Are you seeing the error message “Firestick Home is Currently Unavailable“? Is your remote lost as well?

This is such a huge issue for so many people that I decided to make this Methodical troubleshooting and Most Common Fixes (in order of common-ness) guide.

Is Firestick Home Currently Unavailable AND Lost Remote? Then you need to do this FIRST to gain remote control of your Firestick:

  1. Control Firestick with HDMI-CEC by using this video:
  2. or get micro-USB OTG adapter and plug a USB keyboard into the Firestick to gain control of Firestick and connect it to your WiFi
  3. or get a Firestick LAN adapter to direct-connect your Firestick to your router/modem, thus completely bypassing WiFi.

Once you’re able to operate your Firestick (using the Fire TV remote, your smartphone, USB OTG cable + USB keyboard, or using HDMI-CEC), try the Most Common Fixes (immediately below).




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Best Fire Stick Hacks
Lost your Fire TV remote? No problem. Read on:

If those don’t work for you, then follow the “Troubleshooting” section below that.

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Most common fixes (in order of popularity):

  • The Firestick is not connected to WiFi and you lost your remote – if this is the case, see above.
  • Firestick ran into a glitch. Power cycle Firestick to fix this.
  • Your modem/router ran into a glitch. Power cycle your modem/router to fix this as well.
  • Firestick is too overloaded with apps. Uninstall apps to solve this and use Background Apps and Process List app to stop apps running in the background.
  • The Firestick is too far away from the router/modem (causing too weak of a signal). Move Firestick closer.
  • Your TV is interfering with the Firestick WiFi signal. Amazon gives an HDMI extender with every Firestick, so make sure you plug that in to the back of the TV to make space between your Firestick and the TV. This prevents WiFi signal scrambling.
  • The Firestick is old and decrepit. and needs to be replaced. You can get a brand new 4K Firestick for about $50 on Amazon.

How to Troubleshoot Firestick Home Currently Unavailable

The most important part of fixing your Firestick WiFi issue is determining WHERE the problem is: with your Firestick – or with your WiFi?

To find this out, follow these steps:

Determining Where The Problem Is: With the Firestick or the WiFi Router

These steps show you how to find where your Firestick Home is Currently Unavailable issue is at:

1) Power cycle your Firestick.

Why? Firestick can get tired and run into a glitch every now and then.

So unplug the power cord from the Firestick. Wait 30 seconds. Then plug the power cable back in.

Amazon Firestick power supply
Unplug and plug in the Firestick power adapter to power cycle the Fire TV Stick

If the issue is fixed after turning the Firestick on, then the Firestick just ran into a glitch.

If the issue isn’t fixed, then keep troubleshooting – because the issue is most likely with your router/modem. But we don’t know for sure yet.

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to public WiFi. Secure your data.

2) Power cycle modem & router

Why unplug your router?

Often, our modems and routers can get confused about where to send data. To fix this, turn it on and off again.

So unplug your router/modem’s power cord, wait 30 seconds, and plug it back in.

Netgear Nighthawk 1900
Power cycle your modem and/or router

If your issue is fixed after waiting a few minutes, then your router/modem was the issue.

If the issue was not fixed, we now know 2 things:

  • Power cycling the Firestick didn’t fix the issue
  • and power cycling the modem/router didn’t fix the issue

So the easiest solutions didn’t work, but that’s OK – we can still fix it!

At this point, if Steps 1 and 2 didn’t fix your issue, there’s something else going on.

Keep reading to continue troubleshooting and get a better idea of what’s going on.

3) Check WiFi connection using another device (such as a smartphone)

BUT make sure to DISABLE Mobile Data on your phone before checking this – otherwise you’ll get a “false positive“. Your phone will SEEM like it’s connected to WiFi (because it’s using your Mobile data to reach the Internet).

WIFI connection for Amazon Firestick TV
Check your WiFi signal strength in the Firestick Settings area. You want a signal strength of at least “Good”, but preferably “Very Good”

Why do this? We need to find out if the issue is with your Firestick or your modem/router.

  • So, if your WiFi works fine on another device, then the issue is most likely with your Firestick – and not the modem/router.
  • In contrast, if your WiFI does NOT work on your 2nd device, then the issue is most likely with your router / modem and NOT your device(s).

4) If you have another Firestick / Fire TV, try temporarily replacing the fussy Firestick with the one you know works.

And if the WORKING Firestick has WiFi issues when placed at the same location as your fussy Firestick, then you know the issue is with the fussy Firestick and most likely NOT your router / modem.

Firestick keeps stopping
Replace your Firestick if all else fails!
Ian (KFire TV Admin)
Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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