How to Reset Kodi: Best 3 Methods for Fresh Starts


We wrote this Guide for the Best Methods to Reset Kodi to Factory Default settings.

One of Kodi’s favorite features is the ability to download a completely new addon and play around the setting. Many people, however, will seek for the most updated build that will satisfy them and keep using that. Irrespective of Kodi type you use, there might get to a time you are constrained to restore Kodi to its original state.

You might find yourself with an old build which is not supported with the latest updates. This might be as a result of excess add-ons on your system. Irrespective of the reasons, one will be able to use a lot of methods to get rid of everything and make your Kodi start afresh.

This write-up will give you a walkthrough of the best methods to use

Pro Tip:  Have a VPN Turned On before Installing a Kodi

Before streaming any content with Kodi, we advise you to install a VPN especially when you are watching live sports programs or premium TV. The reason is, while Kodi is legal, some additional plug-ins exist that can make you access some contents unlawfully. There have been cases where Kodi users got served for copyright violation because they used the said apps. Some had to face penalties. A VPN, however, keeps your activities online anonymous. This way, there is no chance that you ever get sued for watching Pay Per View TV through Kodi.

Choosing the best VPN to hide your Kodi activities may be difficult. Due to this, we have some recommendations based on major things Kodi users seek for. We describe them as follows:

  • Rapid Network Speed – VPNs often slow down the speed of networks which does not aid streaming. A reliable VPN should however not impact your network speed.
  • Reliable Privacy – A reliable VPN should have no data logging. Rather, there should be full traffic encryption and other reliable safety feature like Kill switch to improve user privacy
  • Lack of restriction – Many VPNs have a restriction on some file downloads wholesome places download limit on users. The best VPN will, however, offer no limit of any type, in file size and data type.
  • Global server network – You will have a good connection speed and streams if the VPN provider has enough servers all around the world to tunnel your traffic from.

Using IPVanish VPN with Kodi

Going by the criteria discussed above, a lot of Kodi users are best served using IPVanish. Provided with 256-bit AES encryption, a strong policy against logging, programmed kill switch and DNS leak protection, users will enjoy a strong privacy online.

Across the various servers, they enjoy a strong connection speed and provides buffer –free Kodi stream, judging by our experience. There are more than 800 proxy servers for IPVanish in over sixty countries. Users can watch whatever they desire anytime due to the absence of data restriction or bandwidth limits. There are apps dedicated for any and all type of device users might decide to try.

IPVanish gives you the chance to use their service for 7 days after which you can get your money back if you are not satisfied. You can also save up to 60% on your subscription price when you choose their 1-year subscription plan.

Best Methods for Resetting Kodi back to factory state

At the moment, I will give it up for Kodi as the only media player that can be customized. However, the developers of Kodi fail to include an essential feature in all the update they release. This is a fresh start or resets feature. Sometimes back, Kodi user groups deliberated on whether they would like such feature on the Kodi v.17 Krypton. The absence, however, means people will still have to keep waiting for it.

The good news, however, is that there are many options you can use to restore Kodi back to original state. We will talk about the best and most efficient of these methods below. We will offer a detailed explanation on how the reset will take place and included the device that each method works best for.

All you have got to do is choose the method you desire, read, understand and apply the steps on the guide. This should give you a fresh install Kodi to use.

Method 1:  Ares Wizards Reset Method

Most Kodi users make use of the Ares Wizard in order to access the common external addons. It comes with an attractive feature which gives users the ability to restore the factory setting of Kodi.

One of the major reasons why people use Ares Wizard to restore Kodi factory setting is that you get to be able to keep the data you wish. You will, however, have to get the Ares Repository installed before being able to use Ares Wizard’s Fresh start option.

  • Downloading the repository is the first step. It is accessible at All you have to download is a file known as
    After opening Kodi17, choose the Add-ons, then choose the browser icon that indicates add-ons. This resembles an open package, found on the left-most corner of screen at the top.
  • Open the drop-down menu, you will have to install it from Zip. Proceed to the file that housed the Ares Repo and open it. This action will have the Ares Repository installed onto Kodi. On successful download, there should be a confirmation message.
  • After this is completed, you can proceed to install the Ares Wizard. You have to go back to the browser menu and access the add-on to do this. You will also have to load the build from repository again.
  • Then you will have to click on the following, in the given order – Ares project – program add-ons – Ares wizard – install. This will download the Ares Wizard to your Kodi. You should have a Successful response if this was successfully downloaded.
  • You will be able to access the Ares Wizard on the Kodi homepage, just at the addons tab, under the program.
    On downloading the Ares Wizard, you need a couple of steps to engage the Fresh Start.
  • Then on opening the addon of the Ares Wizard, click the More tab on the homepage on the screen.
  • On the fourth item on the menu is the Fresh start/erase all data option
  • There should be a pop up a warning notification telling you that the action will clear off all addons from Kodi. It will ask if you are sure!
  • Then there will be an option box with which you select the data you intend to be left alone. There should be options like media being saved in favorites, all sources are added to the file manager, all addon settings. On deciding the items to keep you need to select it.
  • The Ares Wizard should restore to factory settings. On completing the whole process, there should be a pop up informing you to close Kodi. For you to close Kodi, you will select Ok.

