Real-Debrid Solves Slow Buffering Issues: Quick 5 Minute Fix

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We’ve all had those moments where you are watching an exciting scene in a show, then suddenly – the dreaded buffering wheel appears and the show freezes. Depending on your streaming service or internet quality, you may have to close the app to restart your show. These interruptions can be annoying, especially if they start becoming more frequent. You could just accept the buffering problems or you could try using Real-Debrid.

Real-Debrid is a service that can alleviate buffering issues you encounter while streaming content. Keep reading to learn more!

What is Real-Debrid?

Real-Debrid refers to itself as an “Unrestricted Downloader” that allows you to use your internet connection to the fullest while giving you access to premium streaming services. Essentially, it is a multi hoster that users can use to optimize their download speeds.

Their streaming services also allow users to view new content that they otherwise would never have access to or even know existed. This unrestricted downloading service also fixes buffering for most Kodi on-demand services.

Real-Debrid is often confused as an add-on. It is not. It is a multi hoster that can add new streaming services to what you already can access. It works the best with FireStick apps such as CatMouse APK, Bee TV, or Cinema HD.

In short, Real-Debrid provides new movies or shows for you to watch. It also can function as a remedy for Kodi buffering problems. This product is a great tool for viewers! It is also fairly simple to get up and running.

Real-Debrid Kodi

How Can I Set Up my Real-Debrid Account?

First, you will want to sign up for Real-Debrid. The process is easy and won’t take long. Simply visit their website and hit the “Sign Up” button at the top. From there, you can enter your information to make your free account.

You will be asked to validate the email you used. Simply click the link they provide for you in your email and you are ready to get started! Be sure to use your new login to gain access to their services.

How to Set Up Real-Debrid on Kodi 18 and 17.6

Getting Real-Debrid set up from here is easy! Kodi uses a similar interface on all devices, so this process should work on whatever you are using (including the Amazon Fire TV Stick). After making your free account, you will want to get it set up as soon as possible so you can start experiencing the benefits it offers.

Here are all the steps to set up Real-Debrid:

Allow URLResolver to Unrestrict Links with Real Debrid
  1. Open Kodi on your device and go to your Settings (the gear icon on the top left)
  2. Click on System Settings
  3. At the bottom left it should say “Basic”, click it to switch it to “Advanced”
  4. Click Add-ons then Manage dependencies
  5. Go to the bottom and click URLResolver
    1. If you also see ResolveURL you will need to go through the below steps again for this service to activate
    2. If there is no URLResolver you will need to install the Covenant Kodi Addon
  6. Click Configure
  7. Click Universal Resolvers
  8. Scroll down and open Real-Debrid then click on Priority and enter the number 90 in the box.
  9. Select Done and then OK, so the priority value is saved
  10. Click Configure
  11. Click Universal Resolvers and select Real-Debrid again.
  12. Click (Re)Authorize My Account (be sure you are still signed in)
  13. You will receive a code that you will enter on the Real-Debrid website’s device page
    1. The code is only active for 2 minutes, so be quick!

And you are done! It seems like a lot of steps, but they are all simple and quick. If you follow all of them through, you will have no issues in getting your Real-Debrid account linked to your device. You will be streaming in no time at all!

URLResolver Allowed to use Real Debrid - Close the Page

IMPORTANT: Everything you watch on Kodi can be viewed by your internet service provider and the government. If you use Kodi, you should connect to a VPN, such as IPVanish, to protect your information and data usage.

If you need a little help getting started look at our guide to walk you through how to install a VPN on literally any device.

How to Use Real-Debrid with Your Firestick Apps

Setting up Real-Debrid on your Firestick is easier than on Kodi. Be sure to have your account activated before you start with this process:

  1. Open the app you plan to pair Real-Debrid with
  2. Open the app’s Settings
  3. Open Real-Debrid (it might be at the bottom)
  4. You will be given a code, enter it here
  5. Open your app again, there will be an option to log in to Real-Debrid
  6. Start streaming!
Real Debrid Site - Enter Your Code

So you can see, getting your Real-Debrid account running on your Firestick apps is pretty easy. Once you set it up, you can watch tons of new content and enjoy them buffer-free! This is extra helpful to those who stream frequently, especially with others in your house doing the same, as multiple on-demand instances can quickly eat up your bandwidth.

Plus, the above method works on many different streaming apps meaning that this content can be easily available to you, no matter what on-demand products you have at home.

Real-Debrid Subscription Plans

There are different versions of Debrid that give you access to different features. Premium users will receive higher download and streaming speeds with no ads. Depending on your subscription, you will also receive fidelity points.

These points can be used to gain further access to their services. For example, saving up 1,000 points equates to 30 days of a free premium subscription. Earning these points is also fairly easy, as a 180-day subscription gives you 800 out of the 1,000 points.


Real-Debrid offers unrestricted downloads and streaming features. The product is easy to set up on Kodi and Firestick applications, meaning that you could be browsing their on-demand content as soon as today!

You will enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies without the interruption of buffering. Not to mention that you will gain access to a wider range of content, much of which you probably had no idea existed.

If you are bored of seeing the same old shows recommended over and over, make the switch to Real-Debrid.

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