Best Mobile Torrent App Flud APK – Download Movies to Mobile + Stream on Firestick

Flud APK is a great new torrent client that comes jam-packed with amazing features. It’s intuitive, reliable, and simple to use. This article explains how to install, setup, use, and customize it for a more streamlined experience. We’ll also talk briefly about some of its best features. In the end, we discuss how mirroring from your phone can let you stream downloaded movies from your phone to Firestick.

So without further ado, let’s begin!

How to Install Flud APK

This is the easy part. Surprisingly, you can simply download Flud APK from the Google Play Store.

Currently, there are two versions available. The free version features ads while the pro costs $1.5 (one-time payment) for add-free user experience.

There’s absolutely no difference in features, though, and both versions offer the same stable experience. The free version seems appropriate for users who are starting out and want to test the waters. However, we recommend purchasing the pro version as a gesture of support for the developers. It’s very inexpensive and has the potential to save you a lot of money!

Flud APK download Android mobile

Keeping Your Torrents Private with Flud APK

BitTorrent is a pubic sharing protocol. It means, every peer who shares a file with you can see your information such as location and IP address. If you have joined multiple swarms, everyone can see the files you’re sharing. Hiding your torrent history to protect your privacy is, therefore, a good idea.

For example, when you’re using any torrent client, go to the details of an already active torrent. Select the peers tab, and you’ll be able to see all the IP address you’re sharing the torrent with. Torrent Clients like BitTorrent need this information to know their address and keep them in the loop. However, it’s a privacy risk as your identity is visible to everyone in the torrent swarm. 

Besides your peers, your shared data is also visible to your ISP. In fact, they can check on every data packet being transferred. They can see the type of data as well as it’s destination. What’s more, your ISP can even notice that you’re using BitTorrent. In order to torrent anonymously and protect yourself against prying eyes while using Flud APK, there are two leading solutions: Use a VPN or get a proxy.

How to Install Flud on Android

Selecting a VPN/Proxy

VPN and proxies route your traffic through a remote intermediate server. It means your torrent peers or internet service provider (ISP) won’t see your real IP address. Instead, they will get the proxy or VPN’s IP address without even noticing that you’re using these services. Both of these options have advantages and limitations. VPNs offer more security, while proxies are cost-effective.

For extra security, we suggest using both. You can set-up a proxy server and then add a VPN on top of it to encrypt your internet traffic. While many good companies offer these services, it’s better to opt for one that includes SOCKS5 proxy along with their VPN subscription. We prefer SOCKS5 over HTTP because it’s more secure. Long time visitors of this website know that our recommendation for a reliable VPN service is IPVanish. And the good news is, it also provides a SOCKS5 proxy.

You can easily use IPVanish’s proxy address with Flud APK or Firefox. The reason we recommend IPVanish is because they have a strict zero-logs policy to protect your online history. Moreover, they support unlimited bandwidth, which is a critical consideration when you’re torrenting.

IPVanish comes in affordable packages and a 30-days money-back guarantee so you can get your hard-earned money back if you’re not satisfied by their service. 

That said, let’s look at how to configure Flud APK with a SOCKS5 proxy. 

IPVanish VPN Mobile

Setting Up Flud APK Proxy

We briefly touched upon Flud APK’s built-in proxy support in the introduction of this article. Here’s how you can utilize it for a more secure and private torrenting experience. 

Step 1: Purchase and Sign up for IPVanish

We recommend IPVanish because of its reliability and convenience. Their service is fast and doesn’t drop in quality after a while, unlike others. Their payment plans are also very reliable. Plus, they’re offering a VPN and a proxy server in one. Is that not enough?

To sign up for IPVanish, use our site link. It helps you get a steep discount and helps support our content at the same time. We vet any recommendations we make thoroughly so that they’re a win-win for everyone. IPVanish really is the best around.

Step 2: Get a proxy username and password.

IPVanish gives access to SOCKS5 proxy servers all over the world. You can use any of these or get a private proxy username and pass by following these instructions: 

  • Go to, and navigate to the “My Account” tab.
  • Login to Control Panel with your registered credentials
  • Look for the SOCKS5 proxy tab in Control Panel.
  • Your SOCKS5 proxy details will be shown here. You can “Reset Credentials” to change your proxy information.
IPVanish VPN for working from home

Step 3: Add your proxy settings to Flud APK

The third step is configuring Flud APK to use SOCKS5 proxy to effectively mask your real IP Address. To do this, access Flud APK proxy settings by going to the “Menu” option, find “Settings” followed by “Network and Proxy Settings.” Change all the settings here as per IPVanish details. 

