Popular VPN provider HotSpot Shield VPN was recently accused of redirecting their customers’ traffic to third parties.

The list of websites HotSpot Shield gave user data to includes websites owned by advertisers.  The list of recipient websites also contains other third-party websites (of unknown origin – could even be aliens).

Hotspot Shield VPN accused

HotSpot Shield VPN accused of user data distribution – see the best alternative below.

Although HotspotShield claims they keep their users’ data private, there’s some chilling evidence that shows otherwise.

HotSpot Shield VPN Accused of Giving Out Personal User Data

or “HotSpot Shield in Hot Water“…. zing!

The Center for Democracy & Technology filed a formal Federal Trade Commissions complaints against HotSpot Shield.  This was an official public action.


A research analysis by Carnegie Mellon University determined that HotSpot Shield VPN system gives out user info by doing these things:

  • First, the User IP address is logged
  • Then Hotspot Shield VPN monitors users’ browsing habits
  • Finally, HotspotShield utilizes more than one third-party company to redirect their users’ traffic.  They do this to serve targeted advertisements.

Despite Hotspot Shield’s claim about them not distributing their users’ personal information, the research by Carnegie Mellon is pretty convincing.

  • Spoiler:  The fastest Kodi-optimized VPN that doesn’t give out their users’ data is IPVanish.

So, Hotspot Shield offers a Free VPN service and an Elite VPN service. I wouldn’t trust either one at this point.  They don’t sound very “elite”.  Keep reading to see the VPN I recommend.

What VPN is the Best?

IPVanish is hands-down the world’s fastest, most trustworthy VPN.  Since IPVanish is one of the oldest VPNs around, they’ve never once leaked information about their users.

  • The IPVanish VPN service stands as a true no-logging VPN.  Logs are not kept.  Therefore, there’s nothing to give out to third parties.
  • Additionally, VPN by IPVanish Secures and encrypts your data at all times
  • Costs just $4.87/mo after this 1 year VPN coupon
  • I personally know the people at IPVanish and vouch for them.  They’re trustworthy.

    IPVanish 1 month

    IPVanish keeps TRULY zero logs – so there’s nothing (as far as personal data) to distribute!

Make Your Own REAL WiFi HotSpot “Shield”!

Furthermore, if you want a real WiFi “hotspot shield”, then check out my step-by-step YouTube tutorial video on How to set up IPVanish on a $20 mini-router.

Here it is..

Google trackers are lurking on 75% of websites. Cover your tracks to protect yourself.

How to install a no-logging VPN on a $20 router from Amazon:


If you need more help with VPNs, check out my VPN Tutorials Playlist.

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