On opening Kodi the next time, the factory setting should have been restored successfully.

Method 2:  Indigo (Fusion) Factory Restore option

There was some sort of confusion in the Kodi community some time in the year. This was caused by the disappearance of the well-known TVAddons repository. This disappearance was accompanied with the loss of many of Kodi’s favorite addons as well as a couple of other useful features.

TVAddons has been restored with a complete working brand/version of the very popular Fusion addon. Indigo, a multi-functional Kodi tool, gives users the ability to change to different settings and features. Among these tools is the Factory Restore. This tool allows user bring back Kodi’s factory setting.

You will, however, have to download and install the TVAddons repository before you can use this feature in Indigo. We, however, advise users to be careful as there are rumors on the ownership of TVAddons. In Canada, there has been a link to copyright lawyers. Spywares, which ones monitored all the activity of Kodi users, has been suspended. We, however, have no proof that Indigo has been a victim of this yet, all users should be cautious.

  • Open Kodi app and select the gear icon. This will get you into the system.
  • Proceed to file manager and add source. Type this exactly in the URL –
  • Select any name that appeals to you for the repository like fusion3 and clicks OK
  • This should download the TVAddons Repository on your device. On complete installation, there should be a notification
  • On downloading the TVAddons, then proceed and have the Indigo addon installed. The following steps takes you through the process:
  • Then on Kodi’s menu main function, select Add-ons. Then proceed to click on the thing that is like an opened box (this is the add-on browser icon). You can find this just on the screen
  • On the menu, you will have to install from zip. You will then chose the file that you named Fusion3 (or the name you used to store it in the previous process above)
  • Look for the folder Begin-here and select.
  • Then look for the file named and install. On installing, you should get a notification of a successful installation.
  • Now back to Kodi main menu, select Addons and open the indigo Addon. This should prompt you to download. After this, you now install the extra files
  • On completing these downloads, you are good to go with the Indigo addon.
  • At the center of the screen, there should be the main menu which will appear on opening the Indigo addon. Look for the Factory restore option. Select it, follow the instructions presented onscreen. This should help you clear the entire previous configuration and have Kodi on a new start.

Method 3:  Reset Kodi on Your Particular Operating System

There are other ways to get Kodi to factory Settings

There are other easy methods to get Kodi back to factory setting, this however depends on the nature of device being run with kodi. All the methods presented are simple and should give you no issue whatsoever. However, many of this lack the choice to keep any data you wish. Asides, you will have to get Kodi all over again.


If you’re using Kodi on a window device, in the settings simply go to the Remove/Add program page. You can completely uninstall Kodi here. To install Kodi ack, you will need to either download the latest version of Kodi or use the Kodi zip file. This is if you are yet to delete it.


The process that worked for windows is also applicable to users of Mac. After uninstalling the Kodi App, either of the sources discussed in the step above will allow you to reinstall it.


Proceed to the Android App manager If you run Kodi with an Android enabled device. From there, you will select Kodi and follow either of the options presented below:

  • Clear Data
  • Clear cache

Either of the above should get rid of extra data or file from Kodi. It will also get it back to the original version

Fire Stick Factory Reset

In the same way, if you have a Fire TV stick that is using Kodi, we have two ways you can use to get Kodi to factory setting.

The Fire Stick Factory Reset: there are settings in the Fire Stick with which you can get the device back to factory settings. You can navigate to setting menu. This will, however, get rid of all data and apps on the fire stick. If you do not mind this, then proceed to get rid of Kodi and download it.

The Android option: Since the fire stick is an Android enabled device, the method used for Android is applicable. Follow by clicking the path giving below:

Click on settings, applications, managed installed applications and Kodi. This should take you to a fresh page where you can either clear data or catch. We recommend clicking on the recommended options twice. This is to ensure the process is totally completed. On opening Kodi, you should have it back to factory settings

There have been cases of people who cannot launch Kodi after using this method. Should that happen to you, take the process all over again. Should the issue still proceed, we recommend that you delete install all over again.

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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