How to Fix Firestick Keeps Crashing – 11 Easy Tricks

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We’re obviously huge fans of the Amazon Firestick. It’s a handy device that is nothing short of a miracle for those who remember what a nightmare it was to watch conventional TV. It is a great way to convert your conventional TV into a smart one, without spending a fortune. But there are those occasional moments when, for example, you are in the middle of binging your favorite TV show, and your Fire TV Stick keeps crashing. Yes, Firestick has a few deadly downsides that can ruin your streaming experience. Let’s look at one of the main offenders, Firestick keeps crashing, and help you get rid of it with a few simple tips and tricks below. 

Common Problems Caused by Firestick Keeps Crashing

  • Firestick keeps turning itself on and off
  • Firestick may reboot in the middle of important scenes
  • The screen freezes while streaming
  • You encounter frequent buffering issues (incredibly frustrating)
  • Or the screen may blackout completely for periods of time

There may be several reasons why the Firestick keeps crashing or reboots often. It may occur because it is not installed properly, or there may be a heating device nearby that is causing Firestick overheating problems.

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It is also possible that your device is cluttered with a lot of unused apps. This not only slows down your TV but can also be a potential cause of Firestick keeps crashing. These issues have the potential to cause the permanent malfunctioning of your device, so it is better to take care of these small, but critical concerns as soon as possible.

Let’s look at how you can do that.

Firestick Keeps Crashing

How to Fix Firestick Keeps Crashing

If you are a new user and your Firestick keeps crashing, it’s important to understand every that all technology is prone to occasional malfunctions (your Firestick is still a great piece of tech), but most of these issues can be fixed with very simple tricks and solutions.

Here are some of the most simple solutions and practices you can employ while using an Amazon Fire TV Stick with your TV in order to enjoy your streaming experience and avoid Firestick keeps crashing issues. 

Upgrade Your Software

Do a quick check for any software upgrades recommended by Amazon. Amazon issues software upgrades occasionally, and a lot of errors are just the result of old software. Go to your Firestick Settings to check for these software upgrades. If there are any recommended updates, we recommend that you install them right away. Here’s how you do that.

  1. Go to Settings at the top of your Home Screen
  2. Scroll to My Fire TV and select it
  3. Click About
  4. Click on either Check for Updates or Install Update
  5. Wait while your updates are being installed
  6. Installing the software update will take from 5-15 minutes, depending on your internet connection

It’s as easy as that! This is a good practice, but it doesn’t fix all issues. Keep reading if you’re still having trouble with Firestick keeps crashing.

how to update kodi firestick

Important Firestick Safety:

When you’ve resolved your Firestick keeps crashing issues and are ready to get back to streaming, it important that you’re browsing safely. Important steps you can take are to make sure that your WiFi router password is strong and that you’re using a safe, fast VPN.

There are already companies and government agencies collecting your browsing data, and it’s not as difficult as you’d think for hackers to do the same. You can make your browsing safe and anonymous through a VPN, which means you can be sure that no one is looking in on your activity.

As a bonus, there are tons of side benefits to using a VPN, like unlocking region-restricted content on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. Watch anything from anywhere! Check out our how-to install a VPN on anything guide for a little extra help on the technical end of things.

IPVanish VPN for working from home

Use Official Accessories

As much as possible, always use the original accessories that come with the package. Try not to use other adapters and USB cables, because they can cause device malfunctions like Firestick keeps crashing.

If you do happen to lose some of the original accessories (which happens sometimes), then try to buy the official Fire TV accessories from Amazon in order to keep your device working properly.

A lot of folks want to save money on off-brand items, and we definitely understand that impulse, but the fact is that many cheap items are made cheaply. Off-brand cables can provide an inconsistent and faulty connection, and cheap power supplies can go so far as to permanently damage your Firestick. Both of those are major causes of Firestick keeps crashing issues.

Clear Application Cache 

This method is worth trying, regardless, but it’s especially effective if you notice that your Firestick keeps crashing while you’re using certain apps. Sometimes the Firestick becomes cluttered due to an excess of stores that slows down the device, which leads to the Firestick keeps crashing. Clearing your app cache safely clears out this extra date, freeing up your device to work smoothly!

To clear your Firestick app cache:

  1. From the Firestick Home Screen, select Settings
  2. Go to Applications
  3. Then go to Manage Installed Applications
  4. Select the app that is causing the crashing issues
  5. Select Clear Cache, and then Clear Data
clear app cache firestick

Remove Other HDMI Devices

Most advanced TV models have multiple HDMI ports so you can connect multiple devices with your TV, but it is possible that one of the other connected devices is interfering with your Firestick, leading to Firestick keeps crashing issues. To sort this issue out, remove the devices one by one until you’ve isolated which device is the cause of the problem. Make sure the Firestick remains connected while you disconnect the other devices. 

Turn Off HDMI CEC Device Control 

HDMI CEC device control is found on some of the latest TVs. It allows you to control your TV or other HDMI devices through the Firestick. Some users report that the Firestick stops rebooting when they disable the HDMI CEC device control option. 

The steps taken to change this setting are different on every TV, so either explore your TV’s settings or check your TV manual for more information about how to do this.

Remove the Extension 

Some people do not plug the Firestick directly into their TV but use a power extension instead.

Unfortunately, a cheap power extension can be the reason your Firestick keeps crashing. If you’re having trouble with this issue, try plugging the Firestick directly into your TV to see if it performs better. You can also buy an official power extension from Amazon if you prefer.

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Change the Adapter or USB Cable 

A lot of issues related to Firestick keep crashing come down to cable issues of some kind. If you find you’re experiencing consistent trouble with the performance of your Firestick, it’s a good idea to try changing out your cables and your power supply, one by one, until you isolate the source of the problem.

