45 Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites (Updated May 2024)

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Hello, Cinephiles!

What’s a better way to start your day than keeping a catalog of all the websites you will be most visiting?

Still, thinking?

Well… let me tell you the answer straight away: None. Zilch. Nada!

This article lists the best free online movie streaming sites for all of your entertainment needs.

For now, this list contains just 45 websites. But, in the future, we hope to update and bring you 100 free movie websites all in one place.

You will find all types of movies here.

Whether looking for a recent blockbuster, a foreign language film, or an old classic you watched with your grandma. This list covers all kinds of movies.

Moreover, the websites listed below are free of all kinds of viruses. Though some of them may feature occasional ads, here and there, these are harmless. These websites are the best resource for movies.

And..not just movies.

These websites provide different ways to stream TV shows, documentaries, and other specials without costing you a dime.

Now, that can be a good thing or bad, depending on where you live.

That’s because, while some of these websites scrape for movies and TV shows, taking you to original licensed resources, other websites don’t.

And watching copyright-protected content without proper licensing can get you in legal trouble.

Therefore, do check whether the website you’re accessing holds proper licenses before using their services.

The best thing about these hand-picked websites is that they can be accessed on a ton of different devices besides a personal computer.

With some of these websites, you can watch free movies online.

No sign up required at all.


What’s more, many of these websites come with a mobile app.

So you can stream movies on the go, waiting for the bus, in your bed, or on your toilet.

Sounds great, right?

Best Free Online Movie & TV Show Streaming Sites

Like different torrent websites, these movie sites continually shut down or move to another URL address due to one reason or another.

That’s why we continue updating this resource on a regular basis.

Bookmark this URL so that you can come back to it for an updated list if your favorite free movie websites get taken down.

We ranked the following websites based on user experience, popularity, available catalog of streaming content, and ad annoyance factor (on a scale of 1 to 10).

As of writing this article, all the websites mentioned below are working 100 percent and are available for streaming.

Streaming movies on a PC is straightforward. Simply go to a free movie streaming website and start watching.

However, if you’re using a streaming device such as FireStick, the steps involved may differ. I suggest watching the video below for a quick walkthrough of streaming movies using a FireStick, Android TV, or any other streaming device.

In a video, I am streaming Titanic using Google’s Chrome browser. I am also watching Dawn of the Dead on FireStick to give you a better idea of how to watch free movies on your streaming device.

That said, let’s start with our list of the best free online movie streaming sites.

Best Free Online Movie Sites



This platform allows you to watch new release movies online free without signing up. 123Movies is one of the oldest, most popular, and longest-running movie websites on our list. It gets over 64 thousand visits a month.

On this website, you can stream movies in 1080p resolution with little to no ad pop-ups.

To give you some idea, we rated it 4 on our ad annoyance scale. The homepage of this website is extremely simple, with just a search bar. We particularly love its white and blue color combination.

To watch a movie, you need to type in your choice in the search bar. The three-bar icon on the top left corner also gives you some filtering options to get started.



Unlike 123movies, AZMovies shows thumbnails of recently added movies right on its Home page. All the streams are available either in 760p or 1080p resolution. The search option is located right on top. There’s also an option to filter out streams on the basis of All Movies, Featured, Genre, Year, and TV shows via the three-bar sign on the left-hand side of the screen. AZMovies uses a black and yellow color scheme, which is easy on the eyes, especially in the dark.

Even with an Ad annoyance rating of 5, AZMovies is certainly more popular than 123movies, as it gets approximately 500 thousand visits every month.

Overall, it’s undoubtedly the best website to download free films. 


Populated by a plethora of titles, CMovies has a fantastic database of the latest releases in different resolutions depending on the server. On the Home page, you find streams divided into categories such as Suggestions, Latest Movies, Latest TV series, and Latest Episodes. There’s also a search option on the top right corner to help with the title if it’s not already on the home page. CMovies uses a black and orange color combination. According to SimilarWeb, the website gets approximately 330K visits. CMovies has quite a few ads that open up in a separate tap even when you click randomly. That’s why we gave it an ad annoyance score of 6.


