Troubleshooting Kodi Not Working on Amazon Firestick

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Welcome to our guide on fixing Kodi issues specifically on your Amazon Firestick. Kodi on Firestick is fantastic, but when glitches happen, it can be a real buzzkill. No worries, though – this guide is your ticket to resolving common problems, so you can get back to enjoying seamless streaming on your Firestick.

Understanding Common Kodi Issues on Firestick

Firestick and Kodi, the dynamic duo of entertainment, sometimes seem like they have a mind of their own. In this section, we’ll explore the common hiccups you might encounter and uncover the mysteries behind:

Ever been caught in the dreaded buffering cycle just when the action in your favorite show is getting intense? We’ve all been there. In this guide, we’ll not only explore why this happens but also equip you with the tools to put an end to those frustrating buffering tantrums.

Picture this: You’re deep into a binge-watching session, and suddenly, Kodi decides to call it quits. It’s a mood-killer, but fear not. We’ll delve into why Kodi crashes unexpectedly and guide you through troubleshooting steps to ensure those viewing marathons stay uninterrupted.

Sometimes, it feels like Firestick and Wi-Fi are having a tiff, causing delays or interruptions. If your connection is acting up, we’re here to help you identify the issues and patch up that relationship. A harmonious connection is key to a smooth streaming experience.

Kodi freezing mid-use is a buzzkill. But worry not; we’re here to dive into the causes behind Kodi freezing and provide tips to thaw it out. Let’s get Kodi back to running as smooth as butter.

Imagine watching your favorite movie, and suddenly the sound goes out of sync or the video starts glitching. No worries, we’re on a mission to troubleshoot these sound and video hiccups and bring back the joy in your streaming experience.

Understanding these problems is the first step to waving them goodbye. Let’s tackle each one and make your Kodi on Firestick experience a breeze.

Keeping Things Updated

Your Firestick and Kodi need a healthy dose of updates to stay in top form. Here’s why staying current is crucial:

Firestick Firmware Updates

Just like your trusty phone or computer, your Firestick deserves some love in the form of regular firmware updates. Let’s dive deeper into why embracing these updates is not just a good idea but an essential practice, ensuring your Firestick stays in harmony with the latest technologies and features.

Why Update Firestick Firmware?

Firmware updates often come with performance enhancements, making your Firestick run smoother and faster. Think of it as giving your device a little energy boost, ensuring it keeps up with your streaming demands seamlessly.

  • Bug Fixes: Developers are human, and sometimes bugs sneak into the system. Firmware updates serve as bug zappers, addressing any glitches or issues that might have cropped up since the last update. Keeping your Firestick firmware current means saying goodbye to those pesky bugs.
  • Security Patches: Just like your computer needs antivirus updates, your Firestick needs security patches. These updates protect your device from potential vulnerabilities, ensuring a secure and safe streaming environment. It’s like having a digital bodyguard for your Firestick.
  • Compatibility with New Features: As technology evolves, new features and functionalities emerge. Firmware updates ensure that your Firestick remains compatible with the latest apps, services, and streaming advancements. This way, you won’t miss out on the exciting features that the streaming world has to offer.

Kodi App Updates

Kodi, your go-to entertainment hub, undergoes constant evolution thanks to the dedicated efforts of its developers. In this section, let’s explore why maintaining the latest version of Kodi is more than just keeping up with the trend; it’s a crucial step in ensuring a seamless streaming experience.

The Importance of Kodi App Updates:

  • Bug Squashing: Just like any complex software, Kodi can occasionally encounter bugs. Developers work tirelessly to identify and fix these bugs with each new update. By keeping your Kodi app up-to-date, you’re essentially safeguarding yourself against potential glitches that might hinder your streaming joy.
  • Performance Enhancements: Every update brings with it performance tweaks and optimizations. These improvements may not be visible on the surface, but they contribute to a smoother and more responsive Kodi experience. Your Firestick will thank you for the performance boost.
  • Compatibility with Add-ons: Kodi is renowned for its extensive library of add-ons that enhance your streaming options. However, these add-ons often require specific versions of Kodi to function seamlessly. Regular updates ensure that your Kodi version stays in sync with the latest add-on requirements, preventing any compatibility issues.
  • Security Reinforcements: Cybersecurity is a real concern, even in the world of streaming. Kodi developers implement security patches in updates to protect users from potential vulnerabilities. By updating your Kodi app, you’re fortifying your streaming setup against online threats.

