How to Install Universe Fire TV / Firestick Kodi TV Addon

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Your Firestick Kodi installation deserves a taste of the Universe TV add-on, a great new TV addon from Worldkodi. Found within the Galaxy Repository, Universe plays streams with one click. At the time of writing, Universe has a Search function, HD Movies, Boxset Movies, and a Real-Debrid Login on its home screen. Firestick Kodi TV addons don’t get much simpler than that. Universe has a limited selection of content streams, so makes a great supplemental addon for your Firestick Kodi setup.

If you enjoy your Firestick Kodi installation regularly, then don’t get left behind wondering where your streams went. Visit the KFire TV front page often, so you can see all the latest news, builds, and TV addons.

Safety First

If you don’t want to go the way of The_Alpha and many others in the Kodi community, then take heed. Only connect with Kodi when using a protective VPN. No matter where you access the internet from these days (Ashburn, VA?), somebody monitors and records your online activities. Only with a securely encrypted VPN can you rest assured your identity and data remain safe.

Allow Unknown Sources

Make certain “Unknown Sources” are allowed in Kodi, then continue to the source installation. If not sure what I mean by this, or if you’re in need of a refresher, then simply read the Allow Unknown Sources in Kodi tutorial guide. You’ll gain the ability to add third-party Kodi TV addons, builds, wizards, and repositories in no time at all. We’ll see you in a moment!

Install Galaxy Repo Source

Installing the Galaxy repo source location into your Firestick Kodi app requires just a moment following these simple steps.

  1. Select System (gear cog icon), then click to enter it.
  2. Then, head to the File Manager.
  3. Choose Add Source, so you can install a location.
  4. Then, click None.
  5. Input the source address for the Galaxy repo, so
  6. Name it Galaxy, check that you have no typos, then click OK.
  7. “Directory information couldn’t be retrieved.” If you get this message, then don’t add it at this time. Simply check again later, then it may appear back online. There are plenty of other Firestick Kodi TV addons, so enjoy Kodi with no worries.

Install Galaxy Repo

When ready to install the Galaxy repository for Kodi on your firestick, then use the following easy steps. The Galaxy repo keeps the Universe and its dependencies up to date, so you don’t miss a thing. Of course, it also holds the installer for the Universe. Let’s get it installed, so we can install the Universe.

  1. Navigate to Kodi’s home screen, then click Add-ons in the menu.
  2. Then, click the Add-ons Browser (open package icon).
  3. Select Install from zip file, then click it.
  4. Choose file, then click on it or OK. Note the version numbers have likely changed, so you could need to access or somesuch.
  5. Once you notice the popup dialog telling you so, then the Galaxy Repo installed successfully.

Install Firestick Kodi Universe TV Addon

The actual Universe installation requires little in the way of patience or time, so relax. You might as well have somebody melt some butter for the popcorn, then run through these last steps. Your Firestick Kodi installation appreciates your ministrations.

  1. You should still sit within the Add-ons browser, so click on Install from repository.
  2. Choose the Galaxy Repository, then enter it.
  3. Go into Video add-ons.
  4. Select Universe for installation.
  5. Click the Install button, so the installation will start.
  6. Congratulations! You now have Universe installed to your Firestick Kodi, albeit a very tiny one.

It really doesn’t get much easier than that, so enjoy the Universe on your Firestick Kodi installation. We’ll see you next time on KFire TV, then give you even more entertainment options.

Enjoy the Firestick Kodi Universe Safely From Within A VPN





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December 8, 2017

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