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Latest News from KFire TV:

  • Looking Glass Repo Install How to Install Looking Glass Kodi Repository (Wizard, Builds & TV Addons) - The Looking Glass repository is new to the Kodi third-party scene, but boy is it a welcome addition! With the recent downfall of the Ares Wizard, the new Looking Glass Wizard brings the magic back into your entertainment centers just in the nick of time. With anti-piracy coalitions and government agencies both constantly gunning for […]
  • Kodil Repository Installation How to Install Kodi Kodil Repository (Exodus, SALTS, Phoenix + MORE) - The Kodil Repository hosts many all-time favorite addons. The anti-piracy shake-down last week broke many repositories and TV addons, but the Kodil repository remains strong. From the all-time favorite movie and television show TV addon Exodus to the best sports Kodi add-on SportsDevil, Kodil includes nearly everything people have bee clambering for in top-tier Kodi […]
  • Turn Off Automatic Kodi Updates How To Turn Off Automatic Updates for Kodi Addons and Repos - Automatic updates make your life much simpler and help keep you from getting broken streams. Keeping your software up-to-date remains the single best way to ensure consistent performance with no interruptions to service. Automatic Updates may also open you up to malware and marketers that have no business in your life other than feeding off […]
  • Install XvBMC REPOsitory How to Install the XvBMC REPOsitory for Kodi - XvBMC hosts many of our favorite addons. Some TV addons they have taken in a temporary capacity while those add-ons seek new homes after the anti-piracy shake-down last week. From the best movie and television show TV addon Covenant to the best sports Kodi add-on SportsDevil, XvBMC carries a huge selection of top quality third-party […]
  • Fire TV Browser Early Adopter Fire TV Browser To Surf The Web On Your Firestick - Both the Amazon Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick are wonderful devices, though they do lack some functionality. Many customers want to see a Fire TV browser present in these devices. With these internet-centric products, having access to a functional Fire TV browser makes perfect sense. A Fire TV browser would make accessing the content […]
  • DMCA Crackdown Hand-Delivered DMCA Notices Shutting Down Top Kodi Addons - The anti-paracy coalitions MPA (Motion Picture Association) & ACE (Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment) hand-delivered several DMCA notices over this past week. Assessing the extent of the damage to the Kodi third-party community will remain difficult for some time. We will keep you apprised of current events as we hear them coming through our network. […]
  • Kodi 17.6 Update Kodi 17.6 Firestick How to Install/Update Fire TV / Stick / 4K FireTV - Kodi 17.6 builds stormed into the wild earlier today. This last major revision of the Kodi 17 Krypton line of official builds before Kodi 18 Leia is released fixes most of the remaining bugs. This guide shows you how to install Kodi on Firestick or update to Kodi 17.6. This build version, the last Kodi Krypton major […]
  • Kodi Log File Fix Errors How to Find, Debug, and FIX with Kodi Error Log File - "Check the log for details." "Check the log for more information." Got something like this? Access the Kodi error log file to see what happened and FIX it!
  • Digitally Secure Yourself Kodi Security Risks Using Kodi TV Addons - Over the years, Kodi, the open-source media platform, has picked up both ardent fans and vocal detractors. In the hands of unaware consumers, Kodi has the potential to wreak havoc upon their lives. Kodi security measures require a bit of technical know-how and an appreciative respect for the risks involved. Let’s delve into the potential […]
  • Top Best Android TV Box Explained - Most of us want to cut the cable and still enjoy HD streaming video on our TV screen. The price of cable television has gotten way out of hand, and an Android TV box can cost less than a month subscription. Local commercial television, though now having great HD quality, just doesn’t appeal with its […]
  • Fire TV vs Fire Stick Fire TV vs Fire Stick (Fire TV Stick or Firestick) - This comparative article is a head-to-head showdown of the Amazon Fire TV vs Fire Stick; their similarities and differences. Learn about the outstanding features and functions of each and decide which will fit your needs. Of course, you may just fall in love with them both. Then, you will decide the master bath needs a […]
  • Fix Covenant No Stream Available No Stream Available Fix Kodi TV Addons (+Covenant Module) - Having trouble lately with the Covenant Kodi TV addon giving you a “No Stream Available” error, then getting no indication why? Then, you’ll rejoice at recent news and the easy fix involved. Fix No Stream Available in Covenant Covenant Module Update 1.0.22 November 6, 2017: The Covenant team released a massive overhaul of the Covenant […]
  • How to Install Amazon Fire TV Media Players How to Install Alternate Amazon Fire TV Media Player - The Amazon Fire TV comes with its own set of apps preloaded for entertainment. The Play Store also makes numerous apps available for download. Viewers find the large variety of content available for streaming is fantastic, though many of the apps work uniquely. They all seem to have their own Fire TV media player app […]
  • Fire TV Stick Processor Specs Header Fire TV Stick Processor Specifications Detailed Look - Amazon released a miniaturized version of its Fire TV box in November of 2014. This new device replicated many features of the Fire TV, though proved even more highly portable. Amazon dubbed the new device Fire TV Stick, then watched as its popularity immediately soared. The Fire TV Stick featured the Amazon Fire OS, delivering […]
  • Fire TV Remote Apps Header Top Firestick and Fire TV Remote Apps - The Amazon Fire TV remote makes life wonderful when you want to watch your favorite show, the latest movie, or your favorite team take on their rivals. Lightweight, simple to use, and loaded with awesome features like voice control, losing your Firestick remote in the couch cushions can resemble a minor catastrophe.
