Track Secret Conversations On Facebook


Privacy is one important aspect that every person needs to keep for themselves. Knowing that keeping the user’s privacy is an obligation that should be fulfilled by any social media platform, Facebook introduces a new feature called Secret Conversations. Despite the name “Secret”, there are several ways you can do to track secret conversations on Facebook.

Since these are secret conversation, why do people want to take a peek in the first place? Well, among others, the most concerned group is the parents who couldn’t see who their kids talking to anymore.

By using the secret conversations, it means that the kids can now avoid using the public chats, which can be easily traced and monitored. So, the parents don’t have the other way rather than tracking these secret conversations as one of the ways to prevent teen suicide or another potentially dangerous situation their kids could be summited.

So, how to view secret conversations on Messenger? Find it on the explanation below!

What is Facebook Secret Conversations?

Before talking much further about how to track Facebook Secret Conversations, let us first learn about it to know what it actually is, how it works, and why the kids or users in general start using it.

Secret Conversations is another additional feature by Facebook that lets two contacts talk to each other using an encrypted connection so that everyone but them could never take a look into the conversation.

This guaranteed safety is what makes it more interesting compared to the general public chats. In order to use this, the users have to keep the device keys for them to talk in more private. And since the kids also start using it, the parents are having trouble in obtaining these keys. So, that’s the reason why the parents want to know how to access Facebook secret chats on phone.

How to Access Facebook Secret Chats On Phone?

Before doing anything else, it’s better to find secret conversations on Messenger first. You can easily find it by accessing the chat page, make a new conversation, and then switch the chat message into a secret conversation by using the option. You can access this option by clicking the chat setting button in the upper right corner.

Now, if you want to check the secret conversation history Messenger, there are some things you need to do. You can’t do it through the traditional way. It’s highly risky if you want to check the secret conversation directly when your kids are not looking.

So, we highly recommend using the spying apps to get the job done. One of the best examples we’d like to introduce is mSpy, a simple spy app that packs a lot of useful features, including:

  • Call monitoring;
  • Messages monitoring;
  • Social media monitoring (including Facebook);
  • Group chats monitoring;
  • And able to work on the background.

Thanks to its discreet character, the app can’t be traced easily through the usual methods, thus making your tracking activity more effective.

How to Decrypt Secret Conversations on Facebook?

Yes, you can also decrypt secret conversations on Messenger, although the methods can be a bit longer. To do this, you need to have two things: the physical access to target phone, and the device keys to open up the secret conversations.

For now, let’s say you already have access to the target phone, and want to decrypt the message as quickly as possible. In order to do that, see the following steps:

  1. The first step you have to do is to access the Facebook secret conversation, which can be opened by clicking the profile menu.
  2. Then, see the secret conversations sent by the contacts.
  3. Paste the message.
  4. Next, enter the device keys that sent along with the chat.
  5. And done! Now you’re able to decrypt the secret messages.


The worried parents can now rest assured, knowing that they can always monitoring their kids online activities using the best tools they could possibly have, the spying apps. With these, now you don’t have to worry about the secret conversations. Now, you can either check the message directly or decrypt them. Whichever the steps you want to take, your kids can now be safer.

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