How to Fix an Olpair Error When Using Openload with Kodi – 3 Easy Methods

Olpair is a common authorization error that users can run into when using Openload with Kodi. There are different solutions to fixing this problem and we are going to cover all of them. So, hopefully, you should be able to find one that works for you and get back to streaming ASAP!

What Exactly is Olpair?

Olpair is a pairing error that can occur when a stream you are trying to watch needs to first be authorized for viewing. It can pop up under different names, these are some of the more popular ones:

  • vshare

This server error will interrupt your on-demand content consistently until you take the steps to fix it. It is an annoying error that will halt your streaming. We will cover 3 of the easiest ways to fix this problem below.

Note that if you encounter an error that seems to be related to pairing while using Kodi, you can likely assume that it is an Olpair error. It does go by different names, but Olpair is the one you can expect to see the most often.



Before we get into removing this error, there are some important pieces of information that you need to be aware of. Using Kodi or pairing your IP address with other software can be dangerous. You will need to protect your data with a VPN. Otherwise, your internet service provider or the government can see what you are streaming.

If that were to happen, you could find yourself in legal trouble for using those services!

IPVanish is an amazing option for keeping your information safe. You should consider using it while streaming with Kodi, or even while doing other activities online. You can be assured that you are safe with IPVanish, so be sure to check it out as soon as you can.

Otherwise, your IP address, streaming data, and other personal information will be out there for others to see! No one wants that to happen. Be sure to protect yourself.

If you don’t know where to start or how to install a VPN, check out our guide on how to install a VPN on any device.

First Fix: Kodi Pair Error and Real-Debrid

Setting up Real-Debrid is a great option for fixing a Kodi pair error. Plus, it offers services that add new content to your streaming services and eliminates buffering issues. If you use their “Unrestricted Downloader”, you will greatly improve your streaming experience.

Simply by adding Real-Debrid to Kodi, you can fix the Olpair error. This is definitely the easiest and most efficient fix at this time, plus, you get a lot of cool new features too.

If you’d like to know more about Real-Debrid and how to install it, check out our Real-Debrid for Firestick article

Realdebrid icon
RealDebrid gathers HD links for you

Second Fix: Disable Captcha Hoster in Kodi

Olpair will vanish when you follow these steps to disable captcha hosters in Kodi:

  1. Open Kodi and your Add-On
  2. Open the Tools section (sometimes called Settings)
  3. Open SETTINGS: Playback
  4. Find Hosters with captchas and move the switch to off
  5. Hit OK

That is all you need to do! When you go through this process, you are removing the Olpair error by hiding any streams that require additional authorization. This is good for if you simply want to get rid of the Olpair message, however, you will lose access to some content.

The final fix allows you to still get any content that needs to be authorized, however, it can be a little more complicated than the above steps.

Third Fix: Pair Streaming Device Through IP Address

IMPORTANT: If you use this method, you are verifying your device’s IP address. You will always want to use a VPN here. IPVanish is willing to help you protect your data.

  1. When Olpair pops up, you will notice a link that you should memorize
    1. Be aware that there may be harmful ads on the page!
  2. On your Firestick or Fire TV, open Silk Browser and go to search
  3. Go to the exact link given to you and click “I’m not a robot”
  4. Scroll down and click on “Pair”

And you are done and ready to stream once again! This fix can show you all the possible viewing content on Kodi, but it is extremely risky without using a VPN. You can use IPVanish to solve this problem easily.

If you are uncomfortable with linking your IP address to Kodi for pairing purposes, you can use the first listed fix to solve the Olpair problems.

ip vanish vpn

How Can I Make an IPVanish Account?

We clearly believe this is an important safety step for anyone who plans on streaming online using third-party apps (or any apps for that matter. If you register for IPVanish through this link, you’ll get a huge discount on your first year trying this out. Once you’ve registered, simply open a search on your Fire TV or Firestick and write in “IPVanish”. It will be the first option under “APPS & GAMES.” From there you can easily connect the device that you plan to be streaming on.

The process is straightforward, so once you get the app open, you will be able to easily follow the steps given to you. You will need to make an account and link it to your streaming devices. If you run into any trouble at all, our ultimate VPN guide will show you how to connect a VPN to any device.

Always remember that you are putting yourself at risk when streaming without a VPN! Why take that risk when IPVanish is available to help you?


Olpair is a server error that comes from pairing issues while you are watching content on Kodi. It can be easily fixed by creating a Real-Debris account and linking it to your streaming services. 

Real-Debris has a lot of features to offer (including buffer-free streaming and discovering new shows and movies to watch), so you should consider signing up, no matter what Olpair fix you plan on using.

There are other, slightly more complicated ways to fix this error. However, you should be aware of the need to use a VPN while using them. If you want to protect your data, then you should be using IPVanish on your streaming devices as well as other devices you use to access the internet.

This is especially true if you plan on linking your IP address to the server to fix the Olpair issue. If you don’t, your IP address will be exposed!

In short, Olpair can be easily fixed and you can continue watching your favorite shows! Remember to always keep yourself safe with a VPN while streaming.

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