How To Stream 123 Movies Go on Firestick and PC – Easy Free Streaming

Who doesn’t love the idea of watching their favorite new TV shows and movies online, but what is the best way to do this for free? There’s no shortage of websites that claim to offer free streaming content to your Firestick or PC, but 123 Movies Go seem to be doing it better than anyone. 

123 Movies Go has the most reliable free streaming content on the internet. They release movies and TV shows with alarming speed (almost as soon as they’re released, and sometimes before), and can generally be counted on to have a high quality file. No blocky, grainy streaming here! If you’re looking for a stream of the latest episode of your favorite show, then this is a great first stop on your search.

This guide below will show you what 123 Movies Go is and how to use on your Firestick, PC or Apple devices safely.

What is 123 Movies Go

123 Movies Go an online streaming service for free movies. It’s one thing to offer viewers free premium unlimited content over a long time, and its another thing to be among the best streaming site with such benefits. Well, 123 Movies Go happens to be doing both very well, despite the many competitors within the industry.

Although they have changed their domain several times, migrating to mirror sites, they have stayed consistent as one of the best places to stream popular movies and TV shows online. 

One of the downsides of streaming through 123 Movies GO is that the site has a lot of ads present, and it can interrupt your view. However, they provide a better benefit by not asking visitors to signup to the site! Which is somewhat a win-win situation for visitors who will like to keep there identity private. 

123 Movies Go can be streamed on most popular devices such as Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, PC, Apple, Roku and more.

123 Movies Go

Download a VPN on Your Firestick TV

Surfing through the 123 movies Go site is not encouraged without a VPN protection, as the government and your internet service provider might be spying on your activities. However, using a secure VPN, you can enjoy all the benefits of 123 movies GO with a calm mind.

For the sake of this guide, I will be recommending IP Vanish VPN because it is secure and fast, thereby reducing the number of interruptions you would normally experience. 

Step One: Register for IPVanish

The easiest way to register for an IPVanish VPN will be through their website. Since we’re huge fans of IPVanish and want our members to try them out, we’re offering a significant discount for our readers. Just click this link for an IPVanish discount coupon!

Step Two: Search for IPVanish Firestick App

After you have signed up and completed the registration process, navigate to your Amazon Firestick TV home screen and tap the search button at the top right corner. 

Firestick VPN app install
Enter “IPVanish” into the search box

Then search for IPVanish and click IPVanish when it appears in the selections below your search field.

Step Three: Download IPVanish on Firestick

This step couldn’t be easier. Just click on the orange download button near the bottom of the screen and wait for IPVanish to finish downloading.

Step Four: Log In to IPVanish VPN for Firestick

Open IPVanish once the download is complete and enter the username and password you set up when you registered for IPVanish VPN in the first step.

Step Five: Connect to IPVanish VPN

Click the green connect button on the left side of the screen to begin the connection process.

After a moment, you’ll be prompted to approve the connection request to IPVanish. Click OK.

Step Six: Connect Firestick to VPN Complete

Step six is you’re finished! You’ve now successfully connected your Amazon Firestick to a fast, reliable VPN service. That means that you can now browse safely and securely without worrying about who might be tracking your browsing history or trying to access your personal information.

If you’d like an even more thorough explanation (with screenshots and videos!) then check out our blog on How to Install IPVanish Firestick App.

There’s an almost endless series of reasons why you need to be using a VPN for any internet connected device. If you’d like to know a little bit more about why securing your browsing through a VPN is important, then check out Why Should I Use a VPN?

How to Watch 123 Movies Go on Firestick

Now that you’re protected from hackers and government trackers, it’s time to start streaming free movies and TV! Follow these easy steps to get started streaming 123 Movies Go on your Amazon Firestick or Fire TV.

Step One: Download a Firestick Browser

Navigate to the home menu and tap the search icon.

To stream with 123 Movies Go, you will need a special browser like Puffin browser for android or Amazon Silk browser for your Firestick TV. For this tutorial, we’ll use Amazon Silk as an example, but the process for either is the same.

Type Silk Browser in the search field and select the Silk Browser result that appears.

Tap the orange Download icon and wait for the Amazon Silk download to complete. 

Step Two: Open Amazon Silk Browser

Once the download is complete, Click Open to launch the browser. 

Alternatively, you can press the Home button on the remote to go to the Home Menu. Once you’re on the Home Page, click the Apps button.

Move the navigation keys on the remote controller to hover over the Apps menu, and select the Silk Browser as shown in the picture below.

This is what you’ll see when the Amazon Silk Browser launches on your Firestick:

If a pop appears on the screen, simply click cancel.

Step Ten: Enter the URL by clicking the search bar at the top of the screen.

Step Three: Find 123 Movies Go Website

Enter the URL: and click Go.

It’s worth mentioning that 123 Movies Go constantly changes its URL, so we will provide an update when we notice it. If the URL above doesn’t work then a quick search on a privacy-friendly search engine like Duck Duck Go, should help you find it pretty quickly.

Step Four: Stream 123 Movies Go on Firestick

Congratulation! You are now able to access free premium streaming content on 123 Movies Go.

How to Stream 123 Movies GO on PC

Streaming 123 Movies Go on PC is easier than doing it with any other device. In a few easy steps, you can be on your way to enjoying all 123 Movies Go has to offer.

Step One: Use a VPN for PC Streaming

If you do not have a secure VPN account, you might need to consider signing up for an account with IPVanish. 

Go to the IPVanish website to create an account. Use this link to get an exclusive discount for our readers! Once you’re there, click Start Now.

After you have downloaded your VPN service, sign in, and make a secured connection. Congratulations! Now you can stream free content, knowing that you and your information are safe.

Step Two: Find 123 Movies Go

Open your favorite browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and enter the URL in the search bar:

As we mentioned earlier, the URL changes frequently. If the above link doesn’t work, then search on a pro-privacy browser like Duck Duck Go to quickly find it.

Step Three: Stream Movies on 123 Movies Go

Search for any movie or TV shows of your choice and enjoy it! It’s that easy.:

Bonus Step: Avoid Pop Up Ads

Free streaming sites are notorious for pop ups. To avoid encountering pop ads, I recommend you download the Epic Browser or Puffin Browser and turn on the built-in ad blockers. This will reduce the interruption you might normally encounter with a common browsers like Google Chrome.

If you really love your current browser and don’t want to change, then look for ad blocker extensions to help make your movie streaming experience smoother!


Now you have everything you need to enjoy unlimited streaming content using 123 Movies Go on Firestick or PC. Don’t forget to connect your VPN before surfing. This will prevent the government or your ISP from spying on your browsing activities. 

Stay tuned to this series for more information. 

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