How to Download Torrented Files: Safe & Easy Guide

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This guide walks you through how to download Torrented files.  Some common torrent downloads are Linux ISOs, OpenELEC (for Kodi on RPi), and other “large” free software downloads that are freely and legally distributable.  Be sure to use caution when downloading torrented files: some torrented files can contain malicious code that could harm your computer.  Why?  Torrent files are crowd-sourced, and many are not checked for safety or scanned for virus & malware contents.  Squash this with a free antivirus app.

How to Download Torrented Files

  • Install the free qBitTorrent app in Windows by going to in your browser
  • Once you’ve arrived at, check the checkbox next to “qBitTorrent
  • Click Get My Ninite
  • The site will generate a safe installer file to install qBitTorrent for you.  Alternatively, you can use uTorrent (aka “μTorrent”, aka “MuTorrent”)
  • When your browser asks if you’d like to Save the File, click Yes (or Save)
  • After the file download completes, Open the file to install qBitTorrent
  • If you see a popup box asking if you’d like to Run the file, click Yes
  • Wait for the Ninite installer to install qBitTorrent
  • After the installer finishes, run qBitTorrent.  You should see a new icon for qBitTorrent on your desktop.  Double click the icon to launch qBitTorrent.  Now we move on to the “Finding .torrent files” part of this “How to download torrent files” walk-through.
  • Locate your desired torrent file using Google.  Try to use the safest, most well-known sites to minimize the chance of malware downloads (which is possible when downloading unverified torrents – so make sure to use a VPN and AntiVirus software)
  • Download the desired torrent file
  • Open the torrent file.  An example of a common torrent filename would be “Linux.Ubuntu.16.04.x86.torrent”
  • The qBitTorrent app should Open the file and confirm that the torrent download will now begin
  • Confirm the download
  • You will see the progress of the Torrented file download in the qBitTorrent screen
  • When the Torrented file download has finished (reached 100%), you may right click on the torrent entry in the qBitTorrent program window and click Open Destination Folder.  We highly recommend enabling a free antivirus program before you run torrented files.  When you’re ready to run the torrented file, double click the file which appears in the newly-opened window to Open / “Launch” / Run the Torrented file
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Torrented File Download Issues

  • If your Torrents aren’t downloading, they may be blocked by your ISP.  To work around this, use a Secure VPN or a Seedbox This can also happen when there are 0 “seeds” that are able to send you the torrent.  Check the qBitTorrent “Seeds” column to see if the torrent you’re downloading has Seeds from which you may download.
  • For torrents that are downloading slowly, your ISP may be throttling your torrent bandwidth.  To fix this problem, you can use IPVanish or use a Seedbox Provided By GigaRapid

Although once again, this can happen if the torrent you’re downloading has few Seeds.

  • If you received a Notice (“ugly white letter”) from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) that claims your Internet connection has violated copyright laws, this is often a mistake made by third-party companies that snoop in on torrent downloads.  In this case, you can completely avoid this by securing your connection with a VPN.

Torrent File Downloads

  • Download Linux ISO torrent files here or at Linux Tracker
  • has some great (free and legal) torrents, and serves as a mega-DB of legal torrents
  • Get Free Audio Torrents (legal) at
  • For “other” torrents, use Google.

Wrap Up

If you have any questions about how to download torrented files, ask us on the KFire TV YouTube Channel.

Ian (KFire TV Admin)
Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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