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Amazon lags behind key competitors in a few areas, but nobody can stop the Fire TV stick. The little streamer is still a top seller, and one of the best ways to access those Kodi addons. Keeping the Firestick clean can be a problem for some, however, and will quickly kill your streaming experience.

While there are several reasons your Firestick can slow down or lock up, we are going to touch on the most important areas. That would be the cache and Kodi – two areas that can really drag you down.

Why is your Amazon Firestick slowing down?

Does it feel like to takes forever to load one of your favorite streams or does the Amazon Firestick start to lag start to lag right off the bat? Before you can get your Firestick clean, you must first diagnose the issue. For some, it could be as simple as lag when a video has been rented while others may need to perform a Firestick factory reset.

In most cases, it all comes down to the cache, otherwise, you may simply need to clear data or free up storage. The Amazon Fire TV stick is not a beefy device, so remember there is only a limited amount of space out of the box. It will go quicker than you think. If you feel your issue is storage related, the video below will show you how to quickly remove unwanted apps.

Are you storing things in the cloud? Some folks like to pull content from their storage on your Amazon which can be an issue as well. It can also be a blessing as you may be able to rely on the cloud more and the built-in Firestick storage less. That said, in many cases, it comes down to the apps you frequently use unless your streamer is in total meltdown mode.

Keeping your Firestick Clean

If you are struggling to watch your favorite movies TV shows, you may be tempted to scoop up one of those popular Firestick cleaner apps. Unfortunately, they are a mixed bag as some actually work while others will bog your streamer down more or hit you with bloatware. Amazon’s app store is not nearly as secure as Apples, so look before you leap.

Sometimes a particular app can cause you issues, so that’s where we recommend you start. To clear the cache for individual apps on the Firestick or Firestick TV 4K, here’s what you need to do…

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll to Application, then select Manage Installed Applications
  • Choose the app that’s causing an issue
  • Select the app, then clear cache

Keeping your Firestick clean can be as simple as that. Keep in mind; you do not want to select “Clear Data” just cache otherwise you may lose important settings. It can be used as a last resort before a complete wipe, however. Once you clear the cache of your streaming apps, watching those free movies and TV shows will become fast and easy again.

The problem with Kodi

As much as we love the Kodi app, it can present a few issues on lower-powered devices. The Amazon Fire TV stick has some pop, but you don’t have to roll with Kodi 1.76. There are lighter builds available if speed or space is a concern.

Builds aside, add-ons are the main issue when you install Kodi on a Firestick. Many users will load up a dozen repositories and even more add-ons, which can pose a problem quickly. Especially when they stop working, as it’s easy to forget to remove the old ones. Uninstalling useless addons is your first line of defense.

If you run Kodi, the first step is to remove any unused Kodi addons currently in your arsenal. Unless you consistently keep your Firestick clean, there are bound to be a few. You can also go into an add-on directly and clear the cache in Kodi fast and easy. There are several ways you can go about this and Kodi doesn’t make things easy.

kodi cache clean

Every add-on will have its own settings menu, which is where you will generally find an option to clear cache or data. As you can see from the screenshot, some even have “unique” systems in place. We cannot pinpoint them all, so look for a maintenance tools settings from the Information or Settings section for each Kodi addon.


Doing a full Firestick factory reset can be the quickest way to get you back on your feet, and while it’s even possible without the Alexa voice remote, it is the last step you want to take. Nobody wants to go through the setup and update process again if they don’t have to.

Just remember, some cleaner apps like CCleaner can help as well. If you want to snag that app through DroidAdmin, check out our video below for the code. If cleaning apps won’t cut it and it’s not a buffering issue, you can check out our guide to resetting the Firestick when it’s time to go down that road.


Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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