Firestick Live TV: How to Stream Live TV on Firestick (Updated for 2023)

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This guide shows you Firestick Live TV apps so you can stream all the Live TV you want.

How to Watch Firestick Live TV Apps

The Amazon Firestick is capable of many things, and that includes accessing and streaming a variety of content. You can watch movies and TV shows, download apps, and more! However, what you can also do on the Firestick is watch live TV. Luckily, accessing Live TV on your Fire TV stick is easy to do and only requires a simple search for TV apps that stream live content. One such example is the app, “TV player.”

To look for the TV player app on your device, simply look for it within the Amazon app store from the Main Menu. If you cannot find it there, however, click on the search icon on the top of the main menu. Type in “TV player” in your search, and the app should appear. Click on the app and hit download. Once it’s finished downloading, you can open the app and should now be able to stream Live TV channels!

What Are Other Similar Firestick Live TV Apps?

Though the TV player app gives you access to 55 Live TV channels and a selection of premium channels, it costs £5.99 per month and, on top of that, is only available in the UK. Though you can get a virtual private network (VPN) to get around that obstacle, (which we’ll discuss later) there are other Live TV apps available such as the ones listed below:


Hotstar is a live TV streaming app that gives users access to shows, movies, sports (including premier league games) and even live news. This video-on-demand platform started in India, but is now available internationally. With that said, the app features a wider range of international films (based in India) and Indian sports, but also features popular US shows and movies. The app can be installed through the Playstore on Android devices, but can also be installed directly from the Amazon store when you sign into your Amazon prime account. There is a monthly subscription fee of $9.99 to run the service

Live NetTV

Live NetTV is a streaming service that provides users with over 700 channels in categories such as Sports, Entertainment, News, Movies, Music, Cooking, and more. What’s great about this app is that the service is free and only requires a simple download. You can download the official LiveNetTV APK via an Android device. You can, however, directly install Live NetTV on your Amazon Firestick. One way to download the service on your device is by first downloading the app “Downloader,” which you can find by performing a search on the Firestick home screen. After you install Downloader, open it and input the file URL for LiveNetTV and click the “download” option. Once the download completes, you can initiate the installation process and open the app once it is fully installed. For more about installing Live NetTV on your Firestick, take a look at this article.


SwiftStream is a Live TV app that lets you watch over 700 Live channels, including premium cable channels for free. You can use Swiftstream on your Android phone or tablet, but can also use it on your Firestick. You can download Swiftstream on your device by navigating to Settings→ System→ Device on your Firestick Main Menu. From “Device” click on “Developer Options” and turn on “Allow Apps from Unknown Sources.” After that, return to the home screen, search and download the “Downloader” app, and then install it. Open the Downloader app and proceed to install Swiftstream. For complete details on how to get Swiftstream for Fire TV, check out this article.


IPTV is a live streaming video service that offers over 500 live channels, local channels, on-demand movies of many genres, and more. All that is required to use this service is an internet connection and the packages this service offers works with virtually any Internet-connected Android device. Nevertheless, you can use IPTV on your Firestick and it can be done with a simple search on your Firestick menu. For more details on installation, check out this video tutorial. Do note, a subscription is required to use this service.

Pros Always Use a VPN for Streaming to STAY SAFE

For most streaming services, a VPN is recommended to get because you can change your IP address, as well as your location, to access geo-locked content. As aforementioned, apps like TV Player, that are only available in certain locations (like the UK) can be accessed with the use of a VPN. Installing a VPN can also prevent interference from internet service providers (ISPs) and can keep the content you view private. Installing and subscribing to a VPN isn’t hard to do on a Firestick. In fact, a popular VPN, IPVanish can be found by searching on your Firestick menu. With a VPN, you can stream your Live content smoothly and can download a broader range of apps outside of your location.



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