Easy Steps on How to Stream Boxing for Free: Top Apps You Need

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Watching live boxing matches is an experience like no other.

The adrenaline-pumping atmosphere, the crowd roar, and the thrill of witnessing two fighters battle it out in the ring are unforgettable.

However, only some have the luxury of attending live matches or accessing cable TV.

That’s where a free boxing live stream app comes in. 

With such an app, you can watch live boxing matches from home without spending a penny.

But with so many options, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one.

Fear not, as we’ve researched for you to compile a list of the best free boxing streaming apps. 

So, whether you’re a hardcore boxing fan or just looking to catch up on a particular main event match, these apps deliver the knockout punch in terms of content and quality.

So, sit tight and get ready to stream some of the best boxing matches… absolutely free!

Criteria for Selecting the Best Free Boxing Live Stream App

When selecting the best free boxing live stream app, there are a few essential criteria to consider. 

  1. User Interface and Navigation

An app’s user interface (UI) is crucial, as it directly impacts the user experience. A well-designed UI can make it easier for users to find what they’re looking for and make the overall experience more enjoyable.

When evaluating an app’s UI and navigation, consider the following: 

  • The menu should be easy to navigate and organized, with relevant sections for different types of content.
  • The app should be easy to search, with filters that allow users to sort through content by criteria like date, fighter, or league.
  • The app should be visually appealing and use images and graphics to convey information.
  • The app should be responsive and load quickly, with smooth screen transitions.
  1. Availability of Live and On-demand Matches

When it comes to boxing, access to both live and on-demand matches is essential. The app should offer several live matches, including major bouts and lesser-known matchups. It should also provide access to on-demand matches so that users can catch up on matches they may have missed or re-watch their favorite fights.

  1. Video and Audio Quality

An app’s video and audio quality can significantly impact the user experience. The app should provide high-quality audio/video streams with smooth playback and minimal buffering or lag. For an immersive experience, it should support HD or 4K resolution where available.

  1. Compatibility with Devices

The best apps should be compatible with a range of streaming devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, Roku, Apple TV, and smart TVs. And not just it should also be optimized for different screen sizes and resolutions to ensure that content looks good across all devices.

  1. Availability of Additional Features

The availability of extra bells and whistles can make the watching experience even more enjoyable and engaging.

Here are a few to consider if it comes to that:

  • Creating watch lists
  • Marking favorite fights 
  • Fight schedule
  • Notifications for upcoming matches or events
  • Chat feature to discuss matches in real-time

Top 5 Best Boxing Live Stream Apps

Best Boxing Live Stream Apps

Below are the best apps to watch boxing without paying anything. Note these apps differ from boxing live-streaming websites as they don’t offer browser streaming functionality. 

  1. Live NetTV
Live NetTV Firestick


  • 700+ live channels
  • Regular updates
  • Chromecast compatibility
  • Channel requesting 

Live NetTV ranks as our number-one pick for the best boxing apps. With over 700 channels available, the app allows users to watch an extensive range of channels worldwide.

LiveNet TV’s new live event section sets it apart from other sports streaming apps. 

It displays all upcoming sports events, including major boxing matches. Accessing the event is as easy as selecting it and then choosing to watch it using the suggested channel or a different one.

Furthermore, you can also search for channels that broadcast boxing matches, such as ESPN, BT Sport, SkySports, and DAZN. Additionally, you can stream the action to their big screen using Chromecast, LocalCast, WebVideoCast, and Bubble UPnP player.


  • Free boxing streaming
  • No ads
  • No sign-up requirement
  • The small file size makes it suitable for space-starved devices like Firestick.


  1. Mobdro
Mobdro App


  • Supports videos in different languages
  • Bookmark videos
  • Sort videos based on language and topic.
  • Helpful content categorization

Mobdro is one of the best free boxing apps.

And for a good reason, it offers most boxing events on a single platform. You can access channels from all over the world, with broadcasters from the US, Europe, South America, and Africa.

Mobdro is well-organized into categories, making navigation a breeze. Head to the sports section and select boxing to find what you want. 

Can’t you watch the match live? No problem!

Mobdro allows you to record the stream and watch it at your convenience. But, you can only disable ads by agreeing to share their idle resources, which may put off some users. 


  • Channels from all over the world
  • Well organized
  • Record streams


  • Disable ads by sharing the internet 
  1. Kodi
android kodi box - free boxing live stream app


  • Official app available on all major app stores
  • Unlimited content
  • Full compatibility with all streaming devices
  • Privacy & Security

The XBMC Foundation has developed Kodi, a media player software application that is both free and open-source. Unlike the apps mentioned above, Kodi is an official app that functions as a media organizer and a streaming app. 

