How to fix the VCRUNTIME140.dll error while installing Kodi?

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The VC RUN TIME 140.dll is missing is a type of error that occurs on Microsoft Windows. When you install a Windows update, the issue typically arises at that time or sometimes even after the unsuccessful installing of the specific program. At times reinstalling the particular programs which need the file works but then there are other reasons and solutions to this as well.

How to fix VCRUNTIME140.dll error while installing Kodi?

The pop-up that appears which informs about missing file prompts users for looking at the VCRUNTIME140.dll link online. But then downloading this file from unknown sources or other shady websites might harm your computer.

You must also know which operating your computer system uses before following the process. You should be careful as these other websites might be employed to host malware over the download links.

In the article below, all the methods that you can follow while facing such issues are enlisted.

What exactly is the VCRUNTIME 140.dll?

The VC RUN TIME 140.dll basically is a file that is used by the visual C + + that is redistributable for the visual studio of 2015. The C ++ package files get automatically installed through any software which requires them & these separate files of C ++ are then the further response to the execution of runtime element of particular software. Many users have reported that VC runtime 140 is the missing error that is being shown over the Adobe Creative Cloud.

By many technicians from Adobe, this particular program might occur because of the migration of Adobe creative cloud from the Microsoft runtimes into the visual C + +. Adobe has made these changes to make certain that the software of Adobe creative cloud is exploiting runtimes that are being supported by Microsoft.

Not only this also there are many other extensive reports as well from users who pointed out the same problem that is the issue of VC RUN TIME 140. dll on installing Kodi.

Whenever the users install Kodi, the error message mentioned in the above section appears on the screen, and later even after the user reinstalls that particular media player software, it does not however solve the problem.

Why does the VC RUN TIME 140. DLL error occurs?

There are many reasons as to why the VC runtime 140 DLL errors occur. Before knowing how you could solve your problem, you should first know the causes of this problem.

Some of the most common and general causes of this error are listed below.

  • Many users encounter missing VC runtime 140 dll error over the Adobe creative cloud the according to the technicians of Adobe this problem might occur because of the migration of Adobe creative cloud from the Microsoft runtime into the visual C + +. This change was initiated for ensuring that the software of the creative cloud is exploiting runtime which is supported by Microsoft.
  • In addition to this, many people in the vast majority complain that they are facing VC RUN TIME 140. Dll issues while installing the Kodi. The message mentioned above of error appears whenever the user starts installing Kodi and even after reinstalling this software, the problem persists.
  • The VC RUN TIME 140. Dll is not found an issue that can occur whenever the system gets infected with the malware. The machine is corrupted and gets damaged. Such damage to the file might occur when a particular application is deleted. The very much needed components which are missing cause the need for the VC runtime 140 dll download.
  • Finally, some of the users have also expressed complaints regarding the missing MVCR110. DLL and the VC RUN TIME 140. Dll files that would not allow WAMP software for work.

The error occurs due to the above-mentioned reasons. If you are also facing this issue then keep reading the article. It contains all the methods that you can put to use to solve your issue.

How do you fix the VC RUN TIME 140.DLL missing error?

The issue of missing is very common. So, we have here come up with few methods which can be used to curve put the problem that you are facing while installing Kudo.

1. Use the advanced system of repair Pro

The damaged files of dll might be due to installing and reinstalling different programs constantly. Sometimes files might get overwritten and get corrupted like above. These might cause problems to those applications when a program needs the older version to run, but since these applications are overwritten with a newer version, the problem occurs.

The PC repair tool would quickly repair all sorts of common errors that you might face on computers also protects the user from any sort of data or file loss, hardware failure, trojans, malware and it also optimize your computer to boost out for the maximum performance. To fix the computer issue of a common error you can follow these three simple steps that are mentioned below.

  • Download the PC repair tool which is also rated on as excellent.
  • The next step is to tap on the option of Start Scan for finding errors that are related to Windows.
  • The last and final step to be followed is to click on Repair All option for fixing all sorts of issues with the Patented Technologies.

These are the few steps that you could follow to fix the common issue of VC RUN TIME 140. dll while installing Kudo. This method is strongly recommended as it is the quickest repair method for computer errors.

2. Reinstalling of Visual C++ Redistributable for the Visual Studio 2015

The IT specialist and also specialist of Adobe recommend reinstalling Visual C + + redistributable for visual studio 2015 for fixing the missing error of VC runtime 140 dll.