Sony Crackle

Sony’s Crackle is an ad-supported on-demand streaming media service provider. Unlike other websites on this list, Crackle features not only an extensive library of movies and TV but original programming (like Chosen) as well. You can search for movies &tv shows separately or organize them alphabetically. Create watchlists or view already created user watchlists. Its bold interface utilizes bigger tiles. Hovering over a title pops up additional information such as synopsis, duration, rating, etc. Crackle averages 95,000 visitors every month. While there are no ads on the website, occasional advertisements pop up before and after a stream. The good news is, that they aren’t too overwhelming. It also has an official app that lets you watch the content on any streaming device.


FilmRise is another on-demand streaming service that lets its users watch free content. No subscription is needed. It has an impressive library of 20,000 titles spanning from one end of the genre spectrum to another. However, it focuses on indie, classics, and artsy movies. The content is split into two main categories: Films and Television. The home screen showcases titles in big, bold thumbnails. This service has both Android and iOS apps, so you can watch it on your smartphone. Other devices that support FilmRise are Amazon Fire Tv/FireStick, Xbox, Roku, and Facebook Watch. With 6.5M monthly visits, FilmRise is one of the most popular free streaming services on this list.


Flixtor scans IPTV resources online and organizes them in the form of a searchable database. It is known for its excellent user interface, smooth playback, and free (if slightly limited) service. Not only does it lets users stream up to 720p resolution, but VIP members can also download videos and watch content in 1080p, among other benefits. Because this service uses BitTorrent’s p2p protocol, its availability and streaming performance depend on its popularity. There’s no official app for the website, though. You can watch it on a mobile browser. We didn’t notice any drop in service quality when watching movies on iPhone12. Oh, and did we mention NO Ads? That’s right. There are absolutely no advertisements on the platform at the moment. But that can change at any time!


FMovies is another fan favorite (1.5M visits/month) for online movie streaming. Perhaps because it features a huge library of movies and TV shows from around the world. The black Home page is quite minimalistic, listing only searchable category titles and a search bar in the top right corner. You can search for titles by genre or by country of origin. FMovies has several mirror websites. However, clicking on a mirror site takes you to the parent website. These mirror sites come in handy when the parent website goes for a nap. Ads only pop up when you click a title. Overall, we gave Fmovies an ad-annoyance rating of 4.


GoStream’s user interface reminds us of 123movies with a simplistic white and blue color combination. The home page features all the latest releases. You can also search for movies by genre, most viewed, and top IMDB categories. The website gets approximately 150 thousand visitors every month. Apart from an annoying pop-up asking you to update your browser when you start playing a movie, there are no ads anywhere on the website. Due to this Gostream gets a 5 rating on our ad annoyance scale. One major con of this website is that it features just movies. There are no TV shows, documentaries, or other forms of streamable content.



Amazon-backed IMDB TV is free, easy access, ad-supported streaming service available on many platforms. It boasts a decent lineup of movies and TV shows. There are also some original shows on the forum, but none as popular to attain an active fanbase. All programming is categorized by top ratings and popularity. The design of the user interface is straightforward, with colors reminding you of the IMDB brand. The search bar is on top, and the sidebar menu breaks down the entire library into six different sections. There’s also an app for the service. However, it offers no offline download facility. We gave it an ad annoyance rating of 5 due to multiple advertisements during a single stream.


The Internet Archive stores everything. It lists public domain full-length movies and TV shows. This digital library is a great resource, especially if you’re looking for old classics. For example, here, you can easily find streams dating all the way back to the mid-1900s. There’s also a search feature on top, but we found it less reliable for movie searches. The biggest draw of the Internet Archive is the absence of ads. As it’s a non-profit service, there are absolutely no ads on the website or during programming. On the other hand, it’s the biggest flaw is the lack of HD content. All the streams are available only in standard DVD resolution.


Kanopy is another on-demand video platform. However, it is intended for public libraries and universities. It offers documentaries, classics, and other indie films to help students with their studies. Kanopy includes some very interesting features such as clip creation, transcripts, captioning, and playlist creation that allow users to share their content with each other. This service can be viewed on a PC, mobile device, or a TV via Kanopy official app for Amazon Fire Stick, Apple iOS, Android, and Roku. No ads play during or after the stream, and the user experience is very smooth. Content selection is a bit limited, though.


Streamlord.com is one of the newest entrants into the streaming market. This little website hosts a decent collection of movies and TV shows. The black and yellow home page showcases Featured Movies, Latest Movies, and Recently Updated Series. There’s also a search bar on top. You can also sign-up if you want, but we couldn’t figure out what’s the point. All streams work fine even without a sign-up anyway. While there are no ads on the website, some do pop up when you click a title. Due to this reason, we gave it an ad annoyance rating of 5.