  • Proxy Type: SOCKS5
  • Host: Generated in the previous step
  • Port: 1080
  • Also, use for Peer Connections: Yes
  • Requires Authentication: Yes
  • Username: Generated in the previous step
  • Password: Generated in the previous step
  • “Apply Proxy” and restart to finish the process

Step 4: Add encryption for additional security

In the final step, use IPVanish to stop anyone from fishing for your private information. IPVanish for Android devices work really well in this regard.

You can also utilize Flud APK’s built-in encryption, but it’s not as strong and reliable as IPVanish. If you want to use the built-in encryption, here’s how to do just that. 

Access “Menu” and then go to “Settings,” followed by “Network and Encryption. There are two setup options available. You can either go for the encryption enabled (optional) mode or the full encryption mode.

The former uses encryption when available, while the latter forces the Flud APK client to connect only to peers with full encryption enabled. Thus the latter is more secure, but the download/upload speed may be affected due to a lack of peers with full encryption.  

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Flud APK Notable Features

Now that you know how to secure your torrents, it’s time to find out more what Flud APK has in store for you.

First things first, the interface is what you’d expect: simple and straightforward. All the features are easily accessible. For instance, you can start/pause or add/delete your torrent. Searching for new torrents, adding magnets, or accessing Settings is also possible. The main screen features three tabs that show you “All the torrents” along with “Queued” and “Finished.”

Furthermore, Flud APK provides very in-depth details of every torrent. By simply tapping on the torrent and going into “Details,” you can view trackers, edit trackers, change download location, view peers, trackers, and much more.

Some advanced configuration settings are also available in the Settings menu. The settings menu can be accessed by clicking on the 3 dots icon in the top right corner of the home screen. As every other app is going “Dark” these days, Flud APK follows the trend by allowing dark mode. You can use both Light and Dark themes as per your preference.

Flud APK Dark Mode Light Mode

Watch Downloaded Movies on Firestick.

Do you know that Firestick allows you to mirror content from your phone? You can torrent the movies with Flud APK and then watch them in HD quality on the big screen sitting on your couch. Here’s how to proceed with mirroring!

Step 1: Activate Mirroring on Firestick

Go to the Home menu on your Firestick by hitting the Home button. Move right until you get to “Settings.” Navigate to “Display & Sounds” and “Enable Display Mirroring”


You can do the same quickly by holding down the Home button on your Fire remote and choosing the option for “Mirroring.” Afterward, connect your Android device to Firestick. 

Once the mirroring feature has been activated, your Firestick will enter a receptive mode awaiting input from the Android device. To stop sharing, press any button on the Firestick remote control. 

Enable Firestick Mirroring
Select this option to enable Android / iPhone mirroring on Firestick

Step 2: Activate Mirroring on Android Devices.

The second step is to activate mirroring on your Android device. But there’s a catch here. Your device should support Miracast. All Android versions that came after 4.2 support this feature natively. Miracast is a file-sharing protocol (Just like Bluetooth!) that supports audio/video file sharing between WiFi devices.

Please Note: Many phone manufacturers use other names for Miracast, such as screen sharing, screen mirroring, Cast screen, Smart View, etc.

If your device doesn’t support mirroring, simply download a third-party mirror app like AllCast and get started. 

Firestick’s mirroring feature offers an exciting way to watch any type of media content on your smart TV. It gives you full control over the playback options. You can start or stop, pause or play, rewind, or forward as and when you please.  Finally, you can stop mirroring by pressing any button on the Firestick remote. 

AllCast for Fire TV Stick
Just search for AllCast and install the AllCast app on Fire TV


That’s about it. Flud APK is a comprehensive and easy-to-use torrent downloader for Android users. Just make sure you’re using it with necessary precautions.

IPVanish gives you a two in one solution for security by offering both VPN and a SOCKS5 proxy. Follow the steps mentioned here if you run into any problems. You can then enjoy movies and TV shows on your Android device or mirror them on your TV with Firestick for a better viewing experience.

Have fun!

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