How to Hook Up PS VR

This video tutorial shows you How to Hook Up PS VR (to PS4) step-by-step.  It’s easiest to approach from a “process of elimination” standpoint, where you first start with what’s easy (power cable, for example).  Read the full step-by-step guide below or follow along with the video (below) instead.

How to Hook Up PS VR

  1. Disconnect the end of the HDMI cable that is attached to your TV (remove the end that’s plugged into your TV, leave the end that’s plugged into your PS4 where it is). Now plug the loose end of the cable into the PS VR processing unit, into the port on the back of the processing unit that says.. you guessed it.. “HDMI PS4“.
  2. Connect the PS VR processing unit’s power adapter to a power outlet, connect the other end to the PS VR processing unit (“PU”).  This is one of the easiest parts of how to hook up PS VR, so we get it out of the way early in the process.
  3. Attach the USB cable that came with your PS VR. Connect one end to the PS VR unit, and the other end to an available USB port on the front of your PS4.
  4. Hook an HDMI cable up from the remaining HDMI port on the PS VR processing unit (labeled “HDMI TV“) to the HDMI port on your TV.
  5. Connect the PS VR processing unit “adapter” to the FRONT of the processing unit. This is a small square box (smaller than the processing unit itself) that has 2 cables dangling off of it. Connect the two cables into the respective ports on the front of the PS VR processing unit.
  6. Finally, attach the cable set that’s coming from the PS VR headset into the adapter that you just plugged into the front of the PS VR processor.
  7. Attach the included pair of 3D stereo headphones to the headphone jack on the PS VR headset’s inline remote
  8. Power on your PS4 and press the power button on the inline remote attached to the cable coming out of the PS VR headset


How to Calibrate PS VR

  • After you power on your PS VR and PS4 for the first time and put on the headset, your PS4 will walk you through the PS VR setup & calibration process.
  • Follow the steps on-screen to get positioned in the right physical area of your room.  It’s best to use an office chair, or sit on a sofa.
  • The PS VR unit tracks faces with the Playstation Camera, and also has a gyrometer built into the headset.  PS VR will still work without a Playstation Camera because of the gyrometer in the headset.
  • Your room must be not too brightly-lit, because the way the Playstation Camera tracks you visually is by tracking the blue lights on the front of the PS VR headset.  So there must be “contrast” between the blue LEDs on the headset and the surrounding light in your room.

How to Hook Up PS VR Headphones

  • The PS VR comes with a set of 3D Stereo Headphones (white in color).  Connect these to the inline remote that’s dangling off of the PS VR headset cable.  That’s all!

Issues Setting Up PS VR

  • When I was setting up my PS VR, I made the mistake of not plugging the power cable into the PS4 securely enough.  So make sure all of your cables are connected “snugly”!

Stay Calm and Don’t Lose Your Cool

While I was setting up the PS VR, I was quickly engulfed by a forest of cables.  Luckly, each cable has a numbered tag sticking off of each one that corresponds to a “Step” in the manual they give you.

Follow the manual, use your instincts, and once again – use the process of elimination.  Most of the cable connections are standard ports and cable you’ve seen for years: HDMI and USB.  There’s also a power plug and a few “white HDMI” connectors (which are actually shaped differently than HDMI, but are similar size – see in the video).


Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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