How to Fix “Playback Failed on Kodi” Error in a Minute

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When streaming videos online, you can choose from several different media players to suit your unique taste. Sure, some media streamers have built-in media players. Still, you can go for external media players if you are into customization. One such media player is Kodi. It’s a very popular, open-source media player that lets you manage your movies, music, photos, videos, and move. You can also use it on Windows, Linux, iOS, or Android OS. 

However, it does have some problems of its own. Users often complain about getting a “Playback failed: one or more items failed to play” error, or on Firestick “one or more items failed to play” error messages while using this media player. What do these errors mean, how can you resolve these errors, and, most important of all, how to check the log on firestick? We will be answering all of these questions in the following paragraphs. Read on!

What Does Kodi Playback Failed Means? 

This error message can be due to a plethora of reasons. When you get this message, we advise checking the Kodi log files to ascertain the real cause behind the error. It is important to know that playback is the process of streaming a video from an online resource. Therefore, this error can mean any of the following: 

  • Kodi can’t access the content from its online resource because your internet is unstable
  • Kodi can’t access the content from its online resource because the content is geo-restricted
  • Kodi can’t access the content from its online resource because there are some cache issues with your streaming device (i.e. cache memory is full, etc.)

How to Check Log on Firestick for Kodi

Here’s a step-by-step process to check the log file for Kodi

Step 1: Launch Kodi and go to “Add-ons”

Step 2: Next, follow the navigation path below: 

Install from Repository>Kodi Add-on Repository > Program addons > Log Viewer for Kodi

(By default, Kodi does not give you access to logs. Therefore you have to install this addon to view all the error logs)

Step 3: Install and run the Log Viewer for Kodi addon, 

When the addon runs, you will see different options and logs, giving you a much better idea of what’s wrong with your device/Kodi

How to Fix Kodi message “One or More Items Failed to Play”
From DigitBin – Digital Bin for Tech! – Tutorial on Kodi Krypton V17.1. – Fix Kodi errors like playback failed, check the log for more information, one or more items failed, Could not load channels or pages, slow load, error codes, the script failed etc.

Below are all the possible solutions to this error message. Have a look!

Update the Addon 

In most cases, you get this error because you have not yet updated the addon. Therefore, you can fix this problem by simply updating the app. You can do so by going to Settings > File Manager > Addon. Select the addon that is giving you this error). After that, simply update and restart your Kodi. 

Downgrade to the Older Version

It’s true, sometimes you get this error because there is a problem with your current addon version. Downgrading to an older version that worked without any issues can also fix this problem in some cases. Here is how to proceed. 

  • Uninstall your current Kodi version
  • Go to the official Kodi website and log into your account
  • Now scroll down and search for older Kodi versions
  • Choose the previous version which worked fine on your device
  • Download, install and launch your Kodi 

Note: Several third-party websites host older Kodi versions. You can download your Kodi from there as well. But, always download Kodi from a trusted website. )

Unlock Access to Geo-restricted Content

Sometimes, popular websites and streaming services restrict some of their content to particular countries or geolocations. For instance, if you want to stream European Live Channels from the US, then in some cases, Kodi can throw a playback failed error. This is because the host of these files limits access to these files from certain IPs.

You can easily overcome this problem by using a VPN. A VPN or a Virtual Private Network masks your IP address so that it appears that you are accessing the internet from a different location. Long-time readers of our website know our go-to streaming VPN is IPVanish. Simply install IPVanish and enjoy uninterrupted streams.

The reason we recommend IPVanish is because it’s one of the fastest VPN services out there. Moreover, it lets you change your IP Address to more than 80 locations worldwide. It has a huge network of 2000+ servers all over the world, which makes its service highly reliable. Not to mention, they offer 30 days money-back guarantee to protect your investment. 

Delete the Database Files 

Sometimes if your Kodi won’t play anything, you can fix this issue by deleting the old database files. Follow the instructions below to do this: 

  • Launch your Kodi app
  • Navigate to the app’s “Settings” option
  • Then open the “File Manager.”
  • After that, head over to the app’s default “Profile Directory”. 
  • Then navigate to Database and then addons.DB

(Note addons.DB file usually comes with some numbers such as addons20.db)

  • Next, delete the addons.DB file. 

Clear the Cache Memory

Sometimes, even if the file is accessible and playable, Kodi fails to stream for any of the following reasons: 

  • Your device doesn’t support the format
  • The server that hosts the file is sending a poor response
  • M3U links have changed
  • Improper python script 

In this scenario, as all the content is stored in the cache, you can resolve this problem by clearing the cache. Simply go to the settings of Kodi and clear the cache. We also recommend clearing the cache files of the device that is running Kodi. 

Change the Device’s Compatibility Settings

In rare cases, the playback failed error occurs due to incompatible device settings. Therefore, making some changes to your existing settings can fix this problem. Here’s how you can do just that. 

  • Navigate to Kodi’s “Settings” 
  • Open the File Manager and then select the “Add Source” option
  • Replace the source URL with,
  • Go back to Home and select the addon option
  • Next, choose Install from the Zip file
  • Search for 
  • Double-tap to open the file
  • Then go to “Install from Repository and click on the “Ares Project” to install
  • Next, go to Home again and click on “Add-ons”.
  • Choose the Ares Wizard and choose Tweaks and then follow this navigation path: 

Tweaks > Advanced Settings > Next > Generate Settings

  • Once the new settings have been generated, make changes accordingly and relaunch Kodi. 

Use Another Addon to Fix the issue

Finally, you can use another addon like “RAW Maintenance” to fix the issue if all else fails. These addons are easy-to-use tools to maintain optimal performance. They purge your package of any errors, fix bugs, delete cache and thumbnails, and perform other regular maintenance operations. Follow the steps below to Install the “RAW Maintenance” addon. 

Step 1: Go to Kodi’s “Settings”

Step 2: Open the File Manager and “Add Source”

Step 3: In the URL field, enter the following URL and click OK:

Step 4: Go to Settings again

Step 5: Choose Add-ons and tap on Install from Zip file

Step 6: Search for and tap on Install

Step 7: Once the addon has been installed, restart your Kodi. 

Step 8: Launch the Raw Maintenance add-on and fix all the issues. 

Final Thoughts

So, these are all the possible ways about how to fix playback failed on Kodi. As it is a very minor error message, we have kept this article short. We hope the information provided in this article helped fix your problem. Which one of the solutions above solved your error? Do let us know in the comment section below. We will be happy to help! Thanks for reading, and have a great day.

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