How to Install Fusion Installer in Kodi the EASY Way

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Kodi is a media player that has all your favorite games, shows, movies, pictures and online content in one convenient program on your device. After you install Kodi, Fusion Installer gets all the add-ons that you want on your Kodi. It has to be configured correctly so that it could start working and once done, you can get all the TV add-ons that you like on your Kodi. Here are the steps:

How to Install Fusion Installer

  1. From the System menu, go to File Manager, click on the  Add Source option
  2. Select <None> from the “Enter the paths of browse for the media locations
  3. Use the on-screen keyboard and type and then Done.
  4. Select the lower text input box from the “Enter a name for the media source” field.
  5. Again, use the onscreen keyboard to type “kfire fusion” (or whatever name you’d like to give the Fusion Installer source)
  6. Press Done.
  7. Press the OK button located at the bottom of the window. Fusion will now be found at the File Manager window.
  8. Go back to the Kodi main menu and then go to Settings tab and then System menu.
  9. Choose Add-ons from the left side of the menu bar.
  10. At the “First run help…” dialog box, press OK and then choose “Install from zip file
  11. A list will be shown, choose “fusion” folder. Open any folder where you want to install add-ons for your Kodi.
  12. Don’t stop here!  Continue reading to finish the install process.

From the “start-here” folder you will find configuration tools to help you out like Config Wizard, Fresh Start and Addon Installer. There is also an “xbmc-repos” folder should you wish to install add ons the traditional way.

Using the Config Wizard for Installing add-ons

From the Config Wizard folder, click OK and it will automatically download TV add-ons. This step is easy, because it automatically installs add-ons compatible for your Fire TV. If Config Wizard asks you want type of devices you currently have, choose Android. Fire TV and Fire Stick are simply streaming devices that allow users to run custom Android OS versions.

After the add-ons have finished downloading, locate your new add-ons from Videos in Kodi. While some of the most popular add-ons that you can install are The Royal We, Genesis, SALTS, NAVI, Movie4K, USTV Now, Turk’s, Velocity, Phoenix, Project Free TV and 1Channel, there’s an entire universe of Kodi plugins to explore.

Using AddOn Installer for installing add-ons

If you don’t have “FireTV” selection in the Config Wizard or if the Config Wizard does not work, then you may install your add-ons using AddOn Installer. So instead of installing Config Wizard zip file, install the AddOn Installer zip file.

  1. From the Programs go to AddOn Installer. Go to Featured Addons
  2. Choose the add-ons that you want to install. Finally, you need to click each add on one at a time.

Difference Between Config Wizard and Add-On Installer

The difference between Config Wizard and AddOn Installer is that Config Wizard automatically installs all the best or highly-rated add-ons to your Kodi; hence you cannot choose which you want to install. In AddOn Installer, you can choose only the ones that you will need.  This method will also help you with persistent Config Wizard add-ons issues.

Favorite TV Add-Ons

The most highly recommended add-ons to install from AddOn Installer are Exodus, 1 Channel, Phoenix, ChannelPEAR and more.  We also recommend a Secure VPN to protect your identity as you use add-ons and surf online. A Secure VPN will unblock Kodi add-ons as well as international TV channels so you will be able to enjoy more quality international content. Consider a Secure VPN to protect you when you surf, automate data encryption and avoid third-party apps from accessing your system.

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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