It becomes very important to follow the official guidelines of Microsoft and then properly installing missing files or else you might have to then struggle with every corrupted program individually which you would not want.

Although you might find different sources to download this software, it is highly recommended to download it from the official website of Microsoft. To download it, the following are the steps that you need to follow. For downloading the files that are missing that is .dll from the official website of Microsoft, you could follow the given steps.

  • Try to find out the file of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable from the official website of Microsoft and then download this file from the website. Get the Microsoft website, click on the button of download.
  • You would then be directed to another page where it will ask to choose download which you want. You would find 2 files: vc_redist.x86.exe and another one is vc_redist.x64.exe. For making it simple and easy for you, you could download the x86 version file, if the computer of yours is running an operating system of 32- bit. If your computer is using the operating system of 64-bit, choose the file x64 version. For selecting the file, you can simply put a tick to the file that wants to select and then tap on the option ‘Next’.
  • Now open a file that you have selected (see the file name in the lowermost part of the browser window). You would then be asked for reading all the Terms and conditions of Microsoft Software, which you would have to agree to move forward for installing the pieces of missing Software. After ticking on the option that you agree to the license terms & conditions, select the option ‘Install’.
  • It is highly recommended to reinstall the Visual C++ Redistributable for the Visual Studio (2015) because it the best way out for fixing the .dll type of missing error.
  • It is very important to follow the official guidelines of Microsoft & also to install the files that are missing correctly from the website.

This would most probably solve your issue of the error while installing Kudo which you are facing and different programs would no longer show the described error again.

3. Repair the Microsoft Visual C ++ (2015) Redistributable

Another method for fixing the problem of VC RUN TIME 140. DLL missing error while installing Kodi is to repair the Microsoft Visual C ++ (2015) Redistributable. The steps for the same are mentioned below.

  • Right-click over the Windows icon of the start menu. After this select the option of Control Panel. There is also another option where you can simply type ‘control’ over the search bar by opening Search to get the same program.
  • After this opens, the programs and features or the remove/add programs in accordance to operating system type that your computer use.
  • Find the Visual C++ (2015) Redistributable of Microsoft with the version number x64 and then click on the option ‘Change’.
  • When an installer appears on the screen, do not select uninstall instead select the option of ‘Repair’.
  • The last and final step is to reboot your system to fix the missing error problem of VC RUN TIME 140. dll while installing Kodi.

Following the above steps, you would be able to solve the problem you are experiencing. There are other methods as well. Use those methods that suit your problem.

4. Reinstall the program that is displaying an error

The next method which might solve your problem is to reinstall the program which displays the error. Follow the below-mentioned method.

Re-install the specific program which was being stopped to get installed because of the missing error VC RUN TIME 140. dll.(For example- The particular program which you wanted to install was Skype which is been affected, then you can simply uninstall this particular program from the computer through the control panel list of programs and then download & install the latest version of it from the official website.)

You might also do a repair trick through the same technique which is described in the methods above.

5. Run the file checker of the system for fixing the VC runtime 140 DLL missing error

To fix the common error that you face while installing Kodi you could run the file checker of the system to check if the system contains any sort of outdated, damaged, or corrupted files.

You could use the windows search to find out the command prompt after that right-click over it and then select the run as administrator option now type Sfc / scan now command, then press the option Enter for executing it.

To be noted: you might find many offers for installing VC runtime 140 dll separately but do not download it, hackers, many times disguise these malicious programs, and therefore whenever you try executing required files you land up with malware infection.

The above are a few of the best-proven methods which you could use to fix the problem of the common error of VC RUN TIME 140. dll. The methods have been proven best for resolving the issue of the .dll missing error.

But this is again to remind you that various websites do offer you to download the file separately but do not fall into the hands of those scammers as that might lead to installing the infected file instead.

The software for data recovery is also available that could help you recover the files of yours in case you lost your file. Once the file is deleted, it however does not vanish, it remains in your system.

By using these tools you can prevent the loss of files permanently which might be very important to you. Install the file only from the reliable source that is the official website of Microsoft as you should not comprises the security of your system. Hope we were able to solve the issue you were facing which is the VC RUN TIME 140 .dll missing error while installing the Kodi.

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