Avoiding Compatibility Hiccups

Outdated software is like an old dance partner – it might know the moves, but it struggles to keep up with the rhythm. In this section, let’s explore how overlooking updates can lead to compatibility issues between your Firestick and Kodi, and more importantly, how to ensure everything stays in sync for a seamless streaming experience.

Why Compatibility Matters:

  1. Smooth Interaction: Imagine your Firestick and Kodi as dance partners in perfect sync, each anticipating the other’s moves. Compatibility ensures a smooth interaction between the two, preventing hiccups like freezes, crashes, or performance lags.
  2. Optimal Performance: Both Firestick and Kodi receive regular updates to enhance their performance. Ignoring these updates may result in a mismatch, leading to sluggish responses or features not working as intended. Keeping things compatible ensures you enjoy optimal performance from both platforms.
  3. Access to Latest Features: New features often accompany software updates. Keeping both Firestick and Kodi up-to-date ensures you’re not missing out on exciting functionalities and improvements. It’s like unlocking new dance moves to make your streaming experience even more enjoyable.

How to Keep Everything Fresh:

(1) Enable Automatic Updates:

  • On your Firestick, go to “Settings.”
  • Select “My Fire TV” or “Device.”
  • Choose “About.”
  • Select “Check for Updates” and turn on “Automatic Updates.”
  • Regularly Check for Kodi Updates:

(2) Open Kodi on your Firestick.

  • Navigate to “Settings” (the gear icon) from the home screen.
  • Click on “System” and then “Add-ons.”
  • Enable “Updates” for add-ons and select “Check for updates on startup.”

(3) Stay Informed:

  • Follow official Firestick and Kodi channels for announcements on updates.
  • Check for release notes to understand the improvements and fixes each update brings.

(4) Update Apps and Add-ons:

  • Ensure your streaming apps and Kodi add-ons are also up-to-date.
  • Outdated third-party apps or add-ons may disrupt the harmony between Firestick and Kodi.

  (5) Regular Maintenance:

  • Clear cache and temporary files on your Firestick periodically to keep it running smoothly.
  • Consider a clean install of Kodi if you encounter persistent compatibility issues.

Troubleshooting Kodi on Amazon Firestick

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the issues you might run into on your Firestick. From wonky connections to app crashes, we’ll walk you through the common problems like slow streaming, stubborn controls, and those annoying buffering moments.

Step-by-Step Troubleshooting Guide

Navigating the world of troubleshooting can be like embarking on a quest. Fear not, brave streamer! We’ve crafted a step-by-step guide to tackle common Kodi issues on your trusty Amazon Firestick.

Checking Internet Connection on Firestick

Smooth streaming needs a solid internet connection. Follow these steps to ensure your Firestick and Wi-Fi are waltzing in harmony:

1.Navigate to Firestick Settings:

  • From the home screen, go to “Settings” in the top menu.

2. Select Network:

  • Within the Settings menu, choose “Network.”

3. Check Connection Status:

  • Select “Check for Updates” to ensure your Firestick firmware is up-to-date.’
  • Go to “Network Status” to examine the status of your Wi-Fi connection.

4. Optimize Wi-Fi Settings:

  • Explore “Wi-Fi” settings to view available networks and signal strengths.
  • Consider changing the Wi-Fi frequency band based on your home network’s configuration.

5. Ensure Adequate Bandwidth:

  • High-quality streaming requires sufficient bandwidth. Confirm you have the right plan with your internet service provider (ISP).

