How to Fix Firestick Overheating – 10 Quick Solutions

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Have you ever wondered why you’re having such a problem with your Firestick overheating? You probably don’t, that’s why you’re here. Well, let me reassure you, you’re not alone on this. The dangers of Firestick overheating put your Firestick at the risk of permanent damage. It also affects the performance of the device, frequently resulting on slow loading and buffering. There are numerous complaints about Firestick overheating by Amazon Fire TV users. I know this is a painfully familiar experience for many, but don’t worry. We’re going to show you what to do when your Firestick gets hot.

Some of the common indicators of Firestick overheating include:

✓ BUFFERING – Constant stopping and starting or showing a screen that reads ‘loading’

✓ LAGGING – Taking too much time to launch an app

✓ FREEZING MENU – The menu freezes while scrolling up or down

✓ RESTARTING – Frequent rebooting of the device

The primary causes of these troubles that emerge when your Firestick gets hot include: slow internet speed, processing of cumbersome applications, caches, and proximity to your TV.

In this guide, I’ll be showing you the necessary steps to address Firestick overheating.

How To Fix Firestick Overheating

The following smart steps can be taken to address overheating related cases on your Firestick 

1. Use the Amazon HDMI Extender

The Firestick comes with an HDMI extender packed in a box, and we’re going to strongly recommend that you use it. What in the world does this have to do with my Firestick overheating, you may ask. Potentially, quite a bit.

Many people plug their Firestick behind their TV to conceal it. The heat that a TV generates is mostly focused at the back, and connecting your device at the rear is a bad plan, especially if it’s near a wall.

Using an HDMI extender will create some distance between the Firestick and your TV. This helps to curb the heat transfer from the TV to the Firestick and also makes room for a considerable amount of airflow to the Firestick. If you notice your Firestick overheating a lot, this may be why.

2. Plug Firestick to the Side Panel of the TV

Although there are TVs with only one HDMI port, most newer TVs have two; one at the back and another at the side of the TV.

If you’ve noticed your Firestick overheating, plugging it into the side of your TV exposes it to more airflow. The back of the TV can be a cramped, enclosed space where the Firestick gets hot.

3. Clear Overheating Firestick Cache

Many large applications come with bloated and unnecessary caches. This takes up a good portion of your already limited storage space, which can lead to Firestick overheating. To clear the cache and create more space, follow the simple steps below:

Select Settings from the home window on your Firestick 

• Click on Application

• Click on Manage Installed Applications

Click on an app of your choice in order to clear its cache (Kodi for instance)

• Click on Clear Cache

IMPORTANT: DO NOT clear storage EXCEPT if you want to reset the app to its default settings.

4. Force Close Apps

Many times, when an app refuses to respond, we quickly press the Home button on the remote because the Back button doesn’t seem to be working. In these cases, there’s a likely chance that the application is still running in the background. This consumes device resources, such that the Firestick gets hot. Here are some easy steps to close them:

Go to Settings on the Home Screen

• Click on Applications

• Click on Manage Installed Applications

• Highlight the app you wish to force close and click on Force Close (Let’s say Kodi)

5. Unplug Firestick Entirely to Refresh

So far, there hasn’t been a built-in refresh option on Amazon Firestick. The only way for users to refresh the device when Firestick gets hot is manually. But how do we do this?

Unplug it from the power source

• Leave it for a couple of minutes until the Firestick cools down.

Plug the Firestick back in. This will terminate all applications running in the background.

6. Uninstall Unused Application when Firestick Gets Hot

When the device is running out of space, it must work harder, resulting in Firestick overheating. Therefore, it is recommended that you delete any apps you do not frequently use. 

How to Uninstall:

Select Settings on the Firestick home screen

firestick overheating uninstall apps

• Open Applications

• Click Manage Installed Applications

Click the app you wish to uninstall

• Click Uninstall

Confirm uninstall if prompted.

7. Delete APK Files After Installing Third Party Apps

Third-party applications such as CinemaHD, TeaTV, etc. require that you download their APK files onto the Firestick app. However, after storage the APK files are no longer needed, and you must manually delete them. If you are using Downloader to sideload the app, there are simple ways to remove them:

• Once an app is installed, click Done

Important: Do not click on open

 • Click Delete

Click Delete again to delete the APK file of the app you installed

If you are using ES File Explorer, another common tool for sideloading third-party Firestick apps, you can also use it to delete APK files that you no longer need.

Below are the steps:

Install ES File Explorer from Amazon Store (select lens icon in the top-left corner to look up for the app)

Open ES File Explorer. Click Local > Home (2nd one without the home icon) in the left menu or Internal Storage near the top

• On the right, click the folder in which the APK files are saved. Usually, the APK files can be found in the Download folder

Highlight the APK you wish to delete

Long press the Select button on your Firestick remote until the desired APK file is selected

You’ll notice a circular check mark on the file once it is selected

Click Delete on the bottom menu bar

 • Uncheck Move to Recycle Bin and click OK

8. Factory Reset for Firestick Overheating

This action is the last course to take if all others fail. This will remove all previously installed applications and return the Firestick or Fire TV to factory default.

When your Firestick gets hot, here’s how to factory reset your Firestick:

Open Settings from the home window

• Go to My Fire TV

Firestick overheating reset to factory defaults

• Scroll down, click Reset to Factory Defaults

Firestick gets hot reset to factory defaults

Confirm Reset  when prompted

firestick overheating

9. Use a Different Power Source

Do not use your TV’s USB port as the power source of the Firestick. Your best bet is to just stick to the power adapter that came in the box with your Amazon Firestick or Fire TV and plug it to an actual power outlet in your wall. We know the USB charging option may seem awfully tempting as a way to free up a precious power outlet (especially if you’re in an apartment with limited power supply), but trust us; It’s not worth the trouble.

This seems like a pretty insignificant detail, but trust us. We’ve seen it play out over and over again. When a Firestick gets hot, this should be one of the first things that you check for.

10. Use a Different Power Cord

Do not use any other power cord other than the power supply that comes with your Firestick. Little mismatches on cord type can lead to Firestick overheating. Using the recommended cables ensures the proper amount of power supply.

Believe it or not, all cords are not created equal, and you don’t want to lose out on performance when your Firestick gets hot, just because you were using a cheap cable. This is one of the easiest ways to avoid trouble, and we recommend you take advantage of the official power cables that come with your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Firestick overheating

Bonus: Avoid Malware and Hackers with Firestick VPN

After you’ve fixed Firestick overheating, it’s absolutely critical that you protect yourself every time you’re using a device that is connected to the internet. You’d be surprised at what hackers can do when you don’t protect yourself with a VPN. We strongly recommend setting up a VPN on your Firestick or any device with IPVanish VPN.

If you’re not sure how to install a VPN, do not fear! We’ve got you covered. Our guide will show you how to install a VPN, no matter what device you’re using. This is important stuff, so we’ve done everything we can to make it inclusive and easy.

IPVanish happens to not only be one of the most reliable and affordable VPNs, but it is also the best VPN to keep your Firestick from slowing down. If you’re experiencing slowness or Firestick overheating, it might be worth trying out IPVanish to see if it helps resolve the issue.


With the above suggestions, you can quickly fix your device overheating problems without requesting support. You don’t need extreme technical know-how to sort an overheating problem on your device.

Have you experienced overheating on your Amazon Firestick or Fire TV streaming device? If so, have any of these solutions helped you resolve your issues with Firestick overheating? Let us know in the comments what you’ve tried and what works. We want to know!

Blake Fire
Blake Fire
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