How to Fix Firestick Not Detected – 6 Problems and Easy Solutions

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It’s always frustrating when technology lets us down. But, for now at least, it’s an inescapable part of our reality. Cars will break down, phone batteries will die, and Firestick not detected issues will arise. The good news is that the last one of these is easy to fix, and is usually not the result of a problem with the generally reliable Amazon Fire TV Stick. We’re going to walk you through some of the main issues that lead to Firestick not detected, and give you potential solutions for all of them. Follow along, and you’ll be back to streaming in absolutely no time. Are you ready? Here we go!

Firestick Not Detected – Causes and Solutions

Before we get too far into the all the reasons you might be experiencing a Firestick not detected error, it will help us a lot of we understand how it works – at least on a surface level.

The Firestick always comes with a cable that connects the USB port on your Fire TV Stick with the HDMI port on your TV. The Firestick connects to the internet via WiFi, and also comes equipped with a Bluetooth connected remote.

Since these two main components, the HDMI cable along with with an active WiFi connection, work together to connect your TV to your the huge array of online content you can get with your Firestick, the Firestick not detected problem and the issues that are associated with it can usually be narrowed down to one of these things.

Put simply, the Firestick not detected problem can usually only stem from a limited number of causes, making it easy to pinpoint the problem. With that out of the way, let’s get down to business:

Amazon Firestick Not Detected

Problem with Incompatible TV Sets 

We’ll start with on that will be easy to eliminate for a lot of you. Most TVs in use today are compatible with the Firestick. However, if you have an older TV set, you may encounter HDCP issues, which then causes the Firestick not to be detected. In such a case, a no signal message usually pops up on your screen.

For the curious, HDCP is a technology that prevents licensed content from being copied. Remember when you were a kid and your parents would copy VHS cassettes they rented from Blockbuster (or was that just us)? HDCP is a high tech measure to prevent exactly that. Anything that’s not HDCP, whether it’s your TV or your HDMI cable, will typically cause an error.

How to Fix Firestick Not Detected Due to Incompatible TV

  • If you have an older TV and think this might be an issue, you may want to check your TV and your Firestick manual to see if they’re compatible. A quick google of your TV model and “Firestick compatible” might also do the trick.
  • If your TV is incompatible, your best option is to use your Firestick with a different, somewhat newer television
  • However, if your TV does seem to be compatible and you’re still experiencing Firestick not detected due to HDCP restrictions, you might try testing out a newer HDMI cable.
SofaBaton F2 universal remote firestick

Important Firestick Safety Info:

Once you’ve fixed your Firestick not detected issues, you’re going to want to get back to streaming. There are lots of threats to your privacy and security out there, and it’s important that you’re browsing safely. Important steps you can take are to make sure that your WiFi router password is strong and that you’re using a safe, fast VPN.

There are already companies and government agencies collecting your browsing data, and it’s not as difficult as you’d think for hackers to do the same. You can make your browsing safe and anonymous through a VPN, which means you can be sure that no one is looking in on your activity.

As a bonus, there are tons of side benefits to using a VPN, like unlocking region restricted content on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. Watch anything from anywhere! Check out our how to install a VPN on anything guide for a little extra help on the technical end of things.

ipvanish vpn

Problem with Defective Fire TV Stick

Before moving on to connection-related issues, another one of the more rarely encountered reasons for the Firestick not detected issue is a defective Firestick. It’s possible that you move through this list and find that none of these causes or solutions seem to help resolve your Firestick not detected issues, and you’re still seeing a no signal message. In that case, it’s advisable to contact Amazon customer support and to see if they’re able to issue you a replacement Fire TV Stick.

How to Fix Firestick Not Detected Due to Defective Firestick

If the Firestick is truly defective, there’s not much you can do besides replaces it with a new one, however, before you do that, these two steps fix a lot of issues and we recommend trying them before you go out and buy a new Firestick.

