I stepped off the plane in Vietnam and my Google phone was already connected to Vietnam’s 4G LTE cell towers. All for $20/mo.

This was my experience with Google Fi.

Google Fi single-handedly solved all my phone issues – and I want to share that story with the world.

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tl;dr – So if you’re still using Verizon, do yourself (and your family) a solid and switch to a less-evil phone service provider: Google Fi.

Why switch from Verizon to Google?

I was tired of paying high prices with Verizon and I started traveling. Those were my main reasons for switching to Google phone service.

But I think most people would switch to Google Fi from Verizon simply because Verizon is so expensive.

Whatever the case, there are several reasons why Google Fi is better than Verizon.

Below is a summary of the Top 5 reasons to switch to Google Fi. After that, I explain about my personal experiences with Google Fi (from living in the USA to living in various other countries).

Top 5 Reasons to Switch to Google Fi

  1. Cost – Verizon is notoriously expensive, even for basic phone service these days. In contrast, Google Fi has two pricing structures: The pay-per-gig plan is $20/mo + $10/gig after 5 gigs, where the Unlimited plan is $70/mo straight-up.
  2. Reliability – Google utilizes ALL cell towers everywhere, thus providing you with much better coverage everywhere you go. Yes, Google’s coverage is better than Verizon’s.
  3. Simplicity – It’s easy to pay your Google Fi bill. There’s no extra crap when you go to pay your bill, and you can easily set up AutoPay.
  4. No contract – That’s right. Google’s phone service requires no contract at all. It’s monthly. I’ve been using it for years now and have never even been asked to sign a contract. I use my phone, Google bills me, and I pay the bill. Simple.
  5. Coverage – If you travel, Google Fi is a must. I traveled for over 6 months throughout various countries and Google Fi saved my a$$. Every time my plane landed in a new country, my Google phone automatically linked up to that country’s cell towers (all free and included in their service!) and said “Welcome to (country name here)! Your Google phone service is ready to use). It would do this before my plane reached the gate. If you’re an international traveler, Google Fi is priceless (and a potential life-saver, literally).


Google Fi has two pricing structures! You can enjoy excellent phone service for only $20/mo.

Also, I have this Google Fi coupon that gives you $20 off! Please use it so you save cash money right now – on the spot.

Pay-per-gig Plan

The Pay-per-gig plan is $20/mo + $10/gig. You should choose this plan if you don’t use a TON of data on your phone. Why? You could save money in comparison to the Unlimited plan.

After you use 6GB of data, any data after that is free. But after you hit about 10GB, they really, really slow down the data. So keep that in mind.

Google trackers are lurking on 75% of websites. Cover your tracks to protect yourself.

Unlimited Plan

The Unlimited Plan costs $70/mo for unlimited everything (data, calls, voice).

Google Fi pricing plans

Until yesterday, I had the pay-per-gig plan. But I’ve been using lots of data lately, so I just switch to the Unlimited plan.

Phone selection

Many, many phones are compatible with Google Fi (including iPhones!)

To check Google Fi phone compatibility, go to https://fi.google.com/compatibility

How to check Google Fi phone compatibility

My Experience with Google Fi

When I started traveling, Google Fi was a miracle for me.

I would arrive in a new country and my phone would be connected to the cell towers before my plane reached the gate.

Data was always there when I needed it – even in countries where I was hesitant (Vietnam, Croatia, etc).

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to Starbucks WiFi. Secure your data.

Personally, I used a Pixel 3 XL with no trouble at all on Google Fi service. Everything was smooth as butter. Recently, I also got a Pixel 4. This phone works amazingly well. So I really have nothing but excellent things to say about Google Fi.

So what are you waiting for? Save money and axe that contract today!

P.S. – If you use my coupon to sign up for Google Fi, I also get a small kickback. FYI :)

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