Also, make sure that all of your cables are firmly inserted into their ports. Even if your cables are good, screen flickering and a poor signal can often be the result of loosely fitted wires. Some people report getting better performance by using a slightly stronger power supply. While this is risky, we want you to have all the info. Feel free to try that if you think it will help, but know that there are risks associated.

Charger Cord Replacement for Amazon Fire TV Stick
Charger Cord Replacement for Amazon Fire TV Stick
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Check Your Internet Speed 

The slow internet speed or weak connectivity can also cause your Firestick to restart or crash. The Firestick absolutely needs a stable internet connection in order to work properly.

You can check the speed of your internet connection on different sites, and if you find it slow, you can ask your internet service provider to fix it or get the internet service changed. However, there are a lot of ways you can potentially improve the WiFi connection on your Firestick. Our walkthrough will guide you through what to do if you’re experiencing Firestick WiFi not working.

Firestick Connect Wifi

Firestick Soft Reset 

Doing a simple Firestick soft reset through the remote works wonders to fix Firestick keeps crashing sometimes. Just press the Back and Right button at the same time and hold them until a message appears on your screen asking you if you’d like to restart your Firestick. If you reset and restart your Firestick, it will not remove any of your data or applications but will often improve the performance of the Firestick.

If you’re having trouble getting this Firestick remote shortcut to work, you can also simply unplug the Firestick and plug it back in again. The result is essentially the same.

Firestick Voice Remote - Toggle Screen Magnifier
Firestick Voice Remote – Toggle Screen Magnifier

Remove Nearby Heat Sources

Remove any nearby devices that putting off extra heat and thereby causing your Firestick to overheat. Some people place the Firestick on other devices that emanate (like other electronics), leading to malfunctions or even permanently damaging your Firestick.

Some TVs have a tendency to run hot, which can be a potential cause of your Firestick keeps crashing issues. If that’s the case you can fix this by using an HDMI extender, allowing you to put a little more distance between your Fire TV Stick and your TV.  

Restore Firestick to Factory Settings

If none of these solutions have helped you resolve your Firestick keeps crashing problems, it might be time to employ the nuclear option. Restoring your Firestick to factory settings removes all downloaded applications and data that may be causing Firestick keeps crashing. Obviously, it’s not fun to re-download all of your favorite free third-party streaming apps, but on the upside, this almost always works and it’s better than buying a new Firestick.

For this, just follow the simple steps below to access the reset option on your Firestick:

  1. Select My Settings on your Fire TV,
  2. Go to My Fire TV
  3. Click on Reset to Factory Defaults to factory reset the Firestick. 
reset to factory default firestick

Bonus: Best Firestick Alternatives if Your Device Gives Up on You 

  1. Roku

Roku is among the most well-known Fire device alternatives. It is also as widely used as the Amazon adapter.

In fact, Roku was the first startup to bring internet streaming to televisions. Moreover, the app-agnostic strategy of Roku streaming devices is what makes them stand out. 

Further, Amazon’s user interface is usually messy with advertisements or attempts to get you to utilize their applications and services. With Roku, this is not the case. Instead, all Roku devices offer a simple UI with many applications for renowned live TV streaming and other services.

You can use Roku to access any video service without logging into any of them after you’ve launched it.

  1. Tivo Stream 4K

The Tivo Stream 4K is essential to consider if you want to use Android TV. Furthermore, the Tivo media streaming player, which we once thought a mere gadget for recording shows, is an unexpected challenger to the Fire TV Stick.

Further, Tivo’s UI isn’t as tidy as Roku’s, but it’s less cluttered than Amazon’s. Additionally, it collects material from a variety of streaming services. It will, for example, show you a range of drama-related content from several sources.

Additionally, you’ll need to make a free Tivo account to utilize the platform. Moreover, once you’ve logged in to the Tivo platform, you may use whatever service you choose without logging in again.

  1. Chromecast with Google TV

The Chromecast with Google TV is a significant upgrade over the original Chromecast. With the upgrade, a gadget is now a suitable option for the Fire Stick.

Also, the gadget, like Tivo, runs on the Android operating system. It further collects material from several streaming platforms to make finding stuff easier.

The one disadvantage of Google TV is that it extensively promotes Google items. The only video Streaming service, for example, simply has YouTube TV in its UI.

Other live services can be added. However, this might be time-consuming. Moreover, the available controller is also a little odd since it lacks the global rewind and high-speed buttons that other remotes have.

  1. Apple TV 4K

The Apple TV 4K is a good alternative for streaming videos if you want a more high-end experience. Unfortunately, it’s also the most costly item on the list, and it’s more of a dongle than a streaming box.

However, if you’re an Apple lover, the box could be worth the money. The TV 4K, unlike other Apple devices, is compatible with a wide range of video streaming providers.

Another feature that you won’t find on other streaming devices is more RAM and storage. Thus, if you live in an Apple household, the Apple TV 4K integrates seamlessly with your other electronics. Moreover, videophiles will not be disappointed because it provides high-quality streaming.

  1. Walmart Streaming Stick

The ONN FHD Stick, a low-cost streaming stick from Walmart, is the last contender. The gadget has limited broadcasting features, but it will suffice if you don’t want many bells and whistles.

Because the ONN gadget runs on the Android operating system, it has several features in common with Tivo and Chromecast. 

Final Words 

There’s no doubt that the Firestick is one of the best streaming devices out there these days, especially for those of us who have conventional non-smart TVs. But, like all technology, the device is occasionally prone to crashing and malfunctioning.

However, these issues can be prevented or resolved by adopting just a few simple tricks. We hope this article helps you to avoid or fix Firestick keeps crashing issue you’ve been having! Let us know what worked for you in the comments below.

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