Firestick Login: How to Register Fire Stick, Login to Amazon Account & Install APPS

Need to setup your Amazon Firestick?  Use this guide to do the Firestick login process and fully set up your Fire TV (stick) in a flash the right way.

How to Setup Firestick & Firestick Login

Here’s the quickest, safest, easiest way to setup Amazon Firestick.  Start by having your TV turned off.  Then follow these steps for Firestick login (aka log in to your Amazon account on Fire stick / FireTV):

  1. First, plugin your Amazon Firestick / Fire TV by using the power cord and power block provided with your device.  TIP:  Plug the Firestick power block directly into the wall outlet (NOT into your TV’s USB port) for best performance.
Amazon Firestick power supply
This is the stock power supply that ships with Firestick. Connect the Micro USB power cord that came with your Firestick into this. Then plug this into a wall outlet.
  • Then insert the Firestick into the HDMI port of your TV.
HDMI port on our HDTV is needed for Firestick Jailbreak
Plug your Firestick into the HDMI port of your TV
  • Turn on your TV and then make sure the TV is switched to the HDMI port your Firestick is in
Firestick HDMI Source Select
Select the HDMI port your Firestick is plugged into
Firestick remote batteries
Make sure the batteries are in your Firestick remote
  • Then follow the steps that appear on your screen to log in to your Amazon account using your Firestick.

See the section below for details on how to login to Firestick using your Amazon account, or if you forgot your Amazon password.

Firestick Login Using Your Amazon Account

  1. When your screen tells you to log in to your Amazon account, first enter your username
  2. Then enter your password
  3. If you have trouble logging in to your Amazon account, then use your smartphone or computer to go to to see how to reset your Amazon account password.

TIP:  I recommend that you read this entire page to make sure you know everything about Firestick channels, apps, and third-party app stores like Aptoide TV and APKTime.

Do you need an Amazon account to use fire stick?

Yes, you need an Amazon account to use Firestick.  The account does NOT need to be an Amazon Prime account – just a regular Amazon account.

It’s free to get an Amazon account.  You can do this using your phone or computer by going to – then proceed to sign up for a new Amazon account.

If you already have an Amazon account and you don’t know your password, then just Google “reset Amazon password“, go to the first search result and proceed to reset your Amazon password.

How do I activate my Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Use the steps below to activate Firestick whenever you install a new app on your device that requires an activation code (for example, the PBS app, Firestick Netflix app, Hulu, etc):

  1. While using Amazon Firestick / FireTV and the screen says you need to activate your device, first write down the activation code that appears on your screen.  This code will be used in the next step.
  2. Now get your smartphone or computer out and open a web browser window (in an app like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox).
  3. Then enter the address of the service you want to activate (for example, enter to activate the PBS app, enter to activate the Netflix app, or enter to activate the Hulu app).
  4. At this point just click on “Activate” or whatever button on your screen takes you to the “activation” area (for example,
  5. Now enter the Activation Code you got from your TV screen (in Step 1 above)
  6. Press Continue
  7. You’re done!  Your Firestick is now activated with the app you installed.

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What can you do with your Amazon FireStick? 

So, you have a new FireStick or are considering buying one, and you want to know all the capabilities it has. Well, luckily there are lots of things you can do with your FireStick!

The main idea of the FireStick is that you can have all your favorite streaming apps and channels in one place. With your FireStick, you can customize your channel preferences, arrange apps for easy access, and install any app you want, like Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, and more. 

Even if you search for an app or streaming channel and it’s not supported in the Amazon App Store, the FireStick enables you to sideload it using a third-party Downloader app. This can come in handy when the channels you like are lesser-known!

Key Amazon FireStick Features

There are so many different kinds of streaming channels, with genres like sports, movies, family, adult, live TV, and more. No matter which genres of media you enjoy, there are sure to be tons of options for you on any given night.

You can watch content, but you can also download apps for music streaming and gaming. With your FireStick, you can give your entertainment system a revamp. It’s made to let you enjoy the comfortable simplicity of turning on your TV and having it all there, ready to watch.

Something awesome that your FireStick can do for you is personalized recommendations based on what you choose to view! This is done using ASAP (Advanced Streaming and Prediction) technology, which is sure to help out when you just can’t decide what to watch.