As StreamLord is a new website, it attracts almost 21 thousand visits every month.


LookMovie is a great platform for movie buffs who want to access Hollywood’s latest releases without any fuss. It has a friendly interface, that makes searching for a particular title and then streaming very easy. The home page just displays movie titles along with different options to filter them out as you please. For the TV Shows page, you have to click on the TV SHOWS option in the top left corner. Two ads pop up in the corner of the screen. Thankfully, they’re limited to a corner and in no way distract during a stream.

We gave this website an ad annoyance rating of 5. With approximately 60K monthly views, LookMovie definitely deserves more attention.


MoviesJoy offers fast HD streaming. The home page has a big search bar right in the middle and lists down all the latest movies and tv shows. You can also browse through the catalog using the options on top. All the links play really quickly, but you have to close out several ad pop-ups during the process, which can be somewhat annoying. This earned MoviesJoy an ad annoyance rating of 7. The website itself is a breeze to scroll through. The video player has all the standard functions you have come to expect from online web players. Nothing extra. You can find any title instantly and without any hassle. We also love the purplish-blue color scheme that defines the Home page.

Moviestars. to


MovieStars is an exact replica of MoviesJoy. During testing, we couldn’t find any significant difference between the two sites except for one. MovieStars adds “Year” to the list of categories on top. This allows you to watch titles released in a particular year dating as far back as 1950. Otherwise, MovieStars has the same user-friendly interface, easy-to-scroll titles, and unfortunately, the same ad annoyance score. All the movies and tv shows play either in 720p or 1080p resolution just like MoviesJoy without any sign-up required.

If for some reason, you cannot access MoviesJoy, we suggest heading over to MovieStars to have the same experience.


Noxx is one service that you’ve probably never heard of before. It’s an online resource for watching unlimited hours of TV in HD – free of cost. You can choose any of the featured shows or use the menu bar to scroll through the timeline from the home page. You can also filter shows by their genre. Video playback is smooth (depending on your internet connection speed). There’s also an option to change your streaming server if you feel like the existing server is slow.

As it’s a relatively new service, there are no ads or annoying pop-ups anywhere on the website. We just hope Noxx expands its services to include Movies as well. 

Peacock TV

Peacock TV

Peacock TV is the latest streaming service from NBCUniversal. Its tiled and easy-to-navigate interface gives an impression of a Netflix competitor. Its content, which includes sports and Live News besides a huge library of TV shows and movies, actually cement it as a top-of-the-line free streaming service. Everything’s available on the free tier in HD resolution. The paid version includes some original programming as well, but don’t expect HDR.

The Peacock app makes the service available for Roku devices. However, it’s still missing from Amazon’s Fire devices. Peacock promises only 5 minutes of ads on the free tier.


Popcorn flix

Following the same trend, Popcorn flix offers movies and tv shows absolutely free. There’s a noticeable difference between the web and mobile versions of the app. On the web app, you get all the genres front and center. Recommended content is all over the page with ads stuck in haphazardly (ad annoyance rating of 8). The mobile version is a lot better. It feels more organized and better programmed. The same holds true on other devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Xbox 360, Roku, etc. As for content, expect a solid collection of horror, cult comedies, and retro kids programming. While we wish the streaming quality could have been better, PopconFlix can be a good supplementary service for your streaming device.


PrimeWire has been around for quite some time. Earlier called LetMeWatchThis and 1Channel, PrimeWire has thousands of movies and TV shows available for streaming free of cost. You can watch everything in multiple resolutions, from basic to standard and even HD. It has several mirror and proxy websites to use when the primary domain is down. The service works with pop-up ads, which can be anything from normal annoying ones to advertisements for porn. That earned Primewire an ad annoyance rating of 9 – the highest on this list.

In addition, clicking on the wrong link can start downloading malware. So watch out when using this service.


Soap2Day is a web place for watching free movies and series. You can watch everything without any registration or login. The user interface is simplistic, with blue and white tiles organized neatly. On the other hand, the user experience could have been improved. You need to click several times – and close several pop-ups – before a video starts streaming. We rated it 8 on our ad annoyance scale. Content selection is decent.

You can watch almost any TV series or movie you can think of. But Soap2Day cannot be considered entirely safe due to multiple ad pop-ups. Finding a legitimate Soap2Day mirror is also a chore.



