Gadgets Students Can’t Live Without – 6 Tips to Save Money

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These days, it’s hard to imagine our lives without the daily use of technology. We can use modern technologies in different areas of life and work, transforming our lives for the better. And students aren’t an exception.

Thanks to technological progress, modern students have access to a huge range of technologies that can make their studies stress-free and simple. And while some items are optional, many tools we use every day and can’t imagine our lives without them. So, is it possible to save on them?

How to Save Money on Tech

All of us have some expectations about the quality of our gadgets. So, you must be wondering how someone on a shoestring budget can even afford to buy all the necessary tools to study. Indeed shopping for a good laptop can get pretty expensive.

Without any doubt, a laptop is the most irreplaceable gadget for modern learners. It’s used for conducting in-depth research and handling homework. Also, students use it for completing their academic papers and finding an online paper writing service for when they can’t handle their assignments on their own. But it doesn’t mean that it must cost an arm and a leg.

If you are just getting ready for school and need to buy the basic devices, here are a few tips that will help you not go over your budget:

1.  Research Well

There are plenty of brands and models out there that fall within different price ranges. It can be easy to go with the trends and purchase popular gadgets, which can be rather expensive. Instead, you should research the available options well and make an informed decision.

2.  Look Out for the Best Deals

There are many ways to cut down the price of any item if you know where to look for it. For example, shopping for tech online is always cheaper than offline. Also, there are stores that offer better discounts. So, always keep an eye out for the best deals.

3.  Shop For Refurbished Items

When it comes to pricey items like smartphones and laptops, buying a new one can be very budget-draining. However, many stores offer refurbished options. These are the gadgets that were once used and then reconditioned. Such devices work no worse than new ones but are much cheaper.

4.  Opt For Older Models

Let’s say you want a specific brand and model of a gadget. Chances are that there will be older and newer options to choose from. While a newer one might be more advanced, an older model will be more cost-efficient. Still, depending on your needs, it might be enough. So think about this option.

5.  Sell Your Old Gadgets

If you already own a specific device and want to upgrade to a new one, a great way to save some money would be to sell it and purchase a new one with added funds.


6. Only Buy What You Need

Think twice before making each purchase. Do you really need a new tablet or can you get by with a powerful but thin laptop? Don’t overspend on stuff you don’t really need.

But how do you decide what will change your life for the better and what gadget you can leave behind? We’ve compiled a list of all items students usually can’t live without:


In the era of the global pandemic, laptops have become the main tool for ensuring learning continuity. Without them, young people would be unable to access online classrooms and take exams remotely.

And even that’s not all. Many students claim that their laptops also help when they want to take a break and unwind because they can use them to watch movies, play games, etc. So, one way or another, it’s a gadget modern learners can’t do without!


The second highly needed device in school and college is a smartphone. First and foremost, it performs an important socializing role in students’ lives. With the help of their smartphones, young people can stay in touch with their families, friends, and even teachers wherever they go and whatever they do.

At the same time, smartphones can be very handy in your day-to-day studies. There are plenty of awesome apps for organizing your schedule, being productive, taking notes, studying for classes, etc.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Especially while in college, young people often have to adjust to the surroundings and study in different noisy places, such as a college hall, dorm, cafe, etc. Often, they can find it hard to concentrate due to the noise. And that’s where good noise-canceling headphones can come in handy. Having a pair of these, you will be able to abstract from the surroundings when you need to get focused and study.

Besides, who doesn’t like to listen to good music? It has been numerously proven that listening to music can help one relax and reduce stress and anxiety levels. So, one way or another, noise-canceling headphones are worth investing in when you are in college.

External Drive

Since a large part of your academic files and assignments are digital, chances are that you will have to store plenty of files on your computer. After some time, the storage on your laptop can get full, not letting you save new important files. That’s why every student also needs an external drive to store all their files safely without overloading their laptop’s internal storage.


When you already have a laptop and a smartphone, it can feel like buying a tablet is actually a waste of money. However, it can be incredibly helpful too. One of the best ways to use tablets for studies is to download your textbooks onto them.

This gives you two big benefits:

  1. You don’t have to carry around piles of heavy books;
  2. You can actually save money on books because their digital versions are usually cheaper than physical textbooks.

Power Bank

Spending many hours in school or college, you sure want your gadgets to stay charged throughout the day. So, the last must-have gadget for students is a good power bank that will let you ensure that your smartphone or any other device won’t die in the middle of the day.


Being a modern student means relying on the tech a lot. Whether in school or college, investing in the right gadgets can make your studies much simpler. But it doesn’t mean that you should go bankrupt to buy the stuff you need. Use this article as a guide to the tech that you should invest in, and use the tips above to keep your purchase cost-efficient!

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