Your Cheat Sheet on How to Get Google Photos on Firestick

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Google Photos is an excellent image-sharing service. You may save your priceless memories in high resolution and share them with friends and family for free. It’s completely free, and you may save up to 15GB of images for as long as you like.

When your device storage is full, simply move your photographs and movies to Google Images and delete all data from your device storage.

Furthermore, if you have a Firestick device, you may watch your photos/videos on the largest screen in your house.

Fortunately, Google has created the Google Photos app for both Android and iOS devices. It is simple to obtain on any device. The issue is that, like other basic Google Apps, Firestick lacks Google Photos.

Google trackers can be found on 75% of web pages. To protect yourself, cover your tracks.

These apps aren’t even on the app store. As a result, you cannot utilize Google Photos on Firestick right away.

However, you’ve come to the right site if you’re wondering how to install Google Photos on Amazon Fire TV Stick, Firestick 4K, or any other Fire version. This guide will show you how to simply browse Google Photos on Firestick.

Let’s take a look at how to still obtain this app on your Firestick.

What Exactly Is Google Photos?

Before learning about how to get google photos on firestick, it’s essential to be familiar with Google Photos – don’t you think so?

Google Photographs is an app that backs up all of your photos and videos automatically. It allows you to free up space by deleting unwanted files, finding photographs quickly, and rediscovering long-forgotten favorites.

What’s There to Like About Google Photos?

  1. Google Photos App backs up unlimited photos and videos to 16 megapixels and 1080p HD for free and allows access from any device.
  2. The official Google Images app is designed for the way you take photos today, with features such as shared albums, automatic creations, and an extensive editing suite.
  3. By subscribing to Google One, you may also increase storage for your Google Account, which is utilized for Original Quality photos and movies.
  4. You won’t have to worry about storage because you can select to automatically back up all of your photographs and videos in high quality for free.
  5. Google Photos is your one-stop-shop for all of your photos and videos, which are automatically categorized and easy to share.

Google Photos Installation on Firestick – How to Do It?

Install Google Photos on Firestick

There are THREE ways to get a google photos slideshow on your TV using Firestick. We will be discussing these in the following paragraphs.

Method 1: Downloading and Installing Google Photos from Google

  1. Turn on the Firestick and navigate to “Settings.”
  2. Choose “My Fire TV.”
  3. Navigate to “Developer Options.”
  4. Next, enable both “Apps from Unknown Sources” and “ADB Debugging” settings.
  5. Return to the Fire TV home screen and search for “downloader” in the search bar.
  6. When the Downloader program appears, click the Install button to begin the download.
  7. Once downloaded, the app will be installed automatically by Firestick. Allow a few seconds for the installation process to finish.
  8. Start Downloader.
  9. The Downloader will request authorization to access photographs and other material. To grant your permission, click Allow.
  10. Enter the following URL in the Downloader’s right-hand field and press “GO.”
    (This is a shortened URL to the most recent Google Photos APK release.)
  11. When the file has finished downloading, open it and click the Install button. Wait a few moments as Google Photos is installed on Firestick.
  12. Start your Firestick again.

Google Photos is now available for usage. With the help of Firestick, you can now see your images on the largest screen in your home.

Method 2: Cast Photos to Firestick

If you don’t want to install Google Photos from a third-party website, consider casting it directly from your device. It’s a much easier way to browse your Goggle Photos.

Here’s how to directly cast photos to Fire TV Sticks:

  1. Join the same WiFi network as your smartphone and Firestick. This strategy will not work if the devices are connected to different WiFi networks.
  2. To access the “Quick Access Menu,” press and hold the home button on your Firestick remote.
  3. There are various options on the Quick Access Menu. When you see the “Screen Mirroring” option, select it.
  4. Then, navigate to your smartphone’s settings and select the “Cast” option.
  5. It could be “Cast to TV,” WiFi Direct, or a similar screen mirroring feature, depending on your smartphone model and Android version.
  6. If your Firestick is visible, that’s fantastic! When you tap it, your smartphone will begin casting to your TV screen.

However, don’t worry if your smartphone lacks the Cast feature – we have an alternate for you.

Hackers establish bogus WiFi hotspots in order to obtain your passwords when you connect to public WiFi. Protect your data.

In that case, follow the procedures below instead:

  1. Install AllCast on your phone as well as your Firestick. It’s a fantastic program that allows you to cast between two smartphones. It’s also an excellent choice because it’s available on both the Amazon app store and the Google Play store.
  2. When the installation on your phone and Firestick is complete, launch it on both devices.
  3. Next, you should now be able to see Firestick on your smartphone.
  4. Follow the on-screen steps to pair the two devices.

And, voila!