6, Placement of Your Firestick:

  • Ensure your Firestick is placed in a location with minimal obstructions for optimal Wi-Fi signal reception.

7. Consider Using an Ethernet Adapter:

  • For the most stable connection, consider using an Ethernet adapter with your Firestick for a direct wired connection.

Verifying Kodi and Addon Updates for Firestick

Keeping your apps updated is like giving them a little makeover. Let’s ensure your Kodi and addons are ready for their red carpet moment:

1.Navigate to Kodi Settings:

  • Open Kodi on your Firestick.

2. Check for Kodi Updates:

  • Navigate to “Settings” (the gear icon) from the home screen.
  • Select “System” and then “Add-ons.”
  • Enable “Updates” for add-ons and select “Check for updates on startup.”

3. Update Kodi:

  • If updates are available, follow the prompts to install the latest version of Kodi.

4. Update Add-ons:

  • Ensure your Kodi add-ons are also up-to-date to avoid compatibility issues.

5. Explore New Add-ons:

  • Consider exploring new and popular add-ons to enhance your streaming options.

Troubleshooting Flowchart Specific to Firestick (Visual Aid)

We get it – sometimes visuals make everything easier. Our flowchart is your visual guide to troubleshooting. It’s like a roadmap to get you back on track without the confusion.

Stick around for the next parts where we’ll share tips to make Kodi play nice on Firestick, dive into advanced troubleshooting, and answer some burning questions Firestick users often ask. Your journey to a glitch-free Kodi experience on Firestick continues!

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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  1. I have followed all the instructions to download kodi to my Fire Stick and they’ve all worked fine up until I get to the installation bit. In ES Explorer I’ve added Kodi and can open that and can select Android ARM and click on that but it then does nothing (repeatedly). I have tried dropping to the More option on the bottom toolbar and selecting Open in another Browser, but it just takes me back to the ES Explorer homepage every time. no troubleshooting I can find covers what to do if Kodi doesn’t download. Please help!

  2. Hi again Louise,

    In response to your comment, we created a new page:

    If you input this into your ES File Explorer, it should allow you to download the Kodi Installer ZIP file free and clear (and will allow you to avoid the rather complex Kodi download page at

    Then you simply have ES File Explorer open the Zip file, then launch the installer from within the zip file! We added the instructions for this on our Install Kodi on FireTV page.

    Please let us know if you need more help. And thanks again, Louise!

  3. Hello Louise,

    If the ES Explorer installation method isn’t working for you, we suggest using a mobile device to sideload Kodi.

    Check out method Method 2: Install Kodi using a sideloader app.

    If Method 2 doesn’t work for you, try Method 3: Install Kodi using ADB Fire

  4. Just happened this morning. After the startup, Fire Stick seemed updating itself. Then, Kodi stops working. It says something like ‘this not an Amazon installed app’. Does anyone else has this problem?

  5. I follows the steps but does not give me the option to configure it to my fire stick(gives me option to Mac,Windows,Android,idevices,
    Appletv, and Linux) don’t know what to put

  6. After I did everything and installed kodi just fine, I’m having trouble with the add ons, after I down loaded fusion files and then I go to the wizard part it’s not giving me an option to configure it to the fire stick all other options are there. Did I miss a step

  7. Your fusion add ons is not working, why do you keep deleting my comments

  8. Hello Joe,

    It sounds like you may have downloaded the non-ARM version of Kodi. Either that or you need to scroll down on the list of Operating System options it gives you (Mac, Linux, etc). “Fire TV” should be an option there.

  9. I have the same problem as Joe. I’ve followed your revised instructions and got Kodi downloaded now (se earlier thread). I’ve also got Fusion downloaded but when I try to download AddOns it fails. I don’t have Fire TV as an option so I’ve repeatedly tried to download via the Android option (one set of instructions said that would work if the Fire TV option failed). The downloading screen appears, but the %bar never moves and after a short time I get an ‘Config Wizard Error’ message in the bottom right hand corner. Been trying for days now. Can you help?