To Restart Amazon Firestick

  • Power down the Fire TV stick by unplugging it from the power outlet 
  • Plug the Firestick back in to power it back up

To Restore to Factory Settings

  • You only need to go to your Settings menu
  • Then select Device
  • From there, you’ll see options to Restart or Reset to Factory Defaults
  • Select Reset to Factory Defaults

Restoring your Firestick to factory settings will also delete any apps that weren’t on you Firestick when you bought it, but at this point we think you’ll agree that it’s worth a shot.

To learn more, read here about issues related to Firestick Not Working

Firestick broken

Problems with the HDMI Cable 

Now we’re getting to the real meat of the issue, at least what the issue usually is: connection issues.

Checking your HDMI cable is a good place to start, but before you do that let’s see if your TV’s HDMI port is working. To check if your HDMI port is working correctly or not, connect the Firestick with another device. If the Firestick works on a different device, then your TV’s port needs to be fixed. If not, then it’s time to take a look at the cable itself.

If you’re using an HDMI cable other than the one that came with your Firestick, make sure it’s not cut or scraped, especially at the ends. Also make sure that the cable itself is in good condition and not frayed. These problems can result in Firestick not being detected by your device.

How to Fix Firestick Not Detected Due to HDMI Cable

  • To fix problems related to Firestick not detected, try to always use the HDMI cable provided with the Firestick
  • Always double check your HDMI cable for cuts and scratches
  • Make sure you’ve connected the HDMI cable to the ports adequately. The connection should be firm. This is one of the most common causes of Firestick not detected
  • Make sure that your TV’s HDMI port is working by connecting your Firestick to another device. If it works on the other TV set, then your HDMI port (of the original TV) is faulty
  • If the steps mentioned above all check out and everything seems to be in order, you can try switching to another HDMI cable
  • If you’re still having trouble, you can also try using a power converter box
HDMI cable for Firestick

Problems with Firestick Power Source

As is the case with many externally powered devices, a weak, faulty, or poorly plugged in power source will cause the device to not function. To save yourself from Firestick not detected issues, check to make sure your Firestick is firmly plugged in and that the plug or extension cord is on and working.

How to Fix Firestick Not Detected Due to Faulty Power Source

  • Always make sure that your power source is stable
  • If your Firestick continually flickers or turns off in the middle of streaming, you may have a problem with the power cord or the conductor source
  • Check your power cord, power plug ,and the socket to prevent problems with the getting power to your Firestick
  • Make sure you’re using an authenticated power brick. Knock off power bricks can deliver either too much or not enough power to your Firestick, causing all kinds of performance problems
Amazon Firestick power supply

Problems with Firestick Internet Connection

A faulty internet connection and issues with the HDMI cable are the leading cause of Firestick not detected issues. If the Firestick is not properly connected to WiFI or your speed is not adequate, you will see a no signal message pop up.

How to Fix Firestick Not Detected Due to Poor Internet Connection

  • Make sure you have a working internet connection by checking the modem and router
    • If you think you may be having router issues, try unplugging it for 10 seconds and plugging it back in
  • Try restarting your Firestick and then connect to the internet to resolve any connectivity issues caused by the Firestick

If you’re still having internet connection trouble, read more about Firestick WiFi not working.

Firestick Connect Wifi

Problem with Faulty Motherboard 

In case you don’t see a problem that falls in the domains mentioned above, you might have a defective motherboard that needs to be replaced. Solutions to this problem will be essentially the same as we listed in the Defective Firestick section above.

Try restarting your Firestick and/or restoring it to factory settings. If neither of these solutions work, you may need to purchase a new Firestick.


Our guide to fixing the Firestick not detected issue has covered the fundamental problems that are mostly associated with the Amazon Fire TV sticks. As always, it’s important to take a moment to troubleshoot the source of the problem before you’re able to determine the best solution for you. In addition to the Firestick not detected message, we’ve made sure to cover any Firestick No Signal problems, as these issues are intertwined and almost the same.

In case you are unable to identify the problem and have tried all of these solutions, you may have to contact the retailer who sold you the remote or Amazon customer support.

Did this guide help you fix your Firestick not detected problem? Let us know.

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