Solarmovie has gained traction in recent years. According to SimilarWeb, the website gets around 250 thousand clicks a month. And why shouldn’t? This service provides high-quality links to movies and TV shows with very few ads. You can also sign in to receive recent updates, create watch lists, and get more benefits. The home page is very basic, though, with just some information about the website. You have to click on the watch movies and TV shows button to proceed to the streamable section.

Keep in mind, that Solarmovie has several mirror websites, each offering a different user experience due to different ad placement.



SpaceMov is one of the latest entrants in the free streaming market. It hosts videos in standard 720p resolution for a decent viewing experience. The main menu gives you the option to search by Country, Genre, Year, and more. Every title comes with a description and a button to “Watch Trailer.” Often, there are numerous sources for streaming if you’re not satisfied with the performance of a particular link. Several Ads also pop up during navigation, due to which it gets 7 on our ad annoyance chart.

Lastly, there are no corresponding apps for Android or iOS. So don’t trust any third-party app claiming to be Spacemov.


As the name suggests, WatchFree lets you watch free movies online, no sign up required. It is one of the most popular websites to download free movies. HD streams and recent releases are displayed straight away on the home page. Clicking on a thumbnail brings you to the movie page (Without opening any pop-up ad). You can watch all the streams in standard quality. However, for HD resolution, you need to sign up. It’s totally free but involves many steps, which sometimes open annoying ads.

That’s why WatchFree gets 6 on our ad annoyance scale. Overall, it’s a great service to use if you can be careful with where you click.


Streamm4U comes with excellent filters to sort through genres. Its home page is rather uninspiring, with just a search bar and a list of categories such as New Movies and New Episodes on top. Once a title has been selected, you can see several backup resources listed below. In case your movie or TV show isn’t playing, simply choose the backup server for viewing. You do have to click several times before your stream begins. Which can be irritating.

The best thing about Streamm4u is that it features films from around the world. Whether you’re a fan of Bollywood or Korean Cinema, Streamm4u can satisfy your needs.


Tubi, owned and operated by Fox, is yet another free streaming service that lets you watch content. Because it is free, you have to sit through ads during streams. But these ads are in no way as annoying as frequent pop-ups you come across on other platforms. It has a great collection of movies across varying genres, albeit all are capped at 720p resolution. Its content library keeps on frequently changes, keeping things afresh.

Moreover, you can also curate watchlists and keep tabs on kids’ activity via parental controls. Last but not least, Tubi is available on several platforms, thanks to an excellent app for Android and iOS devices.


VF stream is a French-language movie and TV streaming website. The home page features all the recent releases starting with the most recent ones. You can select between Genres or Series to filter out your search. Once you’re on the title’s page, there’s an option to select between either a French or English server. During our tests, we found that the streams are rather slow. Ad pop-ups are a bit too much (we rated it 9/10). You can’t click anywhere without opening a few ads. Unless you’re looking for obscure French language Movies and TV shows, we believe there are better options than VF on this list.


Vudu is unlike any streaming service discussed before. It offers a free as well as a paid version to access thousands of Movies and Tv Series. Their free version is known as Movies on Us and includes intermittent ads to support the service. To watch any content, you have to sign up and create an account. Nevertheless, the free version doesn’t need a monthly subscription. Free streams come in SD resolution only. But you can rent streams in UHD for a small fee. Its amazing library includes titles to rent, commercial-free movies, and TV shows. The interface is similar whether you’re on a PC or a mobile device, thanks to an excellent mobile app.


Vumoo Free Movies and TV Online

Vumoo became famous in the early 2019s as a replacement for various other streaming websites that were shut down. Now, it’s one of the best free online movie streaming sites. It basically works as a search engine and provides a list of all the trending movies and TV shows hosted elsewhere on the internet. No registration or sign-up is required. Most of the titles here are available in SD. Although the main page contains no ads, you have to click several times before a stream can be played. Meanwhile, several ads pop up on your screen, forcing us to rate it 7 on our ad annoyance scale.  


Xumo TV

Xumo is just like PlutoTv. It’s a live TV streaming platform that doesn’t cost you anything. Instead, to sustain its service, users have to sit through a barrage of advertisements. It has a decent collection of interest-based channels offering select live streams and some on-demand content. All the content is available on 720p resolution, making every stream worth your time. In terms of features and design, the web interface lags behind its mobile counterpart. Since Xumo is a free service, there’s no harm in trying it out. However, it’s unlikely to replace your cable Tv needs.