  10. Hi Louise,

    There is a second method for installing TVAddons on Firestick: Use the Add On Installer zip file instead of the Config Wizard zip file.

    We have updated our page that has directions for installing TVAddons one-by-one:

    Go to that link and try Method B: Install TVAddons using Add On Installer.

    Let us know if you still need help. Thanks Louise!

  11. Hi Joe,

    There is a second method for installing TVAddons on Firestick: Use the Add On Installer zip file instead of the Config Wizard zip file.

    We have updated our page that has directions for installing TVAddons one-by-one:

    Go to that link and try Method B: Install TVAddons using Add On Installer.

    Let us know if you still need help. Thanks Joe!

  12. Hello Joe,

    The comments are not deleted but are instead kept in an Approval queue and must be approved before they appear on the site. We have approved all of your comments and we appreciate your questions & input.


  13. I think I have downloaded everything properly but I still haven’t been able to watch anything for free only Bravo lol can someone please help !!!!

  14. Black screen what do I do. Remote won’t turn it on…

  15. Hello,

    Try re-installing Kodi and reinstalling TV Addons.

  16. Can anyone help please, my fire stick has all of a sudden started playing up and I have no idea why?? I can play and load certain programs like Zem TV and a couple of others but sites like Sport Devil, Exodus, Turk will not work for love nor money. Ive tried to clear the whole stick and start again, I’ve also updated to latest edition of Kodi and finding myself getting frustrated and having to watch the same shit on tv as my Mrs downstairs as my man cave has taken a hit. If someone could help you would seriously be making me very happy…

  17. Sorry to hear that! I recommend trying the Config Wizard – install the Config Wizard after you install Kodi.

    It’s possible that your ISP is blocking Kodi TV Addons all of the sudden.

    If so, you can use my tutorial video on how to Unblock TV here:

    Good luck!

  18. Hi Chris,

    Sorry to hear that! I recommend trying the Config Wizard – install the Config Wizard after you install Kodi.

    It’s possible that your ISP is blocking Kodi TV Addons all of the sudden.

    If so, you can use my tutorial video on how to Unblock TV here:

    Good luck!

  19. It won’t let me install Kodi on my Firesticks is there a new update out blocking it. Please help

  20. Hi Johnny,

    Which methods have you tried? There are at least 4 methods for Installing Kodi on Firestick:
    1) Install Kodi on Firestick using Android
    2) Install Kodi on Firestick using iOS (iPhone / iPad)
    3) Install Kodi on Firestick using PC (ADBLink)
    4) Install Kodi on Firestick using ES File Explorer

    I have youtube videos and blog articles on how to do each one.

    Here’s my youtube channel:

  21. Hello my firestick is not working properly. It keep kicking me out of kodi. A message keep popping up saying critically low on storage I have less than 500 mb of storage on my device I need to uninstall enough apps to fix. I uninstalled all the apps except kodi and cleared cache on kodi nothing works can you please help me.

  22. Hello Rico! I recommend resetting your Firestick to factory default settings.

  23. Hi, I really appreciate your site and order if you can help. I’ve tried every install method with ES and it simply will not download Kodi. The error messages vary but the latest attempt: : webpage not available file: Wall Street Journal Page Unavailable
    Jodi website: clicking on the ARM download has zero activity. Nothing happens

    Has ES or Amazon recently updated a blocking patch or something?

    I can’t even download the Sideloader app from the App Store!

    What’s up?

  24. Hey Tim!
    Sorry it hasn’t been working for you, and thanks for the kind words and the comment.

    I strongly recommend Sideloading Kodi with an Android device or iOS device. Here are links for that:
    Android (our written guide):
    Android (VIDEO tutorial):

    iOS (our written guide):
    iOS (VIDEO tutorial):

    I hope these work for you! If not, let me know and we’ll get it installed.

  25. Hello,

    I was following video directions on how to clean my Fire Stick.
    I must have done something wrong. I still have Kodi, but each time
    I I click Video I get (Files, Playlists & Video add-ons.
    I lost all my channels. What do you suggest I do from here.