Firestick Photos can now be seen directly from your Google Photos storage.

Method 3: Viewing Google Photos Via Silk Browser

If you don’t want to install the Google Photos app, but still access the photos stored there, you can do so with Silk.

Silk – a first-party Amazon Firestick app – is the streaming device’s default browser.

As a result, Silk is pre-installed on every Firestick. You are not required to do anything. Simply launch the silk browser and navigate to Google Photos like you would any other website. Are you perplexed?

Step by step instructions are provided below:

  1. Navigate to “Apps” on the Firestick.
  2. Locate “Silk” in the list of installed apps and start it.
  3. Enter in the URL bar.
  4. Enter the login information for your Google Account.

And that’s how simple it is! You can see all of the photographs by clicking here.

7 Reasons Why You Should Use Google Photos on Your Firestick

Upload, Share, and Stay Connected

Google Drive allows you to stay connected.

This function eliminates the need for us to email photographs and videos to ourselves. Because these shots are properly synched and stylized, we take more pictures than usual.

The graphics in the app appear swiftly. As the picture and facial recognition algorithms work, users may scroll through all of the old images stored on the device and relive all of their childhood experiences.

The nicest part is that images from many cameras and devices are now combined in one location that is easily accessible.

Image Compression Is Just Lovely – You Wouldn’t Even Notice It!

Keep in mind that images will be compressed if you go this way, but reviews indicate that these images will not look any different than those you submitted.

Except for photographers, videographers, and people who use retina displays, this compression should not be a problem.

The finest things were the stories, which we supplemented with image descriptions and modified locales. These were shared with a few close friends who had special connections.

We felt like professional photographers because to the stylized photos, panoramas, and GIFs. These automatically generated products that enticed us to log on to the desktop or use a mobile application.

For HD Media, Storage Is Limitless.

Because this program is endless, you can add as many photos as you like as long as you don’t mind reducing them.

Your photos are stored uncompressed, however photos submitted in this manner will count against your storage quota across all apps, including Gmail. Many consumers are willing to tolerate image compression in exchange for infinite storage space.

Machine Learning Is at Work Here

The nicest part is that it has face recognition, so you can see photographs of people from several years ago.

This is a unique function for a photo program making it easier to find the dedicated photos of a person. It can even detect the presence of persons in photos that we never observed before.

Video Editing Tools Are Built-In

It can style photos to make them look hip, generate GIFs that were good, combine images to make a cool panorama, and generate tales using all of the images, locations, and businesses we visited.

Professional photographers should read this.

It includes various image editing options; to be honest, it’s not a tremendous jump ahead from Google+ photo editing features, but it’s wonderful to be a part of this.

We don’t like to experiment with filters, but we do love the ability to rotate images using a grid that looks to line everything up appropriately.


How Do I Get Photos Off My Iphone and Onto My Firestick?

Individual photographs and movies can be uploaded from your iPhone by following these steps:

  1. Select Amazon Photos.
  2. Click the Smile icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  3. In the top-right corner, click the Settings icon.
  4. Select Upload images manually.
  5. You have the option of uploading photographs or videos.
  6. In the top right corner of the screen, click Upload.

How Do I Upload Google Photos to Firestick?

To install Google Photos on your Firestick, first, download the Files app from the Amazon App Store.

Once downloaded, use the app, and navigate to Google Photos. To add it to your device, choose it and click Open.

Are Google Photos Better Than Amazon Photos?

Well, it honestly depends on what you’re looking for.

Amazon Prime Photos provides limitless storage space, but Google Photos provides free, high-quality photos with a storage restriction of 15 GB.

Going for Amazon Prime would be a smarter choice if you have a large number of high-quality images or require more than 15 GB.

Does the Amazon Firestick Make Use of Chromecast?

The Fire TV stick supports Chromecast-like beaming from phones and tablets; however, it currently only works with Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify.

Furthermore, it is not accessible via desktop Web browsers, does not turn on your TV automatically, and does not allow you to manage the volume.

How Do I Move Images from My Phone to My Firestick?

Follow these instructions to cast photographs from your phone to your TV:

  1. Open the Photos app, then select the photo you wish to transfer.
  2. Click the Share button.
  3. Choose a Cast
  4. Select a device (TV)

And done!

Final Thoughts

That’s pretty much all about showing Photos on Amazon Firestick by installing the Google Photos app. We showed you three methods to do so easily. You can follow any of them to get google photos on Firestick.

Google Photos is a must-have application if you want to store a large number of photos. It organizes them easily and helps share them with devices like Firestick.

Hopefully, the step-by-step instructions in this article will get you through the entire setup process easily.

Still, if you face any problems during the installation process, do let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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