Firestick Netflix Not Working – Best 5 Minute Solutions

The Amazon Firestick is such a hugely popular device, in large part due to its ability to connect all of your favorite streaming services to your TV under one convenient device. Thanks to the Firestick, you can have HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix all connected and ready to play at any time. The upsides are obvious, but what happens when something goes wrong and you suddenly notice Firestick Netflix not working?

Firestick Netflix not working is one of the most common issues for Fire TV users. It’s not uncommon for people to be confronted with the dreaded error message saying, “Sorry, we could not reach the Netflix service. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please visit the Netflix website.”

If you need help to fixing your Firestick Netflix not working problems, then fear not we we’ve got the solutions that are going to get you back to streaming before you know it. Let’s go!

How to Fix Firestick Netflix Not Working

There are a few different reasons you might be experiencing Firestick Netflix not working, and so there are a few different solutions you might need to try before you find the solution that works for you. Feel free to jump around through this list or follow along with them one by one until your Netflix app starts working on your Firestick again.

Check if Netflix is Down

If you’re having trouble with Firestick Netflix not working, one of the first things you should try, even before checking your internet connection, is to look up whether or not Netflix is down for everybody, or it is only you. One way to check this is to look at social media sites and find out if there is a general problem with Netflix, or you are the only one experiencing it.

You can check Twitter by searching for the keyword “Netflix,” then look for tweets about Netflix from the “latest” bar and see if other people are having a similar problem and posting about it.

If you’d rather here the news straight from the horse’s mouth, then Netflix actually has a page dedicated to letting folks know if they’re having a problem with their service. Just check the Is Netflix Down? page on the Netflix help site to help you narrow down what the problem might be.

If Netflix is, in fact down, then the good news is that there’s probably nothing on your end causing your Firestick Netflix not working issues. The bad news is that you’ve just got to wait until Netflix gets their service back up. Usually they’re pretty quick, so just keep an eye on that page!

Netflix not working on Firestick

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IPVanish VPN Mobile

Internet Connection

If everything seems to be ok with Netflix itself, then the problem might be due to your internet connection. If you’re internet is slow or unstable, it’s likely causing connectivity issues that are affecting your ability to use Netflix.

To check your internet connection, you can test from a different device (like your mobile or laptop) to see if the internet connection is working or not. If you notice your connection is struggling, you may need to contact your ISP to either have your connection repaired or to upgrade your service. You can also check our guide for what to do if you notice your Firestick WiFi not working.

If you don’t have any connectivity issues, then it means that the problem is likely caused by the connection between your Firestick and the Netflix servers.

Firestick Connect Wifi

Clear Netflix App Cache

It turns out this classic troubleshooting trick for fixing browser issues also works great for Firestick apps. Clearing the Netflix app’s cache might just be your solution if you’re having Firestick Netflix not working problems.

Just as computers might run into problems when there’s too much information stored in their cache, Firesticks will occasionally experience similar troubles. If this doesn’t seem intuitive, it might help if you think of your Firestick like a computer with its own built-in storage (which it is).

While you’re clearing the cache, you might also want to force stop your Netflix app, allowing it to do a fresh reboot when you open it again. Sometimes this helps if the Fire TV Stick is being unresponsive to commands from your remote. ]

To clear your Netflix app cache, follow these steps:

  • Press the Home button on your Firestick and go to Settings
  • Press Applications and go to Manage Installed Applications
  • Find Netflix and select it
  • Press Force Stop and Clear Cache
  • Restart your Firestick device
  • Try to launch Netflix

You’d be surprised how often this fixes Firestick Netflix not working problems, as well as most other Firestick issues. If you tried this and you’re still experiencing the same problem, don’t worry. Let’s take a look at other solutions.

clear app cache firestick

Reinstall Your Netflix App

One way to solve issues with Firestick Netflix not working is to uninstall the application and download it again. This works a lot like clearing your cache, but goes even further. You can follow these steps to reinstall the Netflix app if it is not working on your Amazon Firestick:

  • Press the Home button of Firestick and go to Settings
  • Press Applications and go to Manage Installed Applications
  • Find Netflix and select
  • Select Uninstall
  • Go back to the Firestick Home screen
  • Write “Netflix” to the search bar and search it
  • Find Netflix and press Install
  • Once the app is installed, open Netflix and start streaming
Uninstall firestick app

Update Your Amazon Firestick

Streaming services frequently update in order to fix minor bugs that they’ve identified, and the same is true of your Amazon Firestick. Aside from allowing you to use new functionality, updating your Firestick will help you eliminate buggy code that could be causing your Firestick Netflix not working error. If you haven’t done this in a while, we strongly recommend it, even if you haven’t been having any problems with Firestick Netflix not working.

  • Press the Home button on your Firestick remote and go to Settings
  • Press System and go to the About section. You will see the current firmware version of your stick
  • Press Check for a system update. If your device has not been updating before this, it will start downloading automatically after this step
  • Press the Install System Update to install the downloaded data
  • Restart the device, and it will continue updating automatically
install firmware software update

Reset Firestick to Factory Defaults

If all else has failed you so far, you might try resetting your Fire TV Stick as the last ditch solution for Firestick Netflix not working problems. Remember that resetting the device will cause you to lose all your data that wasn’t on the Firestick when you bought it. This includes sign-in information, settings and preferences, and all of your apps. In short, it will return your Firestick to the state it was in when you first used the device.

To reset your Firestick, you can follow these steps:

  • Press the Home button of Firestick and go to Settings
  • Go to System Menu, where you will see the option of Reset to Factory Defaults
  • Once you select the reset option, you might be asked to enter your password if you have one
reset to factory default firestick


If you’ve faced issues with Firestick Netflix not working, I hope these suggestions have helped you to solve the problem. To sum up, we suggest that if you’re having Firestick Netflix not working problems that you check to see if Netflix is down, check if your internet connection is stable, clear your Netflix app cache by following the instructions above, uninstall and reinstall the Netflix application on your Fire TV Stick, update Netflix to eliminate any bugs, and as your last resort to reset the Firestick to factory defaults.

We hope that we’ve helped you quickly resolve your problem with Firestick Netflix not working! If you still have issues with your Firestick device, and none of the solutions above worked for you, then you might have some deeper problems with your Firestick or Netflix account. In this case, Netflix or Amazon support will help, so don’t hesitate to contact them! 

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