In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to completely troubleshoot and fix Android TV box problems.  In this article, we cover the most common causes of Android TV Box problems first, and then we cover the less-common Android TV box problems.

Fix Android TV Box

  • Reboot the Android TV box.  There’s more than one way to reboot, by the way.  There’s a “soft reboot” or “soft reset” – then there’s a “hard reboot“.  A soft reboot is when you tell the device to Shut Down and it shuts down by itself.  A hard reboot is when you actually disconnect power to the device, or use the Power button (which some devices don’t have!) to power the device off.  Try both.  Soft resets usually fix minor, temporary glitches in your Android TV Box, while hard resets often fix more moderate-severity issues with your Android box.
  • Check all the cables that are hooked into your Android TV Box.  Usually this means 1) a Power cable, and 2) an HDMI cable.  Make sure both ends of both cables are securely plugged into their respective ports.  Be certain that none of the ends of the cables are loose or damaged.
  • Find out how strong the WiFi signal is that’s being received by your Android TV box.  You can do this by looking at the “signal strength bars” in the Android TV box’s screen (usually at the top right, near the clock).  If your signal strength is low, you may need a new, high-powered WiFi router (for $20).  Or you could try moving your existing router closer to the TV box.
  • Make sure your TV box isn’t overheating.  With the massive amounts of processing that your Android box does, it’s likely that it could be overheating.  Check the temperature with your hand – if it’s hot enough to make a baby cry, it’s hot enough to ruin your Android TV box.
  • Check the power supply your TV box is using.  Sometimes we can get power supplies mixed up with one another.  I did this on accident and may have fried an Android TV box or two.  In this case, where I fried the circuitry, I was unable to fix my Android TV box and had to buy a newone.  So make sure to only use the correct power supply from now on (and even label the power supply with the name of the device).  If you lost your original power supply, you can get a Universal power supply from Amazon for about $15.

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Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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