    Thank You,

  26. After updatingon its own this morning my fire stick doesn’t work. There are no listings under kodi and i cant find exodus anywhere. HELLLP!!

  27. I trun my amazon tv on go into kodi and it puts me to a screen that says pic videos music program system and wont let do any thing wont let me in to kodi any help

  28. I install kodi with the tvguru adds and everything works great. No issues. Then 2 days later I turn it on and there’s nothing there. The initial system screen is on like I need to re-install the whole program again. I’ve done the entire sequence twice and it’s happened for the 3rd time just this morning. What do I do?

  29. Hi Dennis,

    I’d recommend trying a different way of installing Kodi and/or TV Addons. If the Config Wizard is causing these symptoms, it would be worth a try to use the Addon Installer instead – install a fresh installation of Kodi then use the Addon Installer to install individual TV Addons.

    Here’s a link to my youtube channel with tutorial videos on the various ways to install Kodi:

  30. Hi Danny,

    The screen that says “PICTURES VIDEOS MUSIC PROGRAMS SYSTEM” is actually the Kodi screen.

    That is Kodi’s dashboard. From the Kodi dashboard, you can select VIDEOS to see if any TV Addons are installed.

    If not, I recommend you check out my youtube channel to see how to use Kodi and Install TV Addons:

  31. Hi Takara!

    This is pretty common. In this case, it’s best to re-install Kodi and TV Addons. I have tutorial videos for all of that on my youtube channel:

    Good luck!

  32. Hi Myrna,

    I recommend you try to go to Video Add-Ons and see if there are any addons in there. If not, you can install them on your own pretty easily using one of my tutorial videos on my youtube channel:


  33. Hi here’s my problem, when I load my fire stick it tells me it’s connected to the network, when I launch kodi It’s telling me it’s connected however when I try to update kodi its telling me unable to update not connect to the network any ideas

  34. Hi, my problem is my fire stick tells me it’s connected to the network, I then launch kodi which also says it’s connected however when I have tried to update kodi it tells me cannot update no connect to network, any ideas how to solve and by the way you will be replying to someone who was born in the fifties

  35. Hello my sport in the firestick won’t work it keeps coming up two many things playing at once I went on the log and it won’t let me stop them have u any suggestion how I can get it off thanks

  36. Hello,

    I recommend trying a different TV Addon. If that doesn’t work, try to re-install Kodi.

  37. Hello,

    It sounds like Kodi needs to be re-installed. I recommend you re-install Kodi.

  38. Hello,

    The Firestick can appear to be “connected” just fine, but your actual Internet connection may have some other issue(s). Sometimes a modem or router will overheat or “die” (sometimes slowly, not all in one shot) which can result in a device appearing to be connected, but being unable to actually use the Internet.

    I would check on your modem and/or router and make sure they’re not overheating!

  39. Hello!

    I think I replied to another comment just now for the same thing, but basically it sounds like your network has issues.

  40. Hi, my kodi remote is acting up. Every time I try to swipe left or right, it won’t let me. In order for me to swipe up or down, I have to swipe left or right and I’m not sure what the problem is. I think the Tv updated my fire stick remote and I do not like it at all. Do you know if there is any way to get my firestick back to normal ?

  41. Hi Gianni, are you using the Kore remote?

  42. My brother accidentally bought something on here and since then it won’5t load any kind of show or movie. Anything i can do sonit can work again?

  43. Hello,

    You can try resetting the firestick / fire tv to factory default settings.

  44. I use to be able to install the basic Kodi with fusion and then add on the Spinz repo. Now, this option no longer working. I was able to download the Beta version of Krypton, but this is a shitty version and I am no longer able to get Spinz.
    Does anyone know an alternative option that works better. When should be expect the complete version of Krypton to come out and will spinz repo be available for krypton?

  45. I am forever indebted to you for this intiamrfoon.

  46. A wonderful job. Super helpful innaimotrof.

  47. The same thing has happened to my remote but it is the original fire stick remote not the kore remote? Please can you help?

