Firestick Mirroring: How to Cast Android/iPhone to Fire Stick & FireTV

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Got some great movies / TV shows on your Android or iPhone you want to cast to your Firestick?

Use this guide to quickly and easily set up Firestick Mirroring.  Some people know this feature by name as “MiraCast“.  In this tutorial, we show you how to set everything up (including Airscreen / AllCast) step-by-step with screenshots.

How to Mirror Your Android Or iPhone Screen to Amazon Firestick & Fire TV

TIP:  Most “casting apps” only let you cast individual video files to Amazon Firestick.  But I found this excellent app called AirScreen which lets you cast your entire Android phone’s screen to your Firestick / Fire TV.  This means you can watch streaming TV/movies on your Android phone’s browser – and simply cast the entire Android screen to Fire TV!

Step 1:  Enable Firestick Mirroring

First, enable mirroring on your Firestick using these steps..

  1. From the Fire TV home screen, select “Settings

    Select Settings from Firestick home screen

    Go to the Firestick / Fire TV home screen and select “Settings”

  2. Choose “Display & Sounds

    Firestick Display & Sounds for Screen Mirroring with Android & iPhone

    Select “Display & Sounds”

  3. Select “Enable Display Mirroring

    Enable Firestick Mirroring

    Select this option to enable Android / iPhone mirroring on Firestick

Step 2:  Install AirScreen / AllCast on Your Firestick

After you followed the steps above to enable screen mirroring on Firestick, use the steps below to install the “AirScreen” (or “AllCast“) app on your Fire TV.   To install AirScreen (or the alternate AllCast) on Fire TV, do these steps..

  1. Go to the Firestick home screen  and  then  select  the  “Search”  icon

    Search for AllCast from the Firestick home screen to install APKTime. Then use APKTime to install Cinema HD to watch Game of Thrones free

    Select the “Search” icon from the Firestick home screen

  2. Then search for “AirScreen” using the Firestick’s “search” function.

    AirScreen on Firestick

    Install AirScreen (lets you share the entire Android screen – not just single videos!)

  3. Press the center button on the Firestick remote to download & install AirScreen
  4. Now, on your Android phone, press the “Cast” button after you start playing a live stream, a video or TV show.

    Cast Android screen to Fire TV

    Press the “Cast” button on your phone

Now complete the whole process by simply following the steps below to install AllCast on your Android device.

Step 3 (Optional):  Install the Cast app on your Android, iPhone, or iPad

In case your phone doesn’t have a “Cast” function included by default, then use the steps below to install a Casting app.

If you have an Android, then follow the steps immediately below.  Or if you have an iPhone / iPad, scroll down a bit and follow the steps in the section titled “Got iPhone?..”.

Got Android?  Install AllCast on Your Android Device

  1. Launch the Google Play Store on your Android device (the device you want to cast TO your Fire TV / Stick)

    Google Play Store on Android

    Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device

  2. Search for AllCast in the Play Store.  Then select AllCast in the search results

    AllCast Android app

    Choose “AllCast” in the search results

  3. Now press INSTALL to install AllCast on the Android device you want to mirror to Firestick

    Google Play Store Install button

    Press INSTALL to install AllCast for Android

Got iPhone / iPad?  Install AirBeamTV on your iPhone or iPad

  1. On your iOS device, search the iTunes App Store for “Mirror for Amazon Fire TV” or “AirBeamTV

    App to Mirror iPhone to Fire TV

    Get the Mirror for Amazon Fire TV app on your iPhone to cast to Firestick

  2. Select “Mirror for Amazon Fire TV” / AirBeam TV in the search results
  3. Press Install
  4. IMPORTANT:  At this step, you must install the app called “AirBeamTV Mirroring Receiver”  on your Firestick.  Just search for “AirBeamTV” from the Firestick home screen or enter this address into the web browser on your Fire TV / Stick:

How to Cast to FireStick from PC

While we’ve covered how to cast your screen to FireStick on iOS and Android, there’s still another device you should know how to screen mirror on FireStick. Of course, it’s the PC. 

There are a lot of good uses for screen mirroring from your PC since it’s the easiest device to navigate on. Who doesn’t dream of using their FireStick display as a monitor?

There are a few simple steps that you need to follow to cast PC to FireStick. Here they are:

  1. First, hold down your home button on your FireStick remote to open Options
  2. Select Mirroring from this list. You’ll now see a screen that says Display Mirroring.

Now, use your PC for the next steps:

  1. Open up your Windows PC’s side menu by clicking the notification button in the bottom-right corner. Here, click Connect
  2. Your FireStick will show up in the list of devices to connect to. Select it from the menu. 
  3. Wait a few moments and you’ll see a “Device Connected” message. 
  4. Now, you’re ready to start using your FireStick as a PC monitor!

With these steps, you don’t even need to use Airscreen for Windows or use Aircast streaming. However, these could be alternatives if you’d rather use a third-party app. 

So, it might be a good idea to download Airscreen for PC if the first method didn’t work.

You’re done setting everything up!  Now just use the final steps (below) to cast media to Firestick.

