Firestick Update 2023 – How to Keep Everything Working

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Most people have a special place in their home where all the unused (but someday it might be useful) junk gets stuffed for years. Every so often that box gets opened up again, and wonderful discoveries emerge! Like rediscovering a Fire TV that hasn’t been used in years. The first thing you’ll need to do in order to get it working again is a Firestick update 2023.

Step 1: Upgrading Your Firestick’s Software

Amazon regularly releases updates for the Firestick and Fire TV. These close security loopholes and keep your device running smoothly. If you haven’t used your Firestick in a while, then this is the first thing you need to do. Without upgraded software, everything else is useless.

  1. Plug in your Firestick to your TV and make sure it had power.
  2. Go to Settings -> Device -> About
  3. Scroll down to “Software Version”
  4. Click “Check for System Update”
  5. If there is an update, then select “Install System Update”

Updating your Fire TV shouldn’t take too long. However, if it’s been a few years, then you might have to be patient. It has a lot of updating to do.

Picking Your Poison: What’s New with Kodi?

The good news is that getting Kodi or an easy-to-use Kodi build can be done simply through APKs. (APK is short for Android application package. It’s essentially the installation package for installing something on an Android operating system.)

Instead of the old workarounds that were a pain, installing Kodi on your Firestick is super easy. You can use the video below for a step-by-step guide on how to install Kodi with a build. Don’t forget to uninstall your old Kodi first.

In the next steps, we will cover how to update and install the base version of Kodi. No addons or builds.

Step 2: Updating Kodi for 2023

The current version of Kodi is 17.6 Krypton. Version 18.0 Leia is available, but it’s still in the testing stages, which means that it may have some bugs that interrupt playback. Since it’s a bummer to have Kodi crash in the middle of a movie, we recommend sticking with version 17.6.

Of course, if you are the early adopter type, you can click over here for the instructions on installing Kodi v18.0 Leia.

If you have some form of version 17.x, then it should be okay to update Kodi without reinstalling. If you check the version and you are version 16 or lower, then it’d be smart to do a clean install.

How to Check Your Kodi Version

Checking your version will also let you know if your version of Kodi loads up at all. If it doesn’t, then skip down to doing a clean install of Kodi.

  1. Launch Kodi
  2. On the top left, click the gear icon.
  3. Under the system menu, select “System Information”
  4. Under summary, look in the bottom right corner for “Version info”

In the version info section, it will show what build you have. If it’s up to date it will day “Kodi 17.6” then have a bunch of other numbers you don’t need to worry about. It will also have the date that version was compiled.

Updating Kodi Using Kodi

This is the easiest way to update Kodi if you have an earlier version of Krypton. If you checked your version and you don’t have 17.x, then skip down to a clean install. It’s a bummer to update things and have them not work. So no sense in courting the hassle.

  1. Open Kodi -> select Add-ons -> Package Installer (box-shaped icon)
  2. Click “Install from Repository”
  3. On the sub-menu, click “Kodi Add-on Repository”
  4. Go to “Program Add-ons” -> Kodi Android Installer -> Install
  5. Wait until you get the popup that the add-on is installed
  6. Return to the Kodi home screen, then click “Add-ons”
  7. Select “Program Add-ons” -> “Android Installer”
  8. You will see a sub-menu with a bunch of options, select “Releases”
  9. Click “Arm Kodi Release” -> “Kodi-17.6-Krypton-armeabi-v1a.apk”
  10. Wait for the download to finish, then a box will pop up asking if you want to install Kodi, click “Install”

If Kodi works, but not your add-ons, you may need to update your add-ons or find new ones. Sometimes they just stop working or get shut down. If Kodi doesn’t work for you, then follow the next steps for a clean install.

Kodi Clean Install

First, you have to uninstall the version of Kodi that you already have. You do that just like you would uninstall anything else that was taking up space. (If you haven’t uninstalled Firestick apps that you no longer use, this is the perfect time to clean up your Firestick.)

  1. From the Firestick Home screen open Settings -> Applications -> Manage Installed Applications
  2. Scroll down until you see Kodi, then select Uninstall
  3. Take a moment to scroll through the rest of your list and delete things that aren’t useful anymore

Once Kodi is gone from your device, you’ll have to reinstall it. To save yourself the time of finding add-ons you can use DroidAdmin to install Kodi builds like BMC and other APKs. (This is basically setting your Kodi install to Easy Mode.)

To do it yourself, use the following instructions for a clean install of Kodi:

  1. On the Firestick menu go to Settings -> Device -> Developer Options
  2. On your Firestick make sure “Apps from Unknown Sources” is enabled
  3. Click Home
  4. Go to the Amazon App Store, search “Downloader”
  5. Install and Open Downloader
  6. Type “” into the address bar that comes up
  7. Scroll down to the Choose Your Weapon section
  8. Select Android -> ARMV7A (it should be the 32 bit one)
  9. Wait for the download and install, then get working on your favorite addons

What are Some Awesome Addons?

The beauty of something like Kodi is that you can customize it to suit you perfectly. Want Live TV? No problem. Movies all the time? It’s got you covered. Need a bigger screen for your android games? It can do that too. However, you might want to consider investing in the Firestick controller if that’s your cup of tea.

Check out some of the addons below for options to watch almost anything.

Fire TV Master

Fire TV Master

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