Fire Stick Kodi not working?  Did Kodi stop working on your Amazon Fire Stick?  What happened to cause Kodi to stop working on my Fire Stick?

Fix it now!  We cover the following Kodi fixes in this How-To Fix FireStick tutorial:

  • How to Fix Fire Stick Overheating (by placing a small fan next to the device)
  • Fix Kodi by Re-Installing Kodi and TV Addons.  UPDATE:  Kodi 17 is easy to install and re-install Kodi on FireStick.  Or re-install Kodi 17.1 Krypton (formerly Kodi 16 Jarvis).
  • Maximize WiFi Signal Strength to Fire Stick by relocating your router or by buying a higher-powered router.  Related:  See how Hackers hack unsuspecting public WiFi hotspot users!
  • Then, in a separate article, we show you how to Fix Kodi Buffering
  • No Stream Available“?  Fix that with our No Stream Available fix tutorial.
  • Cache Full“?  The Kodi cache full message is usually a symptom of Fire Stick Buffering.

Scroll down to see the full list of solutions to fix Kodi / FireStick not working:

What is the Most Common Problem & Solution for Kodi Fire Stick Not Working?

PROBLEM:  Usually when Kodi stops working on your Fire Stick, it means Team Kodi released an update and TVAddons no longer runs properly on your now out-of-date version of Kodi.




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SOLUTION:  To fix this, re-install Kodi and re-install TV Addons on your streaming Amazon FireStick.

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+ RECOMMENDED:  Your ISP is probably blocking many Kodi addons.  Get around it by using a Kodi VPN.

Before You Start Troubleshooting with our Fire Stick Kodi Solutions…

The solutions below specifically address a variety of software and hardware issues that your Kodi Amazon Fire TV is most likely facing.  The most common causes of Fire Stick Amazon failure are software errors related to your Kodi installation.

BUT – there is a very good chance that your Internet Service Provider is actually throttling your bandwidth.  Bandwidth throttling most commonly occurs among residents of the U.S. (United States) and U.K. (United Kingdom).  To prevent bandwidth throttling, hide your traffic with an encrypted VPN (which is easy to set up)

If bandwidth throttling is not an issue for you, then proceed with the rest of this guide.

What Exactly Am I Getting Into Here?

The list of Kodi FireStick fixes (below) is simple to do.  In about 15 minutes you can completely re-install Kodi and all the best TV Addons.  Feel free to use my “Kodi 17 FireStick + Config Wizard” video tutorial here:

As my YouTube tutorial video (above) clearly shows, simply re-install Kodi to fix the most common Kodi / XBMC errors.  Do this just the same way you first installed Kodi, or use our 2017 updated Kodi FireStick guide.

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to public WiFi. Secure your data.

It’s also common for your FireStick to have a more physical problem, like your Amazon fire stick overheating or losing a network signal!

Either way, get Kodi working again with a re-install of Kodi, a USB fan, or a new WiFi router (depending on what’s causing your issue – you may need more than 1!).

So keep reading to see how to fix the Amazon Fire TV stick:

Blank screen on boot / black screen on boot?  Use our Fix black screen on Fire TV troubleshooting guide.

How to Fix “Fire Stick Kodi Not Working”

Possible Causes for Your Fire Stick Not Working and SOLUTIONS for Each:

The list below shows you the most common causes for your Fire Stick not working.  Below the title for each are the instructions to fix the problem.

  • The Kodi fix list below is sorted from MOST likely to least likely to cause your Fire Stick Kodi not working problems.

Psst… Believe it or not, Scenario #1 below is most likely your issue!

Scenario #1:  Your Fire TV Stick is overheating.  This is VERY common.  Get a small fan and plug it in pointing at your FireStick.

Fix your Fire Stick overheating with a USB fan

Fire Stick Kodi Not Working? Try a USB fan!

The Amazon FireStick has quite a bit of power for its small size.  Therefore, the Fire Stick generates a lot of heat and has no active heat dispersion method like air-cooling.  So do it yourself!

This should cool the little guy down so you can stream movies for hours without your Fire Stick Kodi not working due to overheating!

If you’re not sure whether your fire stick is overheating or not, then touch it.  If it feels hot, then it’s overheating.

Scenario #2:  Your Internet Service Provider is blocking your Kodi streams and/or throttling your streaming bandwidth

Many ISPs (Internet Service Providers) actually limit the amount of Kodi streaming data they allow their users to receive.  Fortunately, there’s an easy fix:  just use a Kodi VPN!  Watch the video tutorial I made (below) that shows you step-by-step how to set up the Kodi VPN service.  Then take 60% Off (for KFire TV visitors only) the cost of the VPN:

Using a VPN completely encrypts all of your sent and received Internet data.  Therefore, your Kodi streams will be totally un-viewable by any and all third parties (including your own ISP).

So use my Kodi VPN setup video to set the VPN up on your devices.  Then enjoy total privacy, security, and anonymity while browsing.

Scenario #3:  The Kodi app sometimes experiences a glitch or some other problem.  Re-Install Kodi and TVAddons to try and fix it.

Fire Stick Kodi Not Working? Re-install Kodi!

Try re-installing Kodi and TVAddons

  • Try re-installing Kodi and TVAddons to get your FireStick working again, using these steps:
  1.  First, Re-install Kodi and re-install your TVAddons.  These days, it seems that using AGKFire or Apps2Fire is the most surefire way to install Kodi on FireStick.  We have video install tutorials for installing Kodi on Fire TV using Android, iPhone, etc.  But check out our Install Kodi on Fire Stick page anyway to see all the ways to re-install Kodi.
  2. Then, after you’ve re-installed Kodi, install TVAddons.
  3. Additionally, if you have the “newer” Fire Stick with Alexa voice remote, then you can easily install many Apps (like Crackle) from the Fire TV app store.  Do this by searching for them individually with the voice remote.

How Do I Re-Install Kodi?

Re-install Kodi by simply removing your existing Kodi installation first, then installing it again.

Uninstall then reinstall Kodi on Amazon FireStick using these steps:

  1. From the Fire TV home screen, go to System > Applications > Manage Installed Applications
  2. Then go to Kodi > Remove Installed Application.
  3. Once the Kodi app for FireStick has been removed, simply install Kodi again by using one of the methods on our How to Install Kodi on the FireStick page.

 Scenario #4:  Your Fire Stick is losing its connection to the network.

Fire Stick Kodi Not Working fixes updated daily

Buy a new router for stronger WiFi to your Fire Stick

Fire TV losing network connectivity is a very common cause for your Fire Stick Kodi not working.  Basically, the WiFi in the FireStick is only so good.  And it has a limited range.

  • So if your WiFi router is far away or puts out a weak signal, there are a few things to try:
  1. Move your router closer to your FireStick
  2. Move your Fire Stick closer to your Wifi/router
  3. Eliminate obstacles that are between your FireStick and the router
  4. Get a newer, better Wireless router for about $20
  5. See Situation #2 above (Overheating) – Your fire stick could lose network connectivity if it’s overheating.  So fix it by adding a small fan next to your FireStick.
  6. Your ROUTER could be overheating (VERY common).  Most cheap routers do seem to overheat.  So once again, put a small fan next to it to cool that puppy down!  If you’re not sure, hold your hand on your router – if it’s hot, it’s overheating and most likely causing your network connection to be slow or simply just drop out.


So there you have it – the three most common causes for your Fire Stick Kodi, not working issues.

Try these fixes and let us know if you have any suggestions on our Facebook page :).

Happy streaming!