Firestick Tips – The 7 Hottest Tricks You Need to Know

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Have you recently purchased a Firestick and have been trying to get the most out of your experience with it? Well, this streaming service is no doubt one of the top choices today for streaming music and movies all at a reasonable price that most families can afford.

However, not every user knows how to help improve their experience to ensure that they are getting the most out of their service. Many people might think that they already have the best user experience with the Firestick, but there are a few Firestick tips that you might not know of.

So, we are going to give you the best Firestick tips and secrets for users to get the best experience possible when using an Amazon Firestick.

Top Firestick Tips For Amazon Fire TV

Here are the top tips that you can use to make your streaming and viewing experience the best and easiest experience possible.

Firestick Tips: Use a Remote App for Smartphone

Of all of the good things that the Firestick gives you, one of the only things that seem to make customers believe that this system is subpar is the fact that the included Firestick remote tends to be fairly cheap. These remotes come with the initial Firestick purchase, but they tend to have issues with their battery life and not being able to sync.

Well, one way to make your controls easier is to download a Firestick remote app onto your smartphone. This will allow you to control the Firestick from your phone instead of needing to use the original remote.

This is easy to do, and once you have the download, the controls look similar. This makes it an easy transition to move from one to the other and will make controlling the system far more intuitive. Check our guide linked above for help installing the Firestick remote app for iPhone or Android phones.

Keep reading because we’ve got tons more Firestick tips.

Firestick remote app firestick tips

Having Parental Controls Over Content

With the ease of using the internet, you can quickly gain access to whatever you want to see. This is not ideal for families with children that are too young to watch certain content. So, if you have kids that you don’t want to come across specific types of content, then you can add parental controls so that you can limit what they can have access to. Amazon has a great guide on how to add parental controls to Firestick.

Maybe you don’t want them to be able to watch shows with certain ratings. Well, with the Firestick, you can just shut down access so they can’t watch it.

Bonus Firestick Tips: When you’ve got some time to yourself, we recommend you check out our list of the best Kodi XXX porn add-ons. There’s something for everyone, and it’s one of the best ways to enjoy adult entertainment on your Firestick or Fire TV.

How to Install XXX-O-Dus Kodi addon

Adjust the Television Display

While you are watching something with your Firestick, you might notice that the sizing of the video display is slightly off. This can be difficult to deal with once you notice it, and most people think that there is no way to fix it.

Well, there is a way to fix it, and it won’t even take that long. You simply navigate to your settings and choose the display and sounds option. Of the two choices this menu gives you, click on the button for display.

You will see a button for the calibration display, which you will click on. Then, you will just adjust the display on the television by using the up and down buttons on your remote. Once you are done, you will never have to do this again. So, take your time and get the display right the first time and you’ll be able to enjoy a properly set up Firestick display for the rest of your time with the device.

Use a VPN For Free Content

IMPORTANT: Of all of our Firestick tips and tricks, this is the big one!

If you are a fan of streaming free content, this could lead to some issues down the road if your identity is easy to figure out. If you are using a public network, then this is not hard for hackers, corporations, or government agencies to find out what you’re streaming or to gather sensitive personal information about you. A VPN is the the easiest and most effective way to protect yourself. If you use a VPN to stream your content, then you will be able to do it safely without any security issues coming up.

Using a VPN is also needed if you want to access content that is blocked in your location. Having a VPN will not verify your location the same way other networks will, so you will be able to access that restricted content when you want.

Setting up a VPN on any/every internet connected device (which we recommend) is a breeze. Check out our ultimate guide on how to set up a VPN on any device. Since this is important to us, we’ve set up a link where users can get 70% off on our most highly recommend VPN. Click here to protect yourself with a VPN.

Install Bennu on Kodi and use a VPN
Protect Yourself with a World Class VPN

Use Alexa for Controls

If you are settled into your spot on the couch (presumably reading up on the latest Firestick tips) and don’t want to get up to retrieve the remote, then using the Alexa feature will be useful. This feature is built into the remote, so you don’t have to do anything to use it. Just talk to Alexa to have her look up a movie, show, or browse for you.

The only caveat about this feature is that it will only work when you are accessing Amazon content from their apps and won’t work with other apps. However, you can use this feature to open up any app on your Firestick and just search from there. It will sometimes also search content available within different apps. Try saying the name of a TV show or movie you’d like to watch, and see if your Alexa personal assistant can find it for you.

Onto more Firestick tips!

Use Headphones at Night

Adjusting the volume for nighttime viewing can cause you to miss what is happening in the show or movie you’re watching. This can be frustrating. So, instead of turning the volume down so low that you can barely hear it, just connect wireless headphones through Bluetooth to be able to have the volume up to a comfortable level. No wires, no problems! Firestick tips don’t come much better than that.

You won’t disturb your partner, but you can continue catching up on your favorite shows. Plus, if you are home alone and want to use better speakers, you can connect wireless speakers to get a better sound in the exact same way.

Bonus Firestick Tips: This can also come in handy with that Kodi Firestick XXX Adult video streaming we mentioned earlier.

Casting to Your TV

When you have found a video that you want to play on a big screen, you will need to cast it onto the TV from your device. Whether you are on your computer, smartphone, or tablet, as long as you are connected to the same WiFi network, this will work.

If you are on Youtube, then just click on the cast button and choose the Firestick as your device of choice. This will automatically cast the video from your phone or laptop to your television so you can watch it on a big screen.

Firestick Tips Bonus: Our Firestick mirroring guide will help you get videos from your iPhone or Android onto your Fire TV.

How to Jailbreak Firestick with great APKs

Bonus Firestick Tips: Jailbreak Your Amazon Firestick

This one may sound a little intimidating, but I promise it’s easier than you think you don’t have to be a techie or a hacker to pull it off. All you need is the ability to follow along with a simple Firestick jailbreak guide, and a couple of extra minutes.

What’s the upside of a jailbroken Firestick? The possibilities are endless, but most obvious is the ability to download a whole bunch of free streaming apps that aren’t available in the normal Android App Store. Apps like Kodi, Cinema HD, and Showbox will stream free TV shows and movies straight to your Firestick, and they’re easy to set up.

We’ll remind you again, that if you decide to stream free movies from services like these, it’s highly advisable that you get a reliable VPN to protect your identity and browsing history. We’ve tested just about everything out there, and from where we’re sitting IPVanish is easily the best bang for your buck.

Firestick Tips Conclusion

There are many ways to make your user experience with the Amazon Firestick better, even though it is already pretty great already.

However, with these extra Firestick tips and tricks to allow you to get more out of your Firestick than ever before, you can improve your usage and be able to do multiple tasks easier without needing any other devices or systems. What are your favorite Firestick tips?

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