Firestick Not Moving – 7 Easy Methods to Unfreeze Firestick

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Amazon Fire TV, popularly known as Firestick, is a streaming device about the size of a large USB drive, that allows you to stream unlimited free content on your TV. It is a fantastic gadget that can convert any TV with an HDMI port into a smart TV.

However, like every other technological product, the Firestick has some problems that can end up being frustrating to the user, but thankfully, most of these problems can be solved. Firestick not moving is a fairly common Firestick problem, and if you’re having trouble with it, we’ve got some tricks to get you back to streaming right away. 

If you are experiencing Firestick not moving, it is important that you identify the root cause before attempting some of these methods that might help your situation. There are different ways to fix each issue, just like there’s more than one way to treat a headache (and you want to avoid brain surgery if you can). So to avoid taking risks such as deleting all your files, which may not be necessary for your situation, it may be helpful to remember what you were doing just before your Firestick stopped moving.

In any case, let’s get started on fixing Firestick not moving.

Reasons for Firestick Not Moving

In order to understand why you’re having Firestick not moving problems, we’re going to walk you through a few of the potential issues that might be causing this for you. There are always ways to narrow down and test which of these might be the culprit in your particular case. When you think you’ve found something, scroll down to the solutions section and get started fixing Firestick not moving!

The following are possible reasons for your Firestick not moving or being frozen.

1. Faulty Remote Control

Firestick Remote Batteries

The cause of your Firestick problem may just be a simple issue like having an inactive or dead battery in your Firestick remote. A couple of quick and reliable ways to fix this:

  1. Replace your batteries
  2. Reset your Fire TV

There are different ways to manually reset your Firestick, but if you’re having remote problems the easiest one would be to simply unplug your Firestick and plug it back in again.

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If these don’t resolve your remote issues and fix Firestick not moving, then scroll down to take a look at the Use Firestick Remote App on Your Phone section of this article. Also, we’ve got tons of great solutions in our Firestick Remote Not Working article.

With this, your Firestick should start moving again. If it is still not moving, then there may be other causes such as:

2. A Recently Installed or Updated App

Firestick can download, install, or update your applications in the background. By default, Firestick apps do not close when you exit them. When an application has either been installed or updated, it may require your Firestick to be restarted for it to come into effect.

But because you were probably streaming content, and were not aware of the background app download/update completion, the Firestick may be experiencing glitches that cause Firestick not to move due to interference from the new update. In this case, you will need to restart your Firestick to get it moving again.

To restart your Firestick while your device is frozen, the best method is to unplug your Firestick, wait a few moments, and then plug it back in again.

3. A Buggy App

With the ability to download third-party apps from untrusted sources, comes the danger of downloading bugs. Bugs are errors or flaws in software that can cause your gadget to crash or freeze.

To get rid of the buggy app, as well as to fix Firestick not moving, here are some things you should do:

  1. Restart the Firestick
  2. Hold the Home button for 3-4 seconds. After which you will see four shortcuts appear on the screen
  3. Select Apps
  4. Select the app you want to uninstall
  5. Tap Menu to bring out Options
  6. Click on Uninstall

If this still does not work, then the reason for your Firestick not moving may be:

4. Firestick WiFi Not Working

Imagine you are streaming a movie and right at the most interesting part, your screen freezes and the Firestick stops moving. Frustrating right? Buffering is easily one of the most annoying experiences for Firestick users. It may be caused by your internet speed, your router, or even the Firestick hardware. Thankfully, there are ways to get your Firestick moving again.

  1. Restart the Firestick
  2. Check and Improve your internet speed
  3. Check and adjust your WiFi signal strength (you might need to bring your modem closer)
  4. Use a VPN to prevent buffering

There’s a lot you can do to improve your WiFi signal and prevent Firestick not moving issues caused by buffering. To really dig into some of the best fixes, we recommend reading our Firestick WiFi not working article

When you restart your Firestick, make sure to reconnect to your VPN, as it will automatically get disconnected in the process of rebooting.

Firestick Connect Wifi

Important: When you’ve resolved your Firestick not moving issues and are ready to get back to streaming, it is important that you’re browsing safely. Important steps you can take are to make sure that your WiFi router password is strong and that you’re using a safe, fast VPN.

There are already companies and government agencies collecting your browsing data, and it’s not as difficult as you’d think for hackers to do the same. You can make your browsing safe and anonymous through a VPN, which means you can be sure that no one is looking into your activity.

As a bonus, there are tons of side benefits to using a VPN, like unlocking region-restricted content on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. Watch anything from anywhere! Check out our how to install a VPN on anything guide for a little extra help on the technical end of things.

VPN for Firestick

How To Fix Firestick Not Moving

To be fair, we have already touched on a few solutions in the sections above, but below we’ve got some general fixes that might help if you haven’t already found your way around to resolving your Firestick not moving issues. Keep reading to unfreeze your Firestick and get back to streaming!

