This tutorial shows you how to install Kodi 17 Wookie Build on Amazon Fire Stick or any other device that supports Kodi. Actually, three Kodi 17 Wookie Builds exist, but the Wookie Wizard also includes a vast number of builds built by the Wookie community.

Update:  Wookie Wizard is dead (thanks to Lee, Jeff, Michael and Sarah on the KFireTV FB page:).  We can still install the Wookie Wizard zip file using the Source  But the Wookie Wizard has no real installable content (the “Install” button is unclickable) after you launch it.

Click Me - Succumb to the file

Here’s the “Click Me – Succumb to the” file

Kodi 17 Wookie Builds

Since Kodi 17 Krypton came out, the Kodi 17 Wookie Build ranks among the most downloaded and installed Kodi builds. The Kodi 17 Wookie Build comes
in three flavors: Kodi 17 Wookie Lite BuildKodi 17 Wookie Retro Build, and Kodi 17 Wookie New Look Build. All three variants have much more in common than they have different from one another. You’ll find the major differences lying in their user-interface, so let’s take a look at each Kodi 17 Wookie build.




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Kodi 17 Wookie Lite Build

Kodi 17 Wookie Lite Build

Kodi 17 Wookie Lite Build

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Wookie Lite Build comes with slightly fewer add-ons, so requires less storage and memory. It works without issue on any and all Kodi capable devices, no matter how old the hardware.

Kodi 17 Wookie Retro Build

Kodi 17 Wookie Retro Build

Kodi 17 Wookie Retro Build

The most popular Wookie Build, the Wookie Retro Build weighs in as a 325.14 MB download. It comes with a list of popular add-ons such as Falcon Sports, Now Music, Real Movies, Zen, Sports Angel, Wookie flix, Aurora, White devil Streams, Players Klub Beta, Silent Hunter, Maverick TV, One242415, Openload Movies, Perfect HD Movies, Pro Sport, Release Hub, Stream army, Sanctuary, SKyNet, Specto Fork, Evolve ,Phoenix, wolfpack, Bob, Dandy Media, DC Sports, Exodus, Deliverance, Echo streams, HUF, Gobble, Indigi Istream, M4U, Sports Devil, The Pyramid, Tigen Worlds, UK Turk Playlists, Vevo and Veetle. Moreover, it also comes with a 4k Zone section where users can watch content in 4k resolution.

Kodi 17 Wookie New Look Build

Kodi 17 Wookie New Look Build

Kodi 17 Wookie New Look Build

Weighing in at 403.45 MB to Download, the Wookie New Look Build comes with the option to switch between two different user-interfaces. In addition to this, it also includes all the popular add-ons that the other Wookie builds have.

Kodi 17 Wookie Community Builds

While Wookie community members made this build, the Wookie team consider it awesome enough to include on their official builds list. The Megamind Community Build contains all sorts of win. This build definitely deserves a look-see, so give it an install and prepare to be wowed.

For more information about different Wookie Builds, you can visit the Official Kodi Wookie Build Website here.

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to public WiFi. Secure your data.

How to Install the Wookie Build of Your Choice


  1. I try to assume nothing, so launch Kodi if you haven’t already.
  2. At the top-left of the screen, then click the Settings (gear cog) icon.
  3. Click on Add-ons browser, which looks like an open box icon.
  4. Click Add Source on the left side
  5. A pop-up will appear. Click on “<None>”
  6. Type this URL:  (formerly which is now dead)
  7. Name it “Wookie”
  8. Check for typos, then click OK


  1. Go to the main Kodi menu and click on Add-ons
  2. Select Add-on Package Installer Icon from the top-left side
  3. Click on Install from zip file
  4. Select Wookie
  5. Do as the Wookie says: “Click me- succumb To the”, then wait for the Wookie Enabled popup. The Kodi 17 Wookie Wizard may need a bit of time to download, so have patience. I think Han said it best:

    Let him have it; it’s not wise to upset a Wookie.

    Han Solo in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope


  1. Go back to the Kodi main menu.
  2. Then, click Add-ons on the left side.
  3. Select Program add-ons, though the Wookie decides its own home, so you’ll find it in Video add-ons as well.
  4. Click on Wookie, then point at the Stormtrooper next to you with a sincere look of innocence.
  5. Then, select which Wookie Build variant you want to install.

    Kodi 17 Wookie Wizard Build Options

    Kodi 17 Wookie Wizard Build Options – Pick Your Wookie

  6. Click the Install button, so things get started that you want to get started.
  7. A popup will appear, then you can click on its Continue option.
  8. The download will begin, after which Wookie will be installed. This may take some time, so remember what Han said.
  9. After the installation completes, then restart Kodi.
  10. Your preferred variant of the Kodi 17 Wookie Build has successfully installed, so enjoy!

Other Great Kodi Builds to Consider

For those of you who still have not updated Kodi to the latest and last Kodi 17.6 Krypton:
Check outInstall / Update Kodi 17.6 Krypton Tutorial

Then Watch:   How to Install Indigo Wizard in Kodi to install Kodi 17 Exodus using Config Wizard or AddOn Installer (2017 versions).

‘Tis the Season

Check out this walk-through video Ian made for putting a fireplace on your TV. Even if only psychologically, it can keep you warm through these chilly Winter months. Unless, of course, you already have a fur coat like a Wookie!


If you have any questions, check out the KFire TV home page or KFire TV YouTube channel for more Kodi tips & tutorials. May the Shwartz Be With You!

Enjoy Kodi Like A Wookie – Only With The Protection Of An OP VPN