Top 5 Ways Covered on How To Get Local Channels On Firestick

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Amazon Fire TV devices are the best streaming devices in the market. They let you cut the cord and enjoy digital media like Netflix, YouTube, etc., using just your internet connection. But that’s not it; for those of you who want to stream local channels, these devices have also got your back. 

In this piece, we are going to cover some ways how to get local channels on Firestick, Fire TV Cube, and other Amazon Fire TV devices. ABC, NBC, CBS, and you name it; the following methods will let you stream all the local TV channels.

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Amazon Local News Channels

Amazon Local News Channels

Are you looking forward to catching up with the local and international news on your Amazon Fire TV? Enter free channels on Firestick. Every Fire TV device comes with the ability to broadcast local news channels depending on your region and zip code. And guess what? You don’t have to download any app to enjoy the service.

To access local free news channels on your Fire TV device, simply turn on your device and click on the News tile button pinned in your favorite apps section. Or, if you can’t find it on your home screen, go to App Library and open the News app. Then, select the Live tab located on the top left side of your screen. After that, scroll down, and you’ll see all the streamable news channels available in your area. To play, just select and click the icon of the channel.

Some of the popular local news channels on the Amazon News app are Yahoo, Bloomberg+, ABC, etc. But as mentioned above, channel availability is subject to an area, region, and country. 

Note: You might not find all your local news channels on the app as their availability varies from region to region. But recently, a new Fire TV update has added a local news station for 88 US cities.

Purchase a Digital Antenna as well as Media Server Software

How to get local channels on Firestick the easiest way? Well, Using a Digital Antenna and Media Server Software is the earliest and most basic technique for adding local channels to your Amazon TV.

You just need to purchase the necessary equipment and connect it to a computer running a media server solution such as Plex Media Server. The Media Server app will then be installed on the Firestick. However, because it is not fully trivial or in the interests of this post, you should do further research to discover how to set up Plex Server.

This is one of the greatest options since you will receive all local channels broadcast in your region for free on your TV.

Subscription-Based Apps

Local news channels are good, but hey, we need more than that, right? That’s where the network-based channel apps come into play in our 101 guides on how to get local channels on Firestick.

Chances are, you haven’t completely ditched your cable TV connection. And if you are nodding positively, then you can use the credentials provided by your TV provider to access all the top local channels around you using the network-based apps.

For instance, you want to watch all the channels under the NBC network on your Amazon Fire TV stick. So, if you have bought the NBC subscription from your cable TV provider, you can download the NBC app on your Fire TV and log in using the credentials (provided by your TV connection dealer) to catch up with all channels on the network with no additional charges.

Notable subscription-based apps officially available on the Amazon App Store are NBC, USA Network, Fox, ABC, CBS, Comedy Central, etc. But to access the channel on your Firestick, you must have their subscription.    

Live TV Streaming Service Apps (Paid + Free)

What if you aren’t subscribed to any TV network, and you want to watch more than just local news channels? Enter live TV streaming service apps in our guide on how to get local channels on Firestick.

Live TV streaming service apps can be either free, paid, or both. But they don’t rely on any network subscription; they are just like Netflix; you can pay for a month/year with no commitment or contract to enjoy local channels near you.

The following are some of the most loved live TV streaming service apps available on Amazon Fire TV devices:

DirecTV Stream (Paid)

DirecTV Stream
download button

Get your TV game together with no hidden fees, no commitment, and the best of live TV & on-demand titles with DirecTV Stream. Available for as low as $69.99 + tax per month, you’ll get over 65+ sports, premium, news, movies, family, and kids channels with DirecTV Stream’s ENTERTAINMENT package.

To sign-up, you just need to create your account, pick a preferred package, enter your billing details, and you are done! Now just download the DirecTV Stream app on your Amazon Fire TV, sign in to your account and start streaming the best local TV channels

fuboTV (Paid + Trial)

fuboTV (Paid + Trial)
download button

Created especially for sports events streaming, fuboTV is more than just games. Based on your location, fuboTV offers at least 100+ channels with 130+ events in 4K, cloud DVR, and three screens at once. And guess what? There’s a free trial with every fuboTV package.

fuboTV is an all-in-one live streaming and video-on-demand app that you can subscribe to for as low as $64.99 per month. News, sports, movies, local & international channels, and you name it; this service is one of the best-paid ways how to get local channels on Firestick.

Paramount+ (Paid + Trial)

Paramount Plus essential free trial
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Live sports, breaking news, original shows, and the most loved local channels, Paramount+ delivers true heights of entertainment. You can try the service for free, and if you like it, the plans start at only $4.99/month with the ability to cancel anytime. So, if you are looking for a way how to get local channels on Firestick for less, subscribing to Paramount+ would be a smart and favorable decision. 

So what are you waiting for? Create your account today, pay for the subscription, download the app, and sign in to enjoy a lot more than just local channels.    