YesMovies has recently shot to fame with a range of indie flicks, B-movies, classics, and brand new releases. It has a very funky user interface with bright colors and big thumbnails. All the big releases come in HD resolution. One thing which distinguishes it from the competition is the option for user comments and rating features. We didn’t notice any downgrade in resolution during our web and mobile stream check. Note, that there’s a mobile streaming app for this service as well. Yes, ads also pop up during navigation, but they’re not very irritating. That’s why we’re giving YesMovies a generous 5 on the ad annoyance scale.



YesMovies.ag is a recent mirror site of YesMovies. It provides the same features and functions as the old website. Like the parent site, it categorizes all the titles based on Genre, Country, Movies, TV Series, and Top IMDB, giving you a hint of its massive content library. You can also sort searches by Latest, Most Viewed, Favorites, and Rating. Finally, like the parent site, there’s little respite from ads on the new platform. Both Yesmovies and Yesmovies.ag average around 1 million visits every month.



Yidio is unique because, in addition to linking to other resources, it also hosts its own content. It gathers titles from Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, and other sources. That’s one reason why not every title is free to watch. Some demand a one-time payment, while others need a monthly subscription. There’s also a free version that gives access to DVD-quality videos. As for the ads, yes, ads play between your streams. We noticed 6 short ads during a 90-minute movie. Fortunately, none lasted too long to overwhelm our experience. Yidio gets a 5 on our ad annoyance scale.


YIFY is a torrent website

YIFY is a torrent website. It’s the home of YIFY movie torrents. It contains high-quality (and sometimes Blu-ray) torrents of the latest and old blockbusters. Some old movies like The Matrix are even available in 4K. It doesn’t offer direct streaming, though. Therefore, you have to get the torrent first and then download it with any p2p application like uTorrent before watching the movies. That’s the only limitation of this service. The home screen shows all the popular downloads, nicely organized against a black backdrop. Ads are far and few. Unfortunately, Yify doesn’t host torrents for TV shows.



Youtube isn’t just for watching movie trailers, playing songs on repeat, or watching some cats skateboard. In fact, you can also watch full-length movies and TV Shows. Nevertheless, the only problem is, that most of them are pretty old. Remember that old English show Mind Your Language that has pretty much disappeared from everywhere else? All of its seasons are available on Youtube. Yes, the back catalog is huge, and the user experience is unmatchable. You can forget about watching any latest releases. Ads play only once in a while during a stream (Ad annoyance Rating of 3). You can also easily sign up with a Google account to download your favorites.

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites FAQ

As long as you view movies and TV shows that lie within the public domain or the website you’re viewing from has a license to showcase the property, free movie sites are legal. Accessing unlicensed content is generally illegal all over the world.

Do you need a VPN for free movie streaming sites?

Of course, you need a reliable VPN connection such as IPVanish to protect your privacy is a must. A VPN effectively hides your IP and streaming activities from your government, ISP, and potential hackers. Without one, you are always open to surveillance.

If you install Kodi on your Fire TV or Fire Stick, the world opens up to you. You may go forth invisibly and do no harm with unlimited entertainment at your disposal when you pair your Kodi Fire device with a VPN.

The best VPN for Fire TV and Fire TV Stick owners is IPVanish, and you can get it for 60% off right here. That comes to only 4 dollars and changes each month for the most secure VPN available anywhere.

Click here to claim your discount now.

What happens if you get caught using free movie streaming sites?

In case you are caught streaming movies or TV shows from a website that distributes illegitimate unlicensed material, you may face legal repercussions. We recommend using a VPN to protect your identity.  


With this, we conclude our list of the best free online movie streaming sites. These websites give you access to hundreds of movies and TV shows. Whether you want to watch new release movies online free without signing up or free streaming TV without signing up, these websites are a valuable resource. You can also watch back to back without any hassle and without any strings of a monthly payment. Thank you for reading!


This guide is only meant for educational purposes. We don’t host or support any of the websites mentioned above. KfireTV does not verify whether the websites mentioned in this article hold the proper license for the content delivered through their platforms. We do not endorse or promote illegal activity related to streaming or downloading copyright-protected content. The end-user is solely responsible for accessing any service referenced in this article.

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