Ford F150 Insurance: Cost And Providers

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The insurance world is indeed one of the safest worlds to be in, and the matter of fact is that we all love to be in such safe and secure places. Ford F150 has been a highly-rated pickup truck in the US for over 40 years, and since then, the primary concern among the Ford F150 owners is the Ford F150 insurance cost.

Don’t you worry because we have got you covered with the same. Further is a detailed guide on the Ford F150 insurance Cost. Go on to learn everything about the Ford F150 Insurance Cost in depth.

The fan following of the Ford F150 is growing in numbers, and the insurance cost is increasing along with the number of fans. A top question for those on the market for one should be how much is insurance for a Ford F150? The cost will vary greatly on a number of factors, but on average, a Ford F150 will cost $1,478 per year to insure.

To know more about the Ford F150 insurance cost, you must go ahead with this article. From the insurance cost of the Ford F150 to the cheapest Ford F150 insurance, we have covered every bit of intricacy further.

How Much is Insurance for a Ford F150?

The average Ford F150 insurance cost is $1,478 per year and is remarked as $123 if paid every month. As compared to the average insurance policy cost of a whole truck segment in 2022, the Ford F150 insurance cost is assumed to be $179 cheaper every year.

As per the reports, the Ford F150 insurance cost on average ranges from $106 to $140 per month. It depends highly upon the trim length of the insured truck.

The trucks like XL Regular cab model with low-cost truck trim levels usually own the cheapest insurance rates; however, the high-cost truck trim levels like Platnimum have comparatively high insurance rates.

What is the Cheapest Ford F150 Insurance Cost?

The cheapest Ford F150 insurance cost available is the XL Regular Cab model with a 6 ½ or 8 feet bed and has a cheap trim level with a base MSRP of $29,990.

Though if we add 4-wheel drive to the cause, it may increase the cost by $4.645, as per the historical insurance loss data, Ford F150 4-wheel drive models are the ones with lower property damage which means that one must opt for the 4WD option in regards to the suitable insurance rates.

Further is the table for 2022 Ford F150 insurance cost By Trim Level

Ford F150 Trim LevelAnnual Policy6-month PolicyPer Month
XL Regular Cab 4WD$1,272$636$106
XL Super Cab 4WD$1,324$662$110
XLT Regular Cab 4WD$1,344$672$112
Lightning Pro$1,356$678$113
XL SuperCrew 4WD$1,362$681$114
XLT Super Cab 4WD$1,372$686$114
XL Regular Cab$1,372$686$114
XLT SuperCrew 4WD$1,392$696$116
Lariat Super Cab 4WD$1,420$710$118
Lariat SuperCrew 4WD$1,434$717$120
XL Super Cab$1,434$717$120
Tremor SuperCrew 4WD$1,448$724$121
Lightning XLT$1,448$724$121
XLT Regular Cab$1,458$729$122
Lightning XLT Premium$1,468$734$122
XL SuperCrew$1,478$739$123
King Ranch SuperCrew 4WD$1,478$739$123
XLT Super Cab$1,492$746$124
Platinum SuperCrew 4WD$1,492$746$124
Raptor SuperCrew 4WD$1,508$754$126
Lightning Lariat$1,508$754$126
XLT SuperCrew$1,516$758$126
Lightning Lariat Premium$1,540$770$128
Lariat Super Cab$1,550$775$129
Lightning Platinum$1,562$781$130
Lariat SuperCrew$1,568$784$131
Tremor SuperCrew$1,582$791$132
King Ranch SuperCrew$1,616$808$135
Platinum SuperCrew$1,630$815$136
Raptor SuperCrew$1,648$824$137
Limited SuperCrew$1,678$1,678XLT SuperCrew

What is the Average Ford F150 Insurance Cost by Various Insurance Companies?

The major decider of your Ford F150 insurance cost is the insurance company you choose to pick. Though the average Ford F150 insurance cost is $1,478 per year, it can also be high to low, depending upon the insurance company you choose.

As per the data, USAA is the cheapest car insurance company for Ford F150 and Allied is the most expensive one available.

The average Ford F150 insurance cost by various insurance companies is as follows.

CompanyAverage Annual Rates
State Farm$1,142

What are the Best Car Insurance Companies for a Ford F150?

The main factor that defines an insurance company for a Ford F150 as the best car insurance company is its cost.

Other factors defining the car insurance company as the best car insurance company for a Ford F150 are the customer complaint level, customer review and ratings, and affordability.

  • USAA
  • State Farm
  • Progressive
  • Nationwide
  • Allstate
  • Allied

What are the Cheapest Car Insurance Companies for a Ford F150?

Currently, USAA is one of the cheapest car insurance companies for a Ford F150 that has comparatively the lowest full coverage car insurance rates than others.

Though Amica and Erie’s insurance is also looked upon extensively by the non-military members, however, most of the military members go for the USAA as the cheapest car insurance company for a Ford F150 insurance cost.

To add on, one must make sure that the insurance rates are likely to vary for every driver. One must request a quotation from the insurance company before closing the deal.

What is the Cost of Insuring A Ford F150 by Model Year?

The cost of insuring a Ford F150 is a little more inexpensive for older models than expected. As the overall value of a car deteriorates with time, the comprehensive cost and collision coinsurance also fall down gradually.

The cost of the Ford F150 2005 model is $999 on average, and the 2020 model Ford F150 estimates at around $1,269 approximately.

To sum up, the cheapest insurance company varies according to the model year of the Ford F150 car. The average insurance cost of the cheapest insurance company USAA is $1.059.

Ford F150 is a highly concerned topic in today’s time. The insurance rates are rising day by day, and so is the risk of uncertainties and damage.

The average Ford F150 insurance cost is $1,478 per year, and in this regard, USAA is considered the best and cheapest insurance company for military members of all time.

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