Although the app offers no streams or content, it is one of the top choices for watching live boxing matches when properly configured. You must install the following sports streaming Kodi add-ons to accomplish this. 

Instead of installing the add-ons individually, you can opt for a Kodi build. A build will not only enhance the appearance of Kodi but will also install numerous add-ons, allowing you to watch anything you desire. 


  • Free & open source
  • 1000+ Kodi addons
  • Highly customizable
  • Active user base 


  • Requires technical knowledge
  1. HD Streams
HD Streams App - free boxing live stream app


  • Quality streams from 1000+ live channels
  • Floating style streaming option
  • Simple user interface & navigation

HD Streams is another great streaming option for boxing enthusiasts. It offers several boxing matches and PPV events. This app stands out because of its simple interface, making it look like an official app. 

Currently, there are over a thousand live TV channels on this app. When you go to the sports section, you can access all the big names like Sky, ESPN, BT Sport, etc. You can also customize the look – though not as much as Kodi. 

Like Mobdro, HD Streams allow disabling ads by sharing idle internet resources. While this can be good for some users, it can affect streaming quality for most of the users. 


  • HD quality streams
  • All major cable sports channels
  • Customization options


  • Disable ads only by sharing resources
  1. RedBox
RedBox TV - free boxing live stream app


  • 1000+ satellite and cable channels
  • SD & HD streaming
  • Up to 4 streams of an event

RedBox or RedBox TV is another excellent choice for streaming live boxing events. It offers a massive library of 1000+ satellite and cable tv channels. You can watch them in SD or HD free of cost. Oh, and it’s a fast app offering smooth playback. 

RedBox provides streams from big sports networks like ESPN, Fox Sports, BT Sport, and more. You can find all of them in the sports section on the app’s homepage. If you need help finding a channel, there’s also a search option to help you find a channel. 

The best thing about Redbox is that it offers multiple streams (up to 4) for a particular event. If for some reason, you’re unable to connect to a specific server, you can choose anyone from the other three. 


  • Massive library of channels
  • Smooth playback
  • User-friendly app


  • Ads during streaming

Alternatives to Free Boxing Live Stream Apps

If you’re a fan of boxing, you may have come across various free live-stream apps that offer access to live matches.

While these apps may seem like a convenient way to watch your favorite fighters in action, they often come with several downsides such as poor video quality, unreliable streams, and the risk of malware and viruses.

Fortunately, there are several safe and legal alternatives that provide high-quality live streaming of boxing matches.

In this list, we’ll explore some of the best alternatives to free boxing live-stream apps.

  1. Paid streaming services

There are a variety of paid streaming services that offer access to live boxing events and matches. You can go for DAZN, ESPN+, and Showtime, among others. These boxing live-stream services often require a monthly subscription fee but offer high-quality streaming (even 4k in some cases) and access to a wide range of boxing content.

  1. Cable & satellite subscribers

Many cable and satellite TV providers offer access to live boxing matches as part of their standard TV packages or as pay-per-view events. This can be a good option for cable or satellite subscribers.

  1. PPV & On-demand events

Pay-per-view events are a common way to access live boxing matches. These events are often available through cable and satellite TV providers and online streaming services. You can go to FITE.tv or UFC Fight Pass to access these exclusive PPV events.

  1. Local sports bars

Many sports bars and restaurants show live boxing events on big screens. This can be a fun way to watch with friends or other boxing fans without spending any extra money. 

Legal and Safety Issues with Free Boxing Live Stream Apps

Many free boxing live-stream apps do not have the legal rights to broadcast the content they offer, and using these apps can be considered illegal.

Not to mention, Free streaming apps often come with a risk of malware and viruses. Using a compromised app can harm your device and compromise your personal information.

Most importantly, free streaming apps may collect your personal information and browsing data, which can be sold to third-party companies or used for targeted advertising.

Solution: A Reliable VPN like IPVanish

A reliable VPN service like IPVanish can help address these problems by providing a secure and private connection for your online activities.

IPVanish uses advanced encryption protocols to protect your data from prying eyes. And its strict no-logs policy means that your online activity is not recorded or stored anywhere.

IPVanish VPN for PC - free boxing live stream app

In addition, IPVanish has an extensive network of 2,200+ servers in 75+ locations worldwide.

It allows users to bypass any geo-restrictions and access content that may be restricted in their area.

This is particularly useful for boxing fans who want to watch matches that may be outside their region.


While there are many free sports streaming apps, you can hardly find a resource that offers all worldwide boxing events on a single platform.

However, these free boxing live stream app options offer some respite.

So, whether you’re looking for live boxing events streaming or free PPV boxing streams, these apps come in handy. Install them on your Firestick, smartphone, smart TV, or a compatible gaming console, and start streaming your favorite fights.

Just be careful not to stream any copyrighted content. Good luck!

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