  48. When watching a movie it stops 5 mins into it(with a critical low on storage pop up)

  49. My firestick keeps giving me a “help tip” upon launch, telling me that a mouse does not work with it and to go to settings and change that setting. I do not have a mouse set up or is it an option in my settings. I can’t get past that screen to access Kodi at all.

  50. Yes I do

  51. Hi Mike,

    I suggest you try a “Mouse app”. If you have an Android or iOS phone, you should be able to download a free mouse app that works on Fire TV. This should be able to simulate an actual mouse that uses your phone’s screen like a touchpad on a laptop.

    Other than that, you can try a Bluetooth keyboard / mouse combo, or bluetooth mouse.

  52. Hi Alana, sorry for the late reply!

    Does it just continuously go back to the “splash screen” that shows the fire tv logo? If so, it may be defective. Some Firesticks are just “bad”, but they don’t go bad until a while after they’ve been used.

    If you can at all get to the main menu, try to Reset to Factory Default settings.

  53. Hi

    Going slightly crazy with my Amazon stick. Nothing on kodi will play. Movies, sports etc
    Is this due to wifi connection?

  54. Thank you!

  55. Hello I’m having issues with Kodi 17.0 on my Firestick Kodi 16.1 works fine on it though I’ve made a short video of what happens when I open Kodi 17.0

  56. everytime i open the kodi 17 krypton on my firestick it takes me to a page where its just a blank search page that says “enter value”. Any idea what that means?

  57. kodi app not working after downloading i install but its said not working
    I’m trying to reinstall

  58. Can’t get past fusion. It stopped streaming and we tried to uninstall then install now it won’t let us past fusion. Ughhh so frustrating please help

  59. I have installed Kodi and all TVAddons on the Firestick. When I go to play a movie, it takes forever to load and I have yet to see any movie play. I have Kodi installed on my laptop in the back bedroom (away from the router) so I know it’s not a wifi issue. Do you have any ideas?

  60. That didn’t work the problem is getting pass the purple screen to reset the page -_- it made me soooooo mad last night lol. Can you adjust Kofi settings though as file explorer or something to get passed that screen and adjust the settings. I was thinking if the device doesn’t support mouse that it won’t matter if you use any mouse at all help!!!!

  61. My Firestick was sort of dragging/cutting out -(I could watch a few seconds and it stop, repeat-), started this a couple days ago, couldn’t even watch anything..but today it’s not even doing anything! I can search, and I see the Indication that it’s doing “something” (with the spinning wheel movement)- but then it stops again- it will not do anything. KODI was installed on this when i got it, so I have NO IDEA how to remove or install anything.. help!

  62. Problems started Thursday. 3/30/17
    Turn on firestick and I have no access to KODI. Any button pressed on the remote will not access any icon or menu item . After the Amazon fire TV is displayed, the Home screen pops up. Can not access any of the menu items. Several seconds later the 3rd screen pops up. Can’t access anything there.

    Message scrolling at bottom of page TV ADDONS: followed by list of addons
    Firestick starts to blink, dims , and screen saver appears. After 8 hours no updates. Rebooted several times. Same thing happens.

  63. i bought afirestick already loaded,sportsdevil neede upgrading so i was advised to rebuild kodi which i did except now we have the kodi first page & then a blank screen.any ideas?regards

  64. Hi Jay,
    You need to install Kodi 17.1. There was an update made to the TV Addons that Kodi uses, which requires that you now use Kodi 17.1. Here’s how to install Kodi 17.1 on FireStick:

  65. Hello,
    Have you tried re-installing Kodi? You should try to re-install Kodi (and make sure to install Kodi 17.1, because Kodi 17.0 or 16.1 will no longer work properly with TV Addons). Here’s how to re-install / upgrade / update Kodi:

  66. Hi Barb,

    Sorry for the late reply, but Fusion has been replaced by Indigo Wizard.
    Here’s how to set up Indigo Wizard so you can use Addon Installer or Config Wizard to setup Kodi TV Addons easily:

  67. HI. I just downloaded Kodi 17.1 from 16.1 on my firestick and all I get is a black screen and nothing else. I see that it is downloaded and the new version but I no longer have access to the updated Kodi. Please help.