If you have been an Amazon user for a while, you probably know about Alexa, its virtual assistant. She can help you with lots of things, like listening to daily news, playing games, navigating your FireStick, and more. By the way, you can find Amazon virtual assistant jobs at Jooble.

What is the best thing about FireStick?

Easily, the best thing about the FireStick is how simple it makes everything. From accessibility features to Alexa integration, the things you can do with the FireStick have never been easier. 

Additionally, a great feature is a low price for the value you get. At only $49.99, it’s one of the cheapest streaming devices on the market today but offers great functionality with even more capability for downloading external content.

How to Setup Amazon FireStick Text Banner Feature

Recently, Amazon has introduced a new accessibility feature for the Amazon FireStick. The Text Banner feature highlights selections, making it easier to tell where your pointer is hovering. 

Here’s how to enable the Text Banner Feature on FireStick: 

  1. Navigate to your Fire TV settings, found on the home screen.
  2. Go to Accessibility from the menu that pops up.
  3. Here, you’ll see Text Banner. Select it to enable!

If you don’t see the feature, it might not be available on your device yet. In this case, check if a software update is available in your settings.

Is there a monthly fee for Fire Stick?

No.  There is no monthly fee for Fire Stick.  However, there is quite a bit of confusion surrounding this topic.  Keep reading to get un-confused.

Why is there confusion about Firestick monthly subscription fees?  Because certain apps you can install on the Firestick (like HBO GO and Netflix) do require that you pay a monthly subscription fee.  But to put it simply, the Amazon Fire Stick itself does not require a monthly subscription fee.

You can use most Firestick apps free of charge (such as Youtube, Crackle, Tubi TV, TED talks, etc).  Just buy the Firestick ($39 from Amazon) or Fire TV (about $89 from Amazon).

Keep in mind that if you don’t purchase any monthly subscriptions for apps like HBO GO or Netflix, you may find that the content you can watch on Firestick is somewhat limited.  Therefore, I recommend that you install a third-party app store on your Firestick such as APKTime or Aptoide TV.  Then use the third-party app store to install free apps like Cinema HD.

What Channels Do You Get With Firestick?

Firestick uses apps to access TV channels.  For example, if you want to watch the channel HBO, then you must install the HBO GO app on Firestick and pay for a subscription to HBO.  Or if you want to watch PBS, then just install the free PBS app on your Firestick and start streaming.  Some apps/channels are free, while others require a paid subscription.

Here are some of the best channels for Firestick (aka “apps”):

  • HBO GO
  • Watch ESPN
  • BBC News
  • Hulu with Live TV
  • Netflix
  • Vimeo
  • Crackle
  • iHeart Radio
  • History Channel
  • Watch HGTV
  • Watch Food Network
  • Pluto TV
  • Tubi TV
  • A&E
  • Huff Post Live
  • Spotify
  • MLB TV Premium
  • NBA Game Time
  • Bloomberg TV
  • Disney Junior
  • PBS Kids
  • Showtime
  • YouTube
  • CBS AllAccess

And last but not least – Amazon Prime videos

What channels are free on Firestick?

Here are the Top 10 Best Free Channels on Firestick (aka Apps):

How to Setup Amazon FireStick Alexa

One of the most convenient features of your FireStick is the Alexa integration. Alexa is Amazon’s virtual assistant, serving a similar purpose to Apple’s Siri and Google’s Cortana. 

On your FireStick, Alexa can help make your entertainment experience far more robust. You can ask her questions, help you navigate, play certain media, and more! 

The thing you need to know about using Alexa on FireStick is that she can be prompted with some key commands. There are a lot, so we’ve categorized and listed out the ones we’ve found most helpful. 

To enable her, use the Alexa remote that came with your FireStick. Here’s a list of super helpful Alexa command examples that will make your life a lot easier:

Watching Content

“Alexa, open Hulu.”

“Alexa, play The Queen’s Gambit.”

You can also control your media with Alexa, just as you would on your remote. Here’s how:

“Alexa, pause.”

“Alexa, play.”

“Alexa, fast forward.”

“Alexa, rewind.”

“Alexa, forward 3 minutes.”

“Alexa, next episode.”

