In this video we show this How to Install Supremacy Build Kodi video (above) and a quick written guide (below).

UPDATED Friday June 09, 2023: The old source address for Kodi Supremacy Build seems to now be offline.  Instead, try this address:

How to Install Supremacy Build Kodi

  • From the Kodi homescreen, go to SYSTEM (which appears as a small “gear” icon in the top left corner of the Kodi home screen)
  • Then select File Manager
  • Choose Add Source
  • Select NONE to open the Keyboard
  • Enter  (formerly “”)
  • Now select DONE
  • Select the box at the bottom to Enter a name for our media source
  • Enter a name for the new media source (such as “Supremacy”)
  • Choose DONE
  • Select OK to finish adding the new source
  • Now return to the Kodi homescreen
  • Select SYSTEM (the “gear” icon)
  • Now select Add-Ons
  • Then choose the Package Manager icon, which appears as an “opened package” icon in the top left corner of the “Add-Ons” screen
  • Select Install From Zip File
  • Choose “Supremacy
  • Then choose the “repository.supremacy-1.2/” folder
  • Now select the file (formerly “”)
  • Wait a minute for the Supremacy Build Wizard “addon” to be enabled.  You may see a notification in the bottom right corner that says “Supremacy add-on enabled”
  • Now select “Install From Repository
  • Then choose “supremacy
  • Now select “Video Add-Ons
  • Then choose the “supremacy” option
  • Wait a few minutes for the Supremacy addon to install
  • Now return to the Kodi home screen by clicking the HOME icon in Kodi
  • Choose “Add-Ons
  • Then select “supremacy
  • Select a channel / category to stream and you’re done!

Problems Installing Supremacy?




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  • Sometimes the build server, which hosts the files needed to install Supremacy on Kodi, goes offline.  If this is the case, Supremacy will not install.  In the case that you run into this issue, wait a while then try again later.  Keep in mind that Kodi builds are usually hosted by individuals who must pay to host the files themselves – and therefore the build servers can go offline frequently.  Donate to team Kodi and the developers at TVAddons that support it to increase the reliability of Kodi downloads and Kodi operation in general.

Best Kodi Builds

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Here are some other great Kodi builds to try (with a tutorial video for each):

  • The XBMC Hub Wizard (aka “Config Wizard“) is one of the best, easiest builds to install.
  • Ares Wizard is a fan favorite Kodi build
  • The BEAST build for Kodi has a huge following
  • Hyper TT for Kodi has a wide range of content, as well as adult content (18+ ONLY)

Best Kodi Addons

These are the TV addons that Kodi fans use as their main guns:

  • Exodus is the #1 TV addon for movies & shows
  • Phoenix has a long-running history of being one of the best Kodi addons
  • SALTS is a multi-scraper video delivery platform with high reliability
  • Velocity immediately became a heavy hitter in the Kodi arena
  • Pro Sport satisfies the sports needs of most Kodi fans
  • SportsDevil was the best Sports addon for Kodi, but recently may be experiencing reliability issues.

Wrap Up

If you have any questions about our How to Install Supremacy Build Kodi video, ask on our YouTube Channel.