Here’s how to Fix Windows 10 errors and issues quickly.  Use the 4 step-by-step sections below to get your PC running smoothly again.

The Windows operating system has come a long way from the first time it was made available to the customers. It is now one of the most widely used computing OS in the world. However, it is still far away from the status of a perfect OS. Windows OS has associated with a lot of glitches and performance issues on a regular basis.

Windows 10 Post-Launch

But, after the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft took a step ahead to access its goal of making Windows the perfect OS. Despite the fact that Windows 10, by far, is the best operating system, we can see thousands of threads open on the Windows forum asking for solutions to Windows problems that people face for their Windows devices.

In this article, I will help you with repairing Windows 10. By the end of this article, you will be able to fix problems that most of the Windows 10 users often face.




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Before I introduce you with those common problems and provide their solutions, let me first tell you about the best place to find fixes to your Windows problems, in case, you do not find their answers here.

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Windows Forum

It is the perfect place to search for a solution to your problems related to Windows operating system. The extended Windows community is known as one of the most active online communities of the world with a significant level of support from the expert developers. If you have been searching for a one-stop solution for all your Windows computer problems, then the forum is your best shot at getting the appropriate response.

Before you visit any Windows forum, I suggest you read this article, as here you will get easy solutions to fix Windows 10 problems.

Here, we have discussed the top 4 problems associated with Windows 10 and how to fix them.

Fix Windows 10: Top 4 Common Problems

The first step to fix Windows 10 is to identify the problem. Once you have successfully identified the problem, you can follow one or more of these steps to fix the issue.

Problem 1: Automatic Reboot

Fix Windows 10 Auto Reboot issue

How to Fix Windows 10 Auto Reboot

This problem is commonly associated with Windows update. Your Windows 10 computer can reboot when you are not paying attention or can reboot all of a sudden due to a particular error.

Most people panic under these situations without realizing that there are simple solutions to such a problem.

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You can solve the automatic reboot issue in several ways. Some of these solutions may help you.

  • Choose Active Hours: To fix Windows 10 automatic reboot error due to an update you can select the active hours of the system and schedule the updates when you are sure that you won’t be using your computer. You can choose the active hours once you see the notification for the update on your notification bar.
  • Adjust Task Scheduler Times: Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Task Scheduler. From this location, search for the Microsoft\Windows\UpdateOrchestrator, which governs your reboot time. Right click on it and disable it to stop the automatic reboot.
  • Download Dedicated Application: You can download dedicated apps like Shutdownguard to fix Windows 10 automatic reboot issue.

Problem 2: Performance Slow Down

Fix Windows 10 slow PC

Use the steps below to Speed Up Your PC or laptop!

The Windows 10 mechanism is relatively straightforward to understand, but it contains several intricacies that you do not fully understand. It is typical for a Windows user to experience a lag in performance rates after a fair amount of usage.

Follow these steps to regain the lost speed on your system.


  • Disable Startup Apps: If your system takes a lot of time during boot up, then it is most likely due to applications like Skype. These applications drain processing power to start automatically during the computer boot up. Therefore, to quicken the system boot up, you need to disable a few unwanted applications from Task Manager. Access Task Manager and select the startup tab to activate or deactivate the app boot up.
  • Delete Useless Applications: It is common for a person to accumulate unwanted or bloatware applications over time. To save space and quicken your system, make sure that you delete these useless applications from time to time. Type Add or remove programs in your search bar to access the list of applications for uninstallation.
  • Reset Windows 10: In case nothing works out, just reset your computer to improve its performance.  This will restore your PC or laptop to the levels at which they were when your computer was brand new. Type Reset in your search bar to access the reset menu on your Windows 10 computer.  Then use the reset menu to reset Windows 10.
  • Slow Internet?  Your ISP could be throttling your bandwidth.  Get a high-speed VPN to fix it.

Problem 3: Low Storage Space

Fix Windows 10 low disk space

Free up disk space in Windows 10

It is a major issue in Windows computers since they tend to accumulate a lot of unnecessary files that occupy the storage space.

Follow these methods to free up a considerable amount of hard drive space on your Windows 10 system.


  • Clean Temporary Files: Every OS accumulates some temporary files to run a little better. However, these temporary files need clean-up occasionally, to save the storage space on your device. You can install a PC Cleaner software like CCleaner to help you carve out a lot of space on your computer. CCleaner is available for free download on several websites.
  • Disk Clean-up: The disk cleanup feature comes inbuilt with the Windows OS. It is a good way to fix Windows 10 pc and save a lot of space. To perform disk cleanup, simply type Disk Cleanup in your search bar and navigate to the cleaner features.
  • Delete Files: A simple deletion of files from a particular folder on your computer can help you save a lot of space. Go to OS Drive (Usually C Drive) > Windows > SoftwareDistribution > Download. Here select all files and delete them to clear a considerable amount of space on your computer.

Problem 4: Solving Minor/Major Problems using Start-up Repair

Windows 10 startup repair

Use Windows startup repair to fix Windows 10 Startup issues

This method is an advanced method to fix Windows 10.  Carry out these steps only if you have the experience to do so or have an expert guide to help you through the process.

This solution is critical and can help you in case your computer does not start-up properly.


Follow these steps to perform the startup repair.

  1. Press the start button on your PC/laptop.
  2. As soon as you see any activity on the screen, start pressing the F11 button on your keyboard continuously.
  3. Then a blue screen appears with some options. Select the Troubleshoot option using your keyboard arrow keys.
  4. Now go to the Advanced Options.
  5. Then select Startup Repair.

The PC will now try to fix any problems associated with the startup, and in case there is any problem it will automatically fix it for you.

There are other methods to fix Windows 10 computer. However, they differ from problem to problem. Most of the Windows 10 problems can be fixed by executing the methods listed above.

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