Firestick Remote Not Working? How to Fix, Pair, and More

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This tutorial shows you how to fix Firestick Remote, not working issues.

Imagine you’re watching ‘The Sixth Sense’ on your Fire TV on a Friday night, but just as the A-bomb last scene is coming up, you feel an uncontrollable need to take an intermission. So you press the pause button on the Firestick remote, dash to the toilet, and return as fast as you can, only to find, to your horror, the closing titles playing!!!

What the heck is happening here? You are bewildered beyond words. And you know you had pressed the pause button, but then what happened?

So, you frantically ram the right-hand thumb on the rewind button, but the Fire TV remote doesn’t respond. The closing titles continue to play out, ever so slowly. And then the screen turns black.

You are going GRRR!! with anger and want to smash the Fire TV remote to million pieces. But you don’t, because you know the damage has been done, the evening has been ruined.

Or maybe…


Maybe you can make the Fire TV remote return from the dead, rewind to where you left off, and watch the last scene—and go to bed feeling at peace with the world.

Fire TV playing truant is a pretty common issue. And several easy ways currently exist —all discussed here — to solve it.

This post covers the following Firestick Remote not working topics:

  • Solve Fire TV Remote is Not Working issue
    • Pair Fire TV remote with your Firestick
    • Replace old batteries
  • How to control Firestick with your TV remote
  • Solve Firestick Remote Lost issue
    • Turn smartphone into a Fire TV remote
    • Order a new Fire TV remote
  • What to do if Firestick Not Working is the problem
  • Alternative Firestick Remote Apps

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Let’s dig in, then…

Firestick Remote Not Working – How to Fix, Pair, and More

Have you just taken your Fire TV remote out of the box and found it not working?

Well, if so, it may be because it hasn’t been paired properly. Try solution# 1

If your Fire TV remote is old and has suddenly gone kaput, check out solution# 2.

Solution #1 – Pair the Fire TV Remote With Your Firestick

New Fire TV remotes come pre-paired. However, exceptions can occur. In case the replacement or new Fire TV remote stops responding, there’s a strong chance that it hasn’t been paired properly.

Pairing the Fire TV remote is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Ensure the Firestick is plugged-in into the TV
  2. Turn on the TV and the Firestick
  3. As the Firestick boots, press down ‘Home’ button (the middle one in the first row below the navigation band) on the Fire TV remote for anywhere between 10 seconds to 2 minutes.

This simple procedure pairs the FireTV remote with Firestick. Now your Firestick remote not working issues should be solved.

Note: In case pairing doesn’t happen in your first attempt, try 2-3 times more. Usually, the Fire TV remote is paired the first time. However, in very few cases, more attempts might be needed.

What if my Firestick is already connected to 7 devices?

The maximum number of Bluetooth devices you can connect with a Firestick is 7, and this includes remote controllers. If 7 devices are already connected, disconnect one to make up space for the Fire TV remote.

Follow these steps to disconnect a device so you can fix Firestick remote not working:

  1. Go to the home screen of Firestick. Select Settings (the one appearing in menu bar on the top).
  2. Select Controllers & Bluetooth Devices
  3. A list of connected devices will appear. Go through it and select the device that you want to unpair. Next, follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

Solution #2 – Check the Batteries

Battery draining issues with Fire TV remote is common—and unsurprisingly so. It consumes a lot of battery power for no good reason at all.

In case the FireTV remote has stopped working all of a sudden, chances are its batteries are exhausted. If you have spare ones, insert them and check. As far as possible, use good quality alkaline batteries for they have a considerably longer life than others.

Firestick remote not working? Check the batteries!
Replace the Firestick remote batteries if your remote isn’t working

And in case you don’t have spare battery, you can use your TV remote or phone to control Firestick.

The steps for both are discussed ahead.

Second Issue – How to Control Firestick With Your TV Remote

It is possible to control Firestick with your smart TV remote. The solution is not perfect, but it gets the job done. So all in all, it is not a bad temporary solution.

Also note that the exact steps to use smart TV remote to control Firestick vary for different TV brands. With that said, the overall procedure is more or less the same.

You just have to enable CEC. By default it is disabled. Enabling it will allow you to use your TV remote to control Fire TV.

Note: In some smart TVs, you’ll find HDMI Control instead of CEC. So if you see HDMI Control, and not CEC, in your TV, just enable the former.

CEC (or HDMI) exists in your TV Settings menu.   Access the CEC menu on your TV by going to your TV’s Settings area.  In some TVs, like Vizio, it is located under System inside TV Settings menu.

Third Issue – LOST Firestick Remote

If you lost your fire TV remote, you can, of course, use your smart TV remote. But as said, it is more suitable as a temporary solution.