  • Monster Munch Install Header How to Install Monster Munch Kodi TV Addon Guide - Monster Munch automatically picks the best video version of the title you choose to watch for you. With movies, television and radio of all kinds, you're sure to find something to love.
  • Ares Wizard Header Image How To Install Ares Wizard Kodi Installer from Ares Project Repo - Ares Wizard ranks as one of the greatest Kodi TV addons of all time. With version .66, you get the best of everything Kodi has to offer laid at your feet. There are over 300 builds to choose from along with games, IPTV apps, and the most popular TV add-ons.
  • How to Install Elysium Kodi TV Addon (Zen!) Guide - An updated and rebranded version of the popular Zen, the Elysium Kodi TV addon puts smiles on movie and TV show lovers. The wildly popular Noobs and Nerds have picked up Zen and rebranded it as the Elysium Kodi TV addon. With trakt.tv support, Elysium lets you keep track of the episodes and shows you’ve […]
  • Death Streams Header How To Install Death Streams Kodi TV Addon SALTS Guide - A promising new fork of the beloved and sorely missed SALTS from TV Addons, Death Streams appears worth a look. Much like Kodi community favorites Covenant, Elysium, and Bennu, Death Streams scrapes over 80 sources online for movies and TV shows. It also does this in style while giving you maximum control. Death Streams gives […]
  • Fear Of The Dark Install Header Best Kodi Horror TV Addon How to Install Fear of the Dark Guide - The Best Kodi Horror TV addon is hands down Fear of the Dark. This is a very high quality TV addon if you’re looking for a good fright night. Fear of the Dark has some great HD links to put on the big screen for maximum height jump scares. Fear of the Dark includes horror […]
  • Enable Unknown Sources in Kodi 17 How To Enable Unknown Sources For Kodi TV Addons Install - Kodi calls file sources not officially sanctioned by the XBMC / Kodi Foundation Unknown sources. If you wish to install any third party (aka unofficial) Kodi TV addons, then you must first tell Kodi 17 Krypton to allow the use of these unknown sources. This setting didn’t exist in Kodi 16 Jarvis or earlier versions. […]
  • Kodi 17.5 Firestick Install Kodi 17.5 Firestick Install: COMPLETE Kodi Setup on Fire TV / Stick / 4K FireTV - This guide shows you how to install or update to Kodi 17.5 Firestick version.  We also show you how to install PULSE Build, Tomb Raider, + more great Builds
  • Kodi 17.4 Tomb Raider Build Install Tutorial Kodi 17.4 Tomb Raider Build Install for Firestick / Fire TV - This tutorial shows you (step-by-step) how to install Kodi 17.4 Tomb Raider Build.  This build install works in Kodi 17.4 Krypton for Firestick & Fire TV +
  • 21 Uses for a VPN aka 21 things you can do with a VPN 21 Tricks You Didn’t Know You Can Do With a VPN - This list of 21 Things You Didn't Know You Can Do With a VPN serves as a quick reference guide to show anyone who browses the Internet all the things you can do with a VPN.
  • best Kodi build 2017 - Boom Shakalaka Best Kodi Build 2017? Dimitrology Boom Shakalaka Top Choice! - Kodi Fire TV Stick has the best Kodi build install guide for 2017 right here. Dimitrology's Boom Shakalaka build may truly be the best Kodi build for general usage ever. Working live TV streams, new release movies, and MUCH more from all of the best current Kodi add-ons!

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