“Alexa, skip 15 seconds.”

Finding Content

“Alexa, show nearby restaurants.”

“Alexa, show me [any show or movie title].”

“Alexa, pull up [genre of content].”

“Alexa, show me Dwayne Johnson movies.”

“Alexa, search for Friends.”

“Alexa, add this to my list.”

“Alexa, show me my watchlist.”

“Alexa, search for the YouTube app.”


“Alexa, what’s the news?”

“Alexa, give me a news briefing.”


“Alexa, tell me the weather for today.”

“Alexa, what’s the forecast?”


“Alexa, play Trivia.”

“Alexa, play Jeopardy.”


“Alexa, play music.”

“Alexa, play Nirvana.”

“Alexa, play Despacito.”

“Alexa, play [genre] music.”

How to install apps on FireStick 

The process of installing apps on FireStick can be very simple. If you want to download a certain streaming, gaming, music, or live TV app, you can usually find them right from your Fire TV home screen!

To install an app, search for its name in the search bar on your home screen. If it’s installable through Amazon’s App Store or via APK, it will come right up in the search results.

If you want to browse apps to install, you can visit the Amazon App Store, which comes preloaded onto your FireStick. There, you can access all the apps it has to offer.

If you don’t see an app you want in the App Store, you can always sideload it. Luckily, the FireStick has many capabilities that let you access almost any channel you want. 

Read our guide here on how to sideload apps on FireStick. LINK HERE

Protect Yourself With A VPN 

If you choose to sideload apps or download from third parties, you’ll definitely want to use a VPN service. This is because not all apps you download outside of the Amazon App Store use secure servers, so your online browsing data could be compromised. 

Sure, it sounds scary, but you won’t have to worry if you use a VPN. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service that basically hides your browsing data from your internet service provider’s logs

If you use a VPN, you can browse over the internet without worrying about anyone seeing your activity, or even tracking your location! A VPN will protect you from all of that, and you can browse in peace. 

Most of our readers use a VPN, especially those who use services not supported by Amazon, such as Kodi. We highly recommend you find a service that will completely protect you. 

What is IPVanish and Why Use It? 

If we were to recommend the best VPN service for FireStick, we’d absolutely go with IPVanish

With IPVanish, you can enjoy a zero-log policy as well as the comfort that you’re in good hands. They’ll hide your IP address from potentially malicious users, protect your data from your internet service provider, and even allow you to bounce your location should content be blocked in your region.

IPVanish has been the #1 most trusted VPN service among internet users since its launch in 2012, so they are committed to keeping their users’ data completely unharmed and undocumented while they browse on their FireSticks. 

Amazon Fire TV Stick FAQ 

Does the FireStick have to be plugged into work?

Your FireStick comes with an adapter that plugs into a nearby outlet. Some people wonder if this adapter is necessary, as the USB could technically be plugged into the TV’s port. 

Unfortunately, that amount of power likely won’t be enough to keep your FireStick working on its own. Therefore, we highly recommend you keep the adapter plugged into the wall!

Does the FireStick have Bluetooth? 

Yes! The Amazon FireStick comes with Bluetooth pairing capabilities. So, you can connect additional remotes, headsets, and other accessories to your Amazon FireStick.

This is super helpful and is easy to set up if you go to your Settings page, accessible through your Fire TV home screen.

Does the Amazon FireStick have YouTube?

The FireStick will come with a few factory preloaded apps, but YouTube won’t be on there until you download it from the Amazon App Store. You can access the app store manually through your Apps page, or you can look up YouTube directly in your home screen’s search bar.

Does the Amazon FireStick need WiFi?

Yes, for your Amazon FireStick to work properly you’ll want a strong, reliable internet connection. While like other streaming sticks, it has few offline capabilities. However, to get the full streaming experience it’s definitely necessary to have a Wi-Fi connection set up and working on your FireStick.

Wrapping Up

This article went over everything you need to know about how to setup Amazon FireStick channels, Alexa, and more. There are so many things you can do with your FireStick, so play around with it a bit and explore its capabilities.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about any part of the setup process, let us know down below and we’d be happy to talk you through them. 

To find out more about what you can download to make your FireStick and entertainment powerhouse, check out some of our other related articles!

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