Firestick Keyboard: How to Connect a Bluetooth Keyboard or Wired Keyboard to Firestick

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Amazon Firestick is a popular device, and many people use it to stream movies, TV shows, and sports daily. It can even be used to get all of your entertainment for free.  Here’s how to setup a Firestick keyboard (Bluetooth or USB!) in just a few simple steps.

What’s in this Guide?

  • How to Connect a Bluetooth Firestick Keyboard (yes – it’s totally possible and really easy!)
  • and How to Connect a USB Keyboard to Firestick by adding USB ports to Firestick (with an OTG Hub)

Conventionally, Firestick is controlled by a physical Firestick remote or a Firestick remote app on your smartphone which works by using the IR blaster on your phone.

Issues with the Firestick Remote? Check this.

The Firestick Remote is pretty limited. So connect a Firestick Keyboard for more control

But sometimes you have to write the long addresses, names of apps that you either want to download or find on the device. So, a keyboard might come in handy. It may also be used for various functions.  Personally, I use it to enter URLs for APKs that I want to download (like when using the Downloader app).

In this article, we’ll show you how to connect and use an actual keyboard with your Firestick device. Just follow these simple steps.

How to Connect Bluetooth Keyboard to Firestick:

For this purpose, you can choose any Bluetooth enabled keyboard to connect with your Firestick.  Why?  Because Firestick and Amazon Fire TV have Bluetooth built-in.  I’ve used Firestick’s Bluetooth capability to connect various devices to Firestick via Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Firestick Keyboard

Check out this Bluetooth Keyboard for Firestick. It’s pretty snazzy!

Some Bluetooth keyboards would work better than others; all depends on the quality and compatibility of the keyboard with your Firestick device.

On your Firestick, go to SYSTEM.  Then add the Bluetooth device by putting the Keyboard and Firestick into Pairing Mode.

..or use an OTG Hub to add a USB Port to Firestick:

See the photo below?  That’s a USB OTG Hub.  You’ll need an OTG hub which should connect to your Firestick on one side (the Micro USB male plug, as seen in the photo below).

The OTG Hub should have 4 ports on the other side. 3 USB ports and 1 micro USB male port.Connect Firestick Keyboard with OTG Hub

Through one of these 3 USB ports, you can connect a USB keyboard into your Firestick, and can use the rest of them to connect a USB dongle or anything else.

USB Firestick Keyboard

Want this keyboard? It’s on Amazon for $35.

The micro USB female port (or a USB port for older Firesticks) would be used as the power port of your Firestick device.

Prepare your TV:

To connect a Bluetooth keyboard with your Firestick device, you’ll first need to do some simple settings. Follow these simple steps for easy settings.

  • For your Firestick home screen, go to settings> device, select “ADB debugging” and turn it “On.”

And that’s it! Now your Firestick TV is ready to work with any Bluetooth enabled device including our Keyboard.

Simply put the Firestick and Bluetooth Firestick keyboard into Pairing Mode and connect the keyboard to the Firestick.

Setup Process:

Now when we have all the requisite equipment, let’s start the actual setup process. Here are the simplified steps if your Firestick keyboard came with a wireless adapter (like a little 2.4GHz adapter dongle thing)..

  1. Connect the micro USB male port of the OTG hub to your Firestick device.
  2. Then connect your Firestick device to the HDMI port of your TV.
  3. Connect the micro USB female wire to the actual power supply.
  4. Put the Bluetooth adapter of your keyboard into any one of the 3 remaining USB ports of the OTG hub.

The funny part is that you can still use the regular remote while the Keyboard is connected to your Firestick. So, use both of them and let us know which one is more convenient.

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Firestick Master

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