How I Revived My Firestick AND Made It Fast Again

1st Problem: Firestick Black Screen / Constantly Restarting

First of all, firestick was acting really weird after I plugged it in for the first time in 6 months. The screen flashed various different things such as a black screen, a white screen, the Amazon sign in screen etc

Fix Black Screen on Firestick

I let the fire stick do its thing but it wouldn’t settle down. So after a few minutes of watching it reset itself, I unplug the power. Then I waited about a minute and plug the power back in. This time the fire stick did some weird stuff for about a minute, but then it’s settled down on the Amazon sign in screen. It’s stopped restarting itself! Problem #1: Fixed.

I took this as a sign that maybe the fire stick fixed itself from whatever app glitch was causing an issue.

Problem Solved: Unplug power, wait, and turn back on

Anyway the great thing is the fire-stick was now not restarting itself anymore.

2nd Problem: Lost Firestick Remote

Since I lost the original remote for this fire stick, I had to pair a remote from a 4K firestick with this second generation fire stick.

This actually worked just by pressing the home button for about 10 seconds. then the orange LED light at the top of the remote stopped flashing once the remote paired itself with the firestick.

Problem Solved: Pair another Firestick Remote

So after I paired the 4k firestick remote with my 2nd generation firestick, I entered my Amazon credentials and pressed sign in

3rd Problem: Firestick Using Different Account

But then the fire stick said that I must sign in with the current or active account

Amazon Instant Video
Check the Amazon account associated with Firestick

Then I realized I received the fire stick from a family member. so the fire stick was still registered to my family member. That’s why when I went to log in it it said that.

Problem Solved: Call the person who owns the Amazon account

So I called my family member and got their password, signed in, and everything was good … for now.

Eventually, the fire stick found its way to the home screen.

4th Problem: Firestick Home is Currently Unavailable

But then the home screen said home is currently unavailable. This means we need to connect the firestick to Wi-Fi, since it was connected to my family members Wi-Fi network previously.

Press Search icon to Search for Downloader on Firestick
Connect to WiFi to make sure the Home is Currently Unavailable error does not show

So I went into the Firestick Settings menu – and then Network. And then I connected the fire stick to my Wi-Fi.

Problem Solved: Connect Firestick to WiFi

After that, the fire stick was connected to Wi-Fi. But the firestick itself was extremely jittery and laggy anytime you want to do anyting. So I knew I had some work to do as far as uninstalling apps and cleaning up the fire stick.

The first thing I did was went into the manage installed apps menu. Then I removed a majority of the installed apps. after removing even just five or 10 apps, the fire stick starts to become less jittery and less laggy

The best place to put your router will fix zero bars!
Best Place to Put Your Router: Center of Home

I knew I was making good progress already! And I knew I shouldn’t stop there. I was determined to speed up this firestick as much as possible

6th Problem: Too Many Apps on Firestick

After removing as many apps as I possibly could from the fire stick, the performance already increased by a significant degree

Problem Solved: Remove unneeded Apps

Then I realized the firestick operating system probably needed a software update.

7th Problem: Firestick OS Needs Update

So I went to the About area in the Settings area of the firestick and pressed Check for Updates.

Sure enough – there was a big update available for the firestick, since I haven’t use the fire stick in about six months.

Problem Solved: Install Software Updates

I pressed install update and it took the fire stick a while to download and install the update.

After that update was installed, there was another new update to install. So I installed the second update as well.

Firestick restarted and I was back at the home screen. The update was a success, so it was time to continue to clean up my firestick.

8th Problem: Firestick is Still Loaded with Clutter from Old Apps

After the firestick software update, I used an app called CCleaner to remove a bunch of downloaded APK files that I had forgotten about in some Download folder on the firestick.

To get the CC cleaner app to work, I had to connect my phone to my firestick through the cetusplay app. Then in the cetusplay app I went to mouse mode so that I could click the clean now button in the CCleaner app

Problem Solved: Use CCleaner app for Firestick to remove clutter

The CCleaner app cleaned 1.45 GB of data from my firestick, which is huge! the fire stick only has 3 or 4 GB of available space, so this freed up roughly 50% of the fire stick available memory. You can also try Clean Master for Firestick.

Clean Master to Free Up Firestick Disk space
Press BOOST to run Clean Master and Free Up Space

Once I cleaned up the firestick disk space by using a cleaner app, the fire TV stick was running even more smoothly than before! I knew I made even more progress before.

But there was at least 2 more things I could do to speed up the firestick I THOUGHT was just broken

9th Problem: Firestick Collects Your Data

First thing I did was go into the settings area of the fire stick. Then in a settings area I went to preferences. And then in preferences go through each individual menu item and turn everything off.

Why? Because there are several menu items in here like data collection options. You can opt out of Amazon collecting your data. this will also improve the performance of the fire stick at least slightly since the fire stick will be sending less data.

Problem Solved: Turn Off Firestick Data Collection

So turn off pretty much everything that would slow down your firestick. This includes the Auto play Content features (there are 2 of these menu options to turn off).

Also, make sure to turn off notifications for every single app in the notifications area. this actually seem to instantly make the fire stick menus more responsive.

There’s also an option in the fire stick settings area called do not disturb or something like that. Turn this on to prevent apps from display notifications while you’re watching a TV show or movie.

The do not disturb mode should also slightly improve performance, since the fire stick won’t have to think about showing you notifications.

10th Problem: Apps Running in Firestick Background

The last and perhaps most important thing I did to speed up my fire stick, was the “Close All Background Apps” app.

This is a pretty amazing little app that popped up recently. Just

  1. hold down the voice button on the firestick remote and say “background apps”.
  2. Then select the background apps app and install it
  3. Open the background apps app
  4. Press the close all apps button
  5. Press force stop
  6. Then press the back button on the firestick remote
  7. Repeat the last two steps until all background apps are closed
  8. Repeat steps 4 through 7 until the firestick is no longer opening up background apps. This usually takes about 3 “rounds” for me, but it’s worth every second you spend doing it.
Best Fire Stick Hacks
Hold down the Voice button and say Background Apps

Why? The firestick will repeatedly open and reopen some apps seemingly at random.

Problem Solved: Use “Background Apps and Process List” App for Firesetick

So this background apps app is a miracle because it fixed this known firestick issue.

Anyway – at this point, my firestick was running like a top.

The menus were no longer laggy.

Mission complete!

The Firestick has now been revived, cleaned out, and now performs like a brand new Amazon Fire TV Stick again.

Ian (KFire TV Admin)
Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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