NewsOn (Free)

NewsOn (Free)
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Only available in the US, NewsOn is a nationwide free local news streaming service. This service packs live local news, previous newscasts, and news clips from over 275+ trusted stations across the United States. You can get the NewsOn app free on Amazon App Store and use the service without even creating an account. So, no matter in which US city you reside in, the NewsOn app has got your back with the latest local and international happenings.  

Tubi (Free)

tubi tv activate
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With no subscription required, Tubi is an American over-the-top content platform and ad-supported streaming platform. This service lets you stream free local sports, news, culture, and entertainment channels. But, that’s not it; the platform also gives you access to over 20,000+ movies and television shows from studios like Paramount, Lionsgate, MGM, etc.

Tubi local TV channels catalog includes Fox Sports, NFL Channel, MLB, beIN Sports XTRA, ABC News Live, Newsy, and more. Download the app today on your Amazon Fire TV to make the most of one of the best ways how to get local channels on Firestick

Haystack News (Free)

download button

Loved by millions and highly rated on various app stores, Haystack News is your free pass to watch local and international news channels. Although this service basically serves as a newscast feed based on the topics & categories you select, you can also live stream news channels available in your area.

ABCN, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Cheddar, DW, CBSN, Al Jazeera, and you name it, you can access all your favorite news channels on Haystack News for free. Just download the app and open it to experience greatness! 

XUMO (Free)

Xumo App
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XUMO is another great app available on the Amazon App Store to stream exciting local entertainment, news, sports, comedy, music, and fashion channels for free without paying a single penny. Some of the popular local channels on XUMO are CBC NEWS, TIME, Bloomberg, USA TODAY, Fox Sports, Vogue, and History. 

That’s not it! This service lets you stream endless free movies in various genres like comedy, drama, action, thriller, romance, etc. So download the app today on your Amazon Firestick and dive into the pool of free local channels.   

Sling TV (Paid)

download button

Wholly-owned subsidiary by Dish Network, Sling TV is the first app-based TV service that lets you stream local TV channels and on-demand content over the internet. This service offers three packages, Sling Blue, Sling Orange, and Blue + Orange. And only for new customers, you can subscribe to the service for as low as $10 for your first month. Sling TV is a simple and flexible streaming service app that’s one of the best ways how to get local channels on Firestick at a competitive price.     

Philo (Paid)

Philo TV  app
download button

Currently based in San Francisco, California, Philo is an American internet television company that offers live and on-demand TV. Only available in the United States, this service lets you watch over 60+ channels for only $25 per month. Furthermore, the service lets you buy add-ons to increase your local channels library. And you can stream up to three devices at the same time.

Some of the popular channels on Philo are AMC, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, TLC, AccuWeather, and MTV. Subscribe to the service today, create your account, download the app, sign in, and experience streaming all your favorite local channels today.   

YouTube TV (Paid)

YouTube TV for Firestick
download button

With over 85+ channels, no annual contracts, and unlimited cloud DVR storage, YouTube TV comes at only $64.99 per month. ESPN, MSNBC, Food Network, Comedy Central, TNT, NFL Network, and you name it; there are tons of local TV channels you can watch on YouTube’s own live TV service. To get started with YouTube TV, create your account, pick a subscription, enter billing details, download the app on Amazon Fire TV, sign in and you are all set!

Hulu + Live TV (Paid)

Paid Hulu + Live TV app
download button

Do you want to know how to get local channels on Firestick outside of the US? Then, Hulu + Live TV is the answer. Available across many regions, it lets you stream 75+ top channels, including sports, news, and entertainment in your area, with no hidden fees, commitments, and installation appointments. 

You can also get premium local networks in your region by simply buying the add-ons provided by the service for a specific fee. Also, you get unlimited access to the Hulu streaming library with other features like CloudDVR, unlimited screens, and more. With so many features, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Hulu + Live TV is one of the best ways how to get local channels on Firestick

Apps Are Also Available for Cable Networks

The cable-based networks provide more than 30 applications. These applications are Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, FreeForm, Lifetime, MTV, TNT, TBS, SyFy, and many more.

You may genuinely access an infinite video collection from cable networks such as ABC and NBC. However, to unlock everything, you will need to subscribe.

Although the membership might be pricey at times, the long-term benefits are numerous. So it may be your best alternative, after all, making it worth the shot!

Making Use of Third-Party Applications

A few third-party programs may easily give all of your favorite local stations. One of these programs is Kodi, an open-source media server solution with many add-ons that provide local channels no matter where you are in the world.

The major drawback to this technique is that the repository community is anarchic, so you’ll have to spend a lot of time searching for specific channels.

However, the benefit is that most of these programs are free and give many channels that you require.

Free IPTV Android Apps

The next way how to get local channels on Firestick is by downloading and installing free IPTV Android apps. These applications are made to distribute freely available streaming links of TV channels worldwide. From local news stations to movies and drama networks, these apps give you access to tons of TV channels for absolutely free.

