Looking for info and directions on how to install Genesis Addon for Kodi?  See how to install Genesis on Kodi using the steps below!

Install Genesis Addon

  • Launch Kodi
  • Go to SYSTEM > File Manager
  • Click Add to Add a new Source
  • Select the empty box and enter http://fusion.tvaddons.ag into the box
  • Give it a name such as “genesis” and press OK
  • Go back to the Kodi dashboard’s Home screen
  • Go to PROGRAMS > Add-Ons
  • Choose Install From Zip File
  • Select the newly added source (“genesis”)
  • Choose START HERE
  • Select the addon.installer.zip file (file name may be slightly different)
  • The Addon Installer will now install
  • Once the Addon Installer has installed, go back to the Kodi Home screen
  • Go to PROGRAMS
  • Select Add On Installer
  • After the AddOn Installer launches, select Video Addons
  • When you’re in the Video Addons screen, select Next Page, then find and select GENESIS.
  • Then press OK when it asks if you want to install Genesis TV addon for Kodi.
  • After Genesis is installed, go to Kodi’s Home screen.
  • Go to VIDEOS, then go to Add-Ons.
  • Select GENESIS to launch Genesis ;)

History of the Genesis Addon

Genesis Addon Download Link

Genesis Addon Download

The Genesis TVAddon for Kodi was one of the best TV addons for Kodi / XBMC.  For one reason or another, the developer of Genesis decided to stop maintaining the Genesis addon and move on to other things.  One of the other things he / she moved onto was the Exodus TVAddon.

So we can have a good amount of confidence that Exodus will bring to us the same great quality streaming TV and movies we got from Genesis.  However, even though Exodus is still around – we can still install Genesis!

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The Name “Genesis”

The Genesis TVAddon seems to be a play off of the “Exodus” addon name, as both were books in the bible.

Wikipedia defines Genesis as “the way something formed”, and defines Exodus as a great departure.  So there is possibly some deep(er) meaning behind the naming of Genesis and Exodus.

Genesis Addon Download

Genesis Addon Not Working

If Genesis isn’t working for you, try to re-install it using the steps at the top of this page.  If it still doesn’t work, try a different TV addon such as Exodus.

Genesis Addon Wiki

  • Visit the official Genesis Addon info page, which is similar to a wiki page