Step 4:  Choose what you want to Cast for Firestick Mirroring

You can cast just about anything to your Fire TV once you have it all set up (by following all the steps above).   Basically, you just start playing some media (movie, TV show, whatever) on your Android device.  Then press the “Cast” / “Mirror” button.

Screen Mirroring button on Android for Fire TV casting

If your Android phone has this button, press it!

Anything on your Android screen can be cast to your Firestick screen!

TIP:  The free “VLC” app for Android is my favorite media player.  It plays literally any movie / TV show you throw at it – and it lets you cast.

VLC Fire TV media player

VLC Fire TV media player

Another great media player app for Android is MX Player.

MX Player Fire TV media player

MX Player Fire TV media player

Both apps are available for free in the Google Play Store.

What is a VPN? 

If you’re using FireStick apps or mirroring your PC on it, we’d highly recommend that you use a VPN. So, what is a VPN? Basically, it stands for Virtual Private Network. This means that you can use a VPN service to gain access to private networks in many different locations worldwide. 

So, the reason VPNs are useful is primarily because of their internet security benefits. In fact, everyone should be using one if they don’t want their online data to be traced back to them. By accessing a private network, your IP will be spoofed and become untraceable.

In effect, you’ll be completely incognito when you’re browsing sites, using apps, or watching content that should have been blocked in your country. Yes—you can access restricted content by accessing a network in an area where it’s available!

When choosing a VPN service to use, it’s essential to pick one with a zero-log policy. Naturally, when we use the internet our data is inevitably stored. However, with a policy like such, you can rest assured that none of your data will be logged within the VPN. This way, even the most deep-seated IP data cannot be traced back to you. 

Here’s a look at the VPN we use regularly:

What is IPVanish and How to Use It? 

IPVanish is the VPN that we’d recommend to any internet user trying to elevate their online security. This VPN service is one of the most encrypted, straightforward, and maintained. 

Once your Firestick is fully up and running (congrats on fixing Firestick keeps restarting!), I strongly recommend using a VPN to protect your browsing.

I managed to get this excellent exclusive IPVanish discount for all my readers!

As we mentioned before, a zero-log policy is paramount when choosing a VPN, and IPVanish has you covered in this area. With this service, you’re guaranteed to browse while completely safeguarded. 

For FireStick users, we especially recommend it because it’s super simple to install directly on your device. Just look up “IPVanish” in the search bar and it will pop up for you. Then, follow the instructions for installation and you’ll be ready to use any app you want!

Cast to FireStick FAQ

If you’re still trying to cast your PC’s screen content to your FireStick, it’s almost a given that you’ll have some questions. In order to give you the most painless casting experience, we’ve put together answers for our most frequently asked questions.

We hope that these answers give you a better understanding of certain casting aspects. If you have any questions that we didn’t answer here, please let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to help you iron out the kinks.

So, without further ado, here’s the FAQ. 

Can I Cast My Phone to FireStick?

Sure you can! A bonus is that you can cast your phone to FireStick displays regardless of whether you use an Android, iPhone, or a different mobile device. 

If you’re still wondering how to cast from a phone, refer back to the above sections that describe how to cast from both iOS and Android phones.

How Do I Mirror to a FireStick?

Mirroring is the exact same thing as casting! It’s just a difference in terminology. So, if you want to mirror to a FireStick, you can follow the exact same steps as are detailed above. 

If you are using a device we didn’t mention, the buttons may be different but should generally work the same way.

What Devices Can FireStick Mirror?

The FireStick is compatible with many devices. In this article, we showed you how to mirror a PC, tablet, or phone to your FireStick system. The FireStick is versatile, so almost any device you have is able to mirror its screen to your TV. 

Can I Cast Videos to My FireStick?

Yes! The great thing about mirroring to FireStick systems is that anything you do on your casting device, you’ll see on your FireStick. So, if you want to watch videos on your FireStick while casting from your PC, it should work fine without any hiccups.

Be sure to close background apps for optimal performance while streaming.

Wrap Up

We hope that this guide helped you figure out how to screen mirror to FireStick devices, regardless of the device you want to cast from. We covered multiple screen mirroring topics, such as phones, PCs, and tablets. 

The methods we described have been proven and tested by our staff to ensure that you have the best experience while using your FireStick as a monitor. 

A second point you should take away from this article is the importance of using a VPN. We mentioned our favorite VPN to use, so you should download IPVanish for your FireStick before using any of the methods we’ve laid out.

It’s a known fact that screencasting to FireStick can get complicated sometimes. It’s definitely a process, but one that will pay off once you have it down!

So, if you have questions after following the steps and glancing at our FAQ, leave them in the comments below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We’ll do our best to help you fix any bugs you find along the way.

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

I run this website! My purpose here is to help people stream great content to their devices. With over 10 years of IT experience, I strive to educate the people who visit this site with the best, most up-to-date information available. If an article on this site helped you, then help me back by leaving a comment on my YouTube channel. Or subscribe to our mailing list for streaming add-on updates and a 60% off VPN coupon code.

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