But as their legality status is questionable, you won’t find them on the Amazon App Store. Instead, you’ll have to side-load them by downloading and installing their APK file using the Downloader app officially available for Amazon Fire TV devices.


Here are some of the best free live tv apps for Firestick.

Live NetTV

Live NetTV provides over 800+ local and international TV channels. In addition, there are nine pre-made categories like sports, entertainment, news, movies, etc., that you can use to browse the related channels. Similarly, there are two separate sections for browsing live events and video-on-demand content, all absolutely free!

Live NetTV gets updated daily with fresh and new links so you can watch your favorite TV channels with just a few clicks. This app also supports Chromecast, an external player, and various other features, making it one of the best mediums to stream local channels. 


If you haven’t heard of Mobdro, then we can assure you that you were missing out on a lot. Mobdro is one of the most popular apps in the IPTV world that allow its users to access hundreds of channels, TV shows, and movies for free. Indeed, the service is quite controversial when it comes to legality, but it’s ruled the stage for a long time.

Not to mention, you can also use Mobdro as an advanced user-defined IPTV service. Just add a working M3U playlist like this one, and you can stream the channels smoothly without any inconvenience.  

RedBox TV

Next in line is RedBox TV. This free IPTV app not only lets you get local channels from your favorite genres but various international networks from over 20+ countries. You can browse channels according to your current location and stream them by just clicking and selecting the provided links.

RedBox TV app frequently brings stability, performance upgrades, and more channels with its updates. Although you won’t find on-demand titles and a separate section to browse live events, all your favorite local and international channels would be at your disposal.  


AOS TV is one of the most advanced entertainment apps that lets you watch local channels, cartoons, movies, music, sports, news, and more for free. In addition, this app features an excellent interface so that users can easily browse different types of content without assistance. Similarly, the app doesn’t feature overloaded ads to compromise the experience of its users.

AOS TV app would automatically recognize your location and set your interface in a way that your local channels come first. However, if you want to browse TV networks in other locations, there are over 50+ country sections. All you need to do is just find the country or simply use the search function to stream the country’s channel you want.

Live Channels Kodi Addons

Last and certainly not least, you can use third-party Kodi addons to stream live local channels in your area. Although there are a few trusted IPTV addons currently working on Kodi, they provide a good quality buffer-free streaming experience.

But to get local channels using Kodi, you must have the app installed on your Amazon Fire TV device. If you don’t own the app, you can follow online tutorials to load it right away. Then, you’ll need to learn how to add a repo and install the add-on on your Kodi app, which can also be found online.

Amazon Fire TV Cube

The following are some reliable and working third-party Kodi addons you can use to stream local channels on your Fire TV device: 


Available on LooNatics Asylum Repo, TvNSports is one of the most underrated IPTV add-ons to stream local channels and sports events. So whether you are living in the US, the UK, or anywhere else, this add-on would let you stream all your local channels for free. 

Repo Name: LooNatics Asylum Repo

Repo URL:


The big brother of TvNSports, TvTap is made mainly to stream local and international channels in HD quality. You’ll find this addon neatly organized in various folders to stream different types of TV networks based on location, genre, provider, etc.  

Repo Name: LooNatics Asylum Repo

Repo URL:

The Crew

An addon that doesn’t need any introduction, The Crew is the benchmark of all the IPTV, movie, and tv shows streaming Kodi addons. There’s a separate folder for watching channels titled IPTV. And inside, you’ll find networks managed and organized in separate folders as per their categories. 


Repo URL:

Final Words

Are you still finding answers on how to get local channels on Firestick? We think otherwise. Use the ways we have listed and their linked options to stream local channels in your area on your Fire TV today!


Everything you might want to ask us about getting local channels on Firestick has been discussed in detail. However, for the sake of completeness, here are some of the most commonly asked questions that will help clear your concept.

Can I Watch Free Local Channels on My Firestick?

Yes, there are several free Live TV streaming providers available. One of them, the Firestick, is by far the most excellent Free Live TV streaming device, offering local TV channels such as the CW, PBS, Fox, ABC, and CBS.

Which One Is Superior, Roku or Firestick?

The greatest streaming applications on the market are Roku and Firestick. The question of which of the two is superior boils down to personal tastes. Roku is easy to use for those who are new to streaming. However, if you are a streaming expert, Firestick offers a diverse selection of movies and TV shows.

Can I Watch Regular TV On My Firestick?

Yes, ordinary TV stations may be viewed on the Amazon Firestick. Firestick users can select channels depending on their preferences. All Firestick users can connect to various streaming devices.

Are There Any Free Channels Available on The Amazon Firestick?

It has channels identical to those provided by your cable provider. In fact, there are over 180 free channels available for you to pick from. These channels are entirely free to view and stream on any device.

Is It Possible to Receive Local Channels on The Firestick?

Yes, there are various techniques that Firestick users use to get local channels on Firestick. Individual networks or standalone streaming services supplied by TV providers are the four choices for Fire TV owners to view local channels.

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