1. Hard Reboot

With this method, you will use a combination of buttons on your remote to force your Firestick to restart. 

  1. Take your remote control and hold the Select and Play/Pause buttons at the same time
  2. Release the buttons after 5 seconds

The Firestick will automatically restart (there’s no notification, so don’t worry if the screen suddenly goes blank). As we’ve mentioned in other sections, an alternative way to reboot your Firestick is to unplug the device, wait a moment, and then plug it back in again.

restart firestick remote

This method should help solve your Firestick not-moving problem. But if it doesn’t solve it, there are still other methods you can use.

2. Home Button Method

Ok, we apologize in advance for how simple and silly this one sounds. There’s not a whole lot to it, but the fact is it works sometimes so we’re including it!

The Home Button method is simply holding down the Home button for a few seconds to get your Firestick moving again. Sometimes this overrides whatever is causing your Firestick not moving problem, at least long enough for you to use your remote to restart your Firestick.

Give it a shot!

Firestick remote Home button

3. Use Firestick Remote App on Your Phone

In cases where your remote control is no longer functional or missing, your phone comes in handy. Since Firestick is Android based, you can control it from your smartphone. The following are steps you should take to solve your Firestick not moving issue via your smartphone:

  1. Install a Firestick remote app (the popular favorites are the Amazon Fire TV app and Cetus Play app)
  2. Connect the app to your Firestick device

With your phone connected to your Firestick, you can control it and reboot it even if your normal remote isn’t working. Also, with Cetus Play, you can use your phone screen as a mouse to operate the Firestick. Awesome right?!

Firestick remote app firestick tips

4. Forced Restart

When all else fails, you can use the forced restart method. Here, you have to physically unplug and replug your Firestick.

  1. Unplug the Firestick from the source of power
  2. Leave it for a while, but at least for 10 seconds
  3. Re-plug the Firestick and power it up

This method forces the Firestick to restart. It is usually done as a last resort, but it is highly effective.

All four methods listed above will take care of the problem, especially when the Firestick not moving issue is due to a recently installed or updated app. If none of the above methods worked for you, then check out some of the alternative solutions below.

Unplug Firestick to unfreeze Firestick or Reset it
Just unplug the power of your Firestick and plug it back in. This forces a Firestick reset

Alternative Solutions for Firestick Not Moving

If you still find your Firestick not moving, then here are some other things you can try to get it moving again. Sometimes the problem may be from your hardware and how you set it up.

Check Power Supply

For whatever reason (some of them very good), users may end up using power supplies of their own, rather than the power supply that came with the Fire TV device. This substitution of the power supply can cause your Firestick to stop moving. Some power cables (especially cheaper ones) can deliver inconsistent power, or too little/too much power. This can go so far as to permanently damage your Firestick if you don’t catch it quickly.

To fix this:

  1. Plug your official power adapter into the power port. ( Check the back of your device to locate the power port)
  2. Plug the other end of the power adapter into the power outlet

If you’re having trouble with inconsistent or incorrect power levels, this will solve your Firestick not-moving problem.

USB Port

Sometimes faulty hardware on your TV can cause your Firestick to not move. In some cases, the USB port you use to connect your Firestick to the TV may be faulty, causing your device to not run smoothly and, potentially, to Firestick not having moving issues. In this case, we recommended that you:

  1. Unplug your device from the current USB port
  2. Switch to the adjacent USB port on your TV

Switching the USB port you use for your Firestick will help you discover if your TV’s hardware is at the root of the problem, and you can repair it before it gets worse and causes more problems to both your TV and your Firestick.

Amazon Micro USB cable
Try the stock Amazon USB cable that came with your Firestick
check price amazon


Another possible cause of your Firestick not moving troubles is the problem of overheating. The Firestick often has storage problems that cause it to lag, crash, stop moving, and eventually overheat. When this happens the best thing to do is:

  1. Unplug your Firestick completely from its power source
  2. Let the device rest until the hardware cools down
  3. Plug your Firestick back into the power source
  4. Clear the cache on the Firestick 

It is important to clear the accumulated cache on your Firestick to free up space and get your Firestick working properly again without lags, crashes, freezes, or other problems.

This is a classic issue for Firestick users and there are a lot of good tips to help you get around this problem. If you want more long-term solutions, take a gander at our How to Fix Firestick Overheating article.

Firestick overheating


The Amazon Firestick is an exciting device that boasts some exciting, cutting-edge technology that keeps it on the front line of home entertainment. Its use of artificial Intelligence (All hail Alexa!) that syncs with other devices in your home, makes modern living easier and more comfortable. Its portability is an added advantage, as it allows you to take all of your TV subscriptions with you on the go. 

The Firestick despite all its fascinating features, does have a couple of problems. However, in almost every case, these problems can be easily solved. We hope we helped you find something that helped you fix your Firestick not moving issues. Let us know in the comment what worked for you!

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Blake Fire
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