Therefore, a better solution would be download an app on your smartphone and use it as a Fire TV remote or get a new fire TV remote.

Solution #1 – Turn Your Smartphone Into a Firestick Remote

The app you need is Amazon Fire TV Remote App. It’s available on Google Play and stands as one of the most popular Fire TV apps.  Users downloaded this app more than 5 million times. Its overall user rating is 4.4 out of 5 (that’s impressive!).  You need Android 4.0.3 or above to use it.

After you’ve installed it, pair it with your Fire TV.

Pro Tip:  Need to jailbreak your Firestick?  Use our Firestick jailbreak step-by-step guide.

Steps to Pair Amazon Fire TV Remote App with Your Fire TV

  1. Ensure your Fire TV and your smartphone on which you’ve downloaded the app are on the same Wi-Fi network
  2. Next, launch the remote app
  3. Select your Fire TV
  4. A code will be displayed on your TV. Feed in this code on the phone

If you still need to fix Firestick Remote not working, then your last option is to buy a new Firestick remote (see the link below).

Solution #2 – Order a New Firestick Remote

You can order a new Fire TV remote for $15 from Amazon. Just click here.

If you want Alexa Voice functionality, you need to spend an additional $15.

Fourth Issue – Firestick Not Working

Depending on what’s wrong with your streamer, it may not require a Firestick factory reset. While it will clean things up quickly, it should be used as a last resort unless you enjoy installing Kodi and your Amazon apps repeatedly. There are plenty of ways you can deal with buffering issues, so if it’s lag related, we may be able to lend a hand.

If your factory defaults have become out of whack, a reset can be your best bet. Beginners can spend hours looking for the correcting settings to adjust, but if you reset your Fire TV, the problem is solved. Thankfully, the process is extremely easy. You only need to go to your Settings menus, and then select Device. From there, you’ll see options to Restart or Reset to Factory Defaults.

fire factory reset no remote

That will take care of 99% of your issues, and the solution is only a few clicks away – if you have a remote. If you are like half the population, there’s a chance you may have misplaced it which is where our Firestick Factory Reset without Remote guide comes into play.

Resetting Your Firestick Without a Remote

Whether the dog ran off with your remote or the couch cushion monster swallowed it, have no fear. Do you own a smartphone or tablet? If so, you’re all set as you only need to download the official Amazon Remote app from Google Play or the App Store.

This will allow you to sync up to your Firestick or the Fire TV and navigate to the settings menu for your factory reset. We told you it was a simple fix. On the off chance you do not own a mobile device, you can always borrow one or have a friend come over to get you back on track. You can repay their kindness by installing Kodi and letting them choose the next flick.

Firestick Remote Alternatives

Now, on the chance that none of the above suggestions work out, there are still some ways to control your Firestick device. One of such is by using the Bluetooth and USB keyboard options with your Firestick device.

Bluetooth and USB keyboards are another method you can use to control your Firestick device. However, some may be bulkier as they are usually versatile in use.

If you have some difficulty using the Bluetooth connections, recheck if the device is properly connected to your keyboard. Here are steps on setting up your device and remote

  1. Turn-on and recheck the Bluetooth Power (ON/OFF) and confirm it’s in the ON position.
  2. Navigate to the SETTINGS on your device and click CONTROLLERS & BLUETOOTH DEVICES
  3. Select the OTHER Bluetooth device option
  4. Now, you have to add and pair up with a new device (Scanning).
  5. Once your Fire TV discovers the Bluetooth (compatible remote device), pair and connect. Else, try again.
  6. Once you find it, select the remote and snap! Control your Fire TV device.

For the USB option         

No Bluetooth, no problem. If you prefer the USB option, you can control your Fire TV using the non-wireless keyboard.

  1. Connect your USB dongle to the corresponding “receive” port on your device
  2. Your non-wireless remote is ready to use.

Irrespective of what you use to control your Fire TV, it doesn’t diminish the great experience. I use an app myself on my iPhone, and I have friends who use a wired keyboard. We only throw jests about how “cool” it looks, and that’s it.

Alternative Firestick Remote Apps


CetusPlay Fire TV Remote App
CetusPlay Remote App

If you want a full-featured Fire TV remote app, then look no further than CetusPlay. One of the most feature-loaded Fire TV remote apps available in the market, CetusPlay features a variety of modes.

  • Mouse mode
  • Touchpad mode
  • Keyboard mode
  • Direction-pad mode

These modes offer complete flexibility on how you wish to use the remote. You can cast your files directly to the TV using this remote via Fire TV. You can even send popular apps to the Fire TV without signing in at all. The app even comes with multi-language support for users from different countries. The app has a fluid performance and is easy to use. The best thing about CetusPlay is that it is available for Android and iOS smart devices, and even Kindle Fire Tablets.

Kore Remote

Kore Fire TV Remote App
Kore Remote App

If you are a fan of Kodi media player, then you are going to love Kore Remote. Kore Remote ranks as the official remote control app for the Kodi player. Therefore, this app cannot be used to control any other apps or media players. If you have sideloaded Kodi on your Fire TV or have installed it on your TV, then Kore Remote is the best way to control it. It offers an extensive range of features such as:

  • Library browsing
  • Media play controls
  • Several color themes
  • Manage your playlist
  • And many more!

Kore Remote also supports a variety of foreign languages such as German, Italian, French, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, and many other languages.

Limitless Remote

Limitless Fire TV Remote App
Limitless Remote App

The Limitless Remote is one of those remote apps that is heavily loaded with features but has not been designed with aesthetics in mind. The choice of colors, the layout, and the overall design is below par. However, it comes with some amazing features. The app can be used in different modes:

  • 4-way D-pad
  • Gamepad
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse mode
  • Even a joystick mode!

The Limitless Remote app automatically loads all the apps that are installed on your Fire TV, then you can launch those apps right from your smartphone. It’s a powerful app with nifty features, albeit poorly designed.

Other Generic Solutions

Rarely, it happens that after I have observed the above precautions, my Fire TV remote doesn’t respond. Also, I have gotten “SOS” messages from friends asking me what else they can do to get their “stubborn” remote to come through. Therefore, I have put out a list of factors however unlikely that may affect the Fire TV remote;

How far is “Remote?”

Is it a remote device? Yes, but how far is far? When using a remote controller, try to remain at least within 10 ft. of the Fire TV device. At least, this is what I do. If your TV is farther, bring your remote closer.

Any obstructions on the way

Since the Fire TV remote connects over Bluetooth technology, physical obstructions could mean loss of connection. Keeping your device within a cabinet or enclosure would affect the signal. I like to keep my Fire TV outside all cabinets.

Signal Jams

Just like bringing two microphones close to each other causes signal jam, so does your fire Tv remote with some electronic devices. Your smartphones, other Bluetooth devices(speakers, TV), and the rest could jam the signals.


As prevention, keep/use all electronic devices out of hot areas. Heat damages most devices including your Fire TV remotes. At high temperatures, they begin to lose efficiency.

Check for liquid spill

Liquid seeping into your device is something you do not want. When checking your remote, try jerking it about 4 to 5 times to ensure nothing got in.

It’s A Wrap!

See, like most people, Firestick is my one favorite place to stream videos, movies, anime, and anything I want. However, I get a little bit irritated when my remote quits working, I mean like “dude, not now.” In many cases, it could be just the minor problem of a stuck button or something less complex and temporal, which means my remote ends up responding by the next press.  Yet, this is one of the simplest problems that could play out.

At one time, I have had to rush from the kitchen, scale my cushion to “pause” my movie properly. The problem was- leaving for the kitchen earlier, I thought I paused the stream till I found out that my remote was non-responsive. Sadly my movie continued for about 10 minutes while I tried fixing my Firestick remotes.

So, here are some of the things I figured out about why the Firestick remote stopped working;

  • Actually, Alexa is not to blame

Alexa does a mighty job if you asked me, but it is hardly the main reason your firestick remote quits working. There is a button that calls her to action (she doesn’t always listen in).

  • If you have kids, keep Firestick remotes far

I shouldn’t say this, but some people seem ignorant of the dangers of small electronics in the hands of kids. It is not enough to turn your Firestick Off; you should keep your Firestick TV remote out of reach

  • Banging never means fixing

Some people delude themselves into thinking that banging the Firestick remotes on a soft surface fixes the Firestick remote. It is not entirely accurate; you might end up causing permanent damage.

  • Are your device well-paired

One time, I forgot that I unpaired my Fire TV remote when previously pairing it with my phone. Well, you can imagine what it means standing dumbfounded in front of the TV. So, before you conclude, check for proper pairing.

The reality is that Fire TVs are not usually problematic; at least, you might not need to go through all the steps. Also, they have made the Fire TV device user experience so easy and comfortable. If your Fire TV remote quits working, you can easily deputize such functions with your smartphones or Bluetooth keyboards.

Most often, the issues about Fire TV remotes are usually from the batteries. A lot of people leave batteries for far too long. Other times, the batteries might begin to corrode while in the remote. You should change batteries regularly and promptly. I have got a pack of spares and set a reminder on my calendar.

So, if your Fire TV remote quits working, the first thing you should do is flip/check the batteries. If the situation gets too hard, you should order a new one.

No matter which you choose, don’t forget to enjoy your device.

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Blake Fire
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