How Do I Secure My Facebook Account?

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In this walk-through, we answer the frequently asked question “How Do I Secure My Facebook Account?“.  Basically the security of your Facebook account comes down to how strong your password is, how frequently you change it, whether or not you willingly give other people access to your account, and from where you login to your Facebook account.

How Do I Secure My Facebook Account?

  • Change your Facebook password regularly
  • Make sure your Facebook password is strong.  This means using at least one number, one special character, one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and a total of at least 8 characters.  Security experts also recommend that you never use a full word in your password, such as “1LuckyDog!”.  Why?  Brute Force password hackers have a greater chance of breaking passwords that contain full words.
  • Make sure your Recovery information is up-to-date and correct, which means verifying that Facebook has your correct mobile phone number.  This is the first thing I tell people when they ask “How Do I Secure My Facebook Account?” – and a great way to make sure your recovery will be swift.  Online services like Facebook often use your mobile phone to recover your account in the event that you lose your password or your account gets hacked.
  • Minimize the number of places from where you log into your Facebook account.  Some WiFi networks – such as those at coffee shops – can be hacked easily.  Then a hacker can use a program to reveal your password when you log into Facebook from the WiFi network.  To prevent against this, we recommend using a Secure VPN.
  • If you forgot your Facebook password, use the Password Reset form.
  • In a situation when your Facebook account has been hacked, get help from Facebook to attempt to recover the account.
  • Make sure your PC and smartphone aren’t infected with a virus or malware by scanning them with a free antivirus program (for PC) or free anti-malware app (for Android).
  • Encrypt all of your incoming and outgoing data with a modern Secure VPN service for less than $5/mo (with our coupon).
See the answer to "How Do I Secure My Facebook Account?"

How Do I Secure My Facebook Account? Encrypt your Internet data. (Click image for 60% Off Coupon)

What Security Measures Can I Take To Secure My FB Account?

Essentially, to secure a Facebook account we simply apply traditional online security measures to it.  This includes but is not limited to:

  1. Make sure the devices you use to access your Facebook account are secure.  This means installing and running a virus scan app on your mobile devices, PCs, and any other devices that access your Facebook account.  Why?  Because if there’s malware on one of your Facebook-connected devices, the malware could be stealing your Facebook password and sending it to a hacker.
  2. Password strength, password strength, password strength.  We can’t emphasize this enough.  Don’t make your password your dog’s name or the name of your favorite Kodi addon.  If you need help making a strong password that’s easy to remember, try this: Use a sentence that’s familiar to you, such as “We own 2 Sony computers that are fast!” – then simply use the first character of each word, which would be “Wo2Sctaf!”.  This makes a strong password that’s easy to remember and contains all the character types you need in a strong password.
  3. Set reminders on your calendar to change your password every week
  4. Use a secure password storage app like LastPass (free)

Security Audit: Check Your Own Facebook Account

To check your Facebook account security, ask yourself questions about things you do that could either make the Facebook account more secure or less secure, such as:

  1. Have I given anyone access to my Facebook account (such as a friend or loved one)?  If your answer is “yes”, then you need to change your password.  When a second person you know has access to your Facebook account, it multiplies the security risks associated with your account.  You then not only have to worry about your own actions, but the other person’s, as well.
  2. Is my password strong?  How many people would be able to guess my password?  If the answer is anything other than “0”, then you should make a stronger password.

Layers of Security

Security layers” is a concept in computing that has existed for decades, and still is the best way to approach Facebook security and other types of online security.  Basically, we want layers of security on everything we do online, so that if a threat gets past one layer – it won’t get past the other layers.

This is why it’s important to not do just one thing to secure your Facebook account but do several things on a regular basis to secure your Facebook account.  An online account is like a car, in some security aspects: if you regularly do little things to make your car more secure, there’s a lower chance of it being stolen.  The same concept applies with your Facebook account.

Wrap Up

If you still have questions like “How Do I Secure My Facebook Account?”.  Ask on the KFire TV YouTube Channel.

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