  68. Hi Sharon, I made a video that shows you how to clear Kodi and re-install it from scratch.
    Here it is:

  69. Everytime i try to add xenon or any other type of add on it says it cannot download may be due to network settings. Any solutions?

  70. Good morning. I’m having problems actually getting any build to work. It downloads flawlessly but when trying to watch anything inside the Kodi it is not working. I have other apps I recently attached to my firestick i.e. Mobdro and it works perfect.

  71. Just downloaded Kodi 17.4, when I try to do the addons, either indigo, fusion etc, after I name it and hit OK it errors out and says cannot connect, do you want to add it anyway….no matter what I try I cant get the zip files I need

  72. Hi Carmen, the Kodi third party community is highly volatile and in constant flux. This is one of the many reasons we constantly remind readers to use a VPN while accessing Kodi third party add-ons. Have you tried any of the newer repo or plugin install articles? I would suggest trying out the Colossus repo, as it has many of the newest TV Addons within. You may have heard of Exodus and Phoenix, which were extremely popular but are now dead aside from some imitators using their names. Within the Colossus repo, they live on with the original developers as Covenant and Bennu, respectively. There is also the fantastic NoobsandNerds repo, which houses my current favorite 1080p Movies add-on along with many others. I hope this takes care of getting you the content you’re looking for. Let us know if we can help in any other way.

  73. When installing Titanium on my fire stick I get to where you pick a server. Either server I pick US1 or USB it starts downloading but after a min or so my Firestick shuts down and the load does not complete. I’ve tried several times with the same result. Any ideas?

  74. Hi Rich,
    Have you checked to see if your Firestick is overheating?
    This is the most likely cause I can think of. (Link: )

    If it’s warm to the touch, then you need to put a fan next to it. Otherwise it’ll get too hot before any decent-size downloads can complete (such as Titanium).
    Also check your Firestick disk space.

    If the above methods don’t work, then reset your Firestick to Factory Default settings.
    (Or Reset FireStick / Fire TV to Factory Defaults, on the Fire TV remote press the following buttons: SELECT + RIGHT + BACK + REVERSE)

  75. I’m having a problem with kodi. When I go through the normal addon steps, it gets to the point when I should download from zip file…instead it gives me a message unable to download from zip file.????

  76. Hi Doug,

    Aside from the update at the top, this article’s quite old. Much has changed with Kodi TV addons even in just the past couple of weeks. Check the KFire TV front page for lots of working repositories and TV addons that work right out of the box.

  77. Is there a way updating my amazon firestick 16.1 to latest ver without losing my data or add ons. I got the jailbreak amazon firestick 16.1


  78. Hi Joey!

    You can do this with the update method shown in the latest install article. It’s taken care of by an official Kodi add-on that is super easy to use. Let me know how that works out for you! Enjoy!

  79. Problem installing digging xenon
    When I get to the fresh or standard install it gives me a digger wizard error check logs for error?
    Help please!

  80. Hi Jeni,

    I can’t tell what the error would be without the log file, but you can check it pretty easily by using the recently written Error Log article. Good luck and please let us know what you find.

  81. Hi Angela,

    By the same problem, do you mean you are trying unsuccessfully to swipe on the original Firestick remote? Is it possible you are zoomed in on the Fire Stick and trying to access more of the screen? I ask because there are no swipe capabilities on the remote that comes with the Amazon Firestick, so I’m confused about the nature of your problem but would love to help.

  82. hi I have a question. I have kodi downloaded on my firestick but when I try to download my app thru kodi it starts the download and right when It gets to the end it says there is an error.

  83. Need help, installed mouse toggle to try showbox,it locked up firestick on home screen,un powered no help